worlds-2021-english-speaking-broadcast-talent-announced:-we’ve-profiled-every-host-and-caster-to-help-you-get-to-know-them-ahead-of-worlds ESports News UK

Worlds 2021 English-speaking broadcast talent announced: We’ve profiled every host and caster to help you get to know them ahead of Worlds

Riot Games has officially announced its English on-air hosts and casters for the 2021 League of Legends World Championship (Worlds), with plenty of UK & Ireland talent included – and some for the first time. With such a comprehensive list of names, Megalodontus provides a quick rundown on who these talents are, including profiles on each, so you can get to know them ahead of the Worlds broadcast. LPL casters Oisín ‘Penguin’ Molloy Hailing from the Republic of Ireland, Penguin is now a caster for the LPL but was also most recently seen casting the Amazon EU Masters 2021 Summer…

uk-yogscast-streamer-pedguin-banned-on-twitch-for-use-of-emotes-including-a-winnie-the-pooh-cartoon-posterior-and-hot-tub ESports News UK

UK Yogscast streamer Pedguin banned on Twitch for use of emotes including a Winnie the Pooh cartoon posterior and hot tub

Peter ‘Pedguin’ Mann, UK streamer and member of the UK-based entertainment group Yogscast, has been banned on Twitch. Pedguin says the ban was due to his emotes, and white Twitch hadn’t apparently told him what was specifically wrong with his latest emotes, it did previously state previous emotes were removed due to ‘imagery of sexualised content or nudity’. Pedguin had previously submitted slightly different versions of the below Winnie the Pooh-style emotes, which were removed by Twitch, prompting him to make tweaks and changes. Continue reading UK Yogscast streamer Pedguin banned on Twitch for use of emotes including a Winnie the…

eu-masters-spring-2021-talent-line-up-announced-with-mostly-uk-&-ireland-casters:-medic,-caedrel,-foxdrop,-munchables,-jamada-and-many-more-join-the-broadcast-team ESports News UK

EU Masters Spring 2021 talent line-up announced with mostly UK & Ireland casters: Medic, Caedrel, Foxdrop, Munchables, Jamada and many more join the broadcast team

The UK and Ireland have been blessed with a range of top esports broadcast talent over the years – and the EU Masters will be featuring some of League of Legends’ best. 10 of the 13 people in the Spring 2021 EU Masters talent line-up are from the UK and Ireland, in what is an eclectic mix of experienced LEC casters and hosts, and those from the European Regional Leagues. From the LEC, there’s Medic, Foxdrop, Caedrel (all UK) and Laure (France), then from the NLC and UKLC there’s Excoundrel, Hiprain, Jamada and Aux (all UK), plus Guldborg (Denmark) and…