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valve-employee-apologizes-for-banning-a-dota-2-teammate-after-an-in-game-disagreement Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valve employee apologizes for banning a Dota 2 teammate after an in-game disagreement

Plenty of us have been in online matches for any number of games where we just don’t see eye-to-eye with a teammate. If they’re particularly thorny, you might report them and hope the system serves them their just desserts. The scales of justice aren’t quite so balanced though when the other person has their finger on the ban button, which is what this Dota 2 player found out the hard way. (more…)

of-course-someone-got-doom-running-on-a-nintendo-game-&-watch Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Of course someone got Doom running on a Nintendo Game & Watch

Oldfangled is newfangled again and that goes double for this inevitable feat of hardware hackery. That’s right, it’s Doom. Of course it’s Doom. More specifically, it’s Doom running on one of Nintendo’s old but new Game & Watch handheld toys that was created to run Super Mario Bros. Throw Mario in the bin though because after rip and tearing into this retro-styled device someone has taken it on a tour of hell instead. (more…)

black-friday-2020-pc-gaming-deals:-the-best-deals-you-can-get-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Black Friday 2020 PC gaming deals: the best deals you can get today

Black Friday 2020 is finally upon us, and man alive there’s a veritable truck ton of PC gaming deals going on right now. Luckily, we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find our curated list of all the very best Black Friday PC gaming deals going on right now, from graphics cards, monitors and SSDs right through to mice, keyboards, RAM and headsets. Whatever you’ve got your eye on, you’ll find all of our top Black Friday deals picks right here. There will be even more new deals to come later in the week, too, but you can rest assured that…

black-friday-2020-ram-deals:-the-best-ddr4-memory-deals Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Black Friday 2020 RAM deals: the best DDR4 memory deals

[cms-block] week is here, so it’s high time for some exquisite RAM deals, don’t you think? Below we’ve put together a list of all the best Black Friday RAM deals from around the web in the UK and the US, covering all sorts of sizes and speeds so you can find the best possible RAM deal for your PC. Regardless of whether you’re simply adding more RAM to your existing system or buying a whole new set, every RAM deal you’ll find below has the RPS seal of approval. (more…)

razer’s-best-gaming-mice-get-big-black-friday-price-cuts Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Razer’s best gaming mice get big Black Friday price cuts

Almost all of Razer’s current gaming mice line-up are present and correct in Amazon UK’s [cms-block] week sale today, with some – like the Razer Basilisk V2 and Razer Naga Trinity – dropping to half price or less, beating their previous Prime Day prices by quite some margin. If you’ve been thinking about getting a replacement mouse lately, here’s our pick of the bunch. (more…)

destiny-2:-beyond-light’s-first-raid,-deep-stone-crypt,-has-been-opened Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s first raid, Deep Stone Crypt, has been opened

Along with a half-dozen planets and countless weapons and armour, Destiny 2: Beyond Light made us say goodbye to the game’s existing raids – so it’s about time it added a new one of its own. Thee Deep Stone Crypt opens its doors today, letting you put all that hard-earned Europan gear to the test in the expansion’s first real endgame challenge. Or, alternatively, get ready to watch Destiny’s smartest Guardians duke it out in the race to be the first to clear Bungie’s latest sci-fi puzzle-box. (more…)

would-you-care-for-a-dorito-to-dangle-from-your-call-of-duty-gun? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Would you care for a Dorito to dangle from your Call Of Duty gun?

Think, for a moment, about how Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War‘s guns must feel in your digital soldier’s hands. Cold, hard and metallic, even through the stiff tactical nylon of your combat gloves. Now imagine it all oozing in greasy nacho flavouring powder. That, perhaps unsurprisingly, is the inescapably tactile sensation that’s stricken me since finding out you can slide into Mountain Dew’s DMs to stick a Dorito chip on your Call Of Duty rifle. (more…)

the-first-titanfall-arrives-on-steam,-utterly-broken Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The first Titanfall arrives on Steam, utterly broken

When you’re dropping heavy machinery from orbit, a few dings and bangs are to be expected. Unfortunately, Titanfall‘s long-overdue arrival on Steam left it more than a little smashed up. Early reports from the mech battlefields suggest the 2014 game is pretty much unplayable, locking its fascinating experimental multiplayer campaign behind server issues and broken software. (more…)

that-night,-steeped-by-blood-river-is-a-long-night-of-anxious-vignettes Rock,Paper,Shotgun

That Night, Steeped By Blood River is a long night of anxious vignettes

There’s an ephemeral, anxious mood I often find myself looking for in games. A sense of long, sleepless anxiety, the kind of anxious melancholy that hits after a few too many drinks in a town I don’t quite know too well. That, I think, is what I walked away from Taylor Swietanski’s That Night, Steeped By Blood River feeling, a short series of dreamless vignettes where nothing but the signature you scrawl on the hotel room door is certain. Helps that it’s bloody gorgeous, mind. (more…)

study-/-relax-/-raid-the-underworld-with-these-lo-fi-warcraft-beats Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Study / relax / raid the underworld with these lo-fi Warcraft beats

One of the smaller frustrations that come with writing for a living is that you really can’t listen to music with lyrics while working. So, for the past few years, I’ve listened to every “24/7 lo-fi jazz-hop beats to study and relax to” mix the that exists, a thousand variations of some Sisyphean student cursed to forever turn pages to the sound of chill, non-distinct tunes. Ahead of World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands‘ release next week, Blizzard have released their own spin on the form – commissioning four composers to create vibe-soaked remixes of the MMO’s underworld soundscapes. (more…)

call-of-duty:-black-ops-cold-war-rounds-up-its-first-week’s-balance-and-bug-fixes Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War rounds up its first week’s balance and bug fixes

That’s week one done in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Treyarch have rounded up all the balance changes and bug fixes they’ve made so far. Guns have been adjusted and scorestreaks tweaked, all detailed in the list of first week patch notes. They’ve also published a new Trello board so players can keep an eye on known issues that Treyarch are working on. (more…)

343-industries-are-planning-an-end-of-year-status-update-on-halo-infinite Rock,Paper,Shotgun

343 Industries are planning an end of year status update on Halo Infinite

Earlier this year, 343 Industries announced that they were delaying Halo Infinite, originally planned as an Xbox Series X launch game, to 2021. They’ve been pretty quiet on Infinite since then, presumably adjusting to what the delay means for the game and the team. Now they say they’re planning an end of year update and hope to be more communicative in upcoming months. (more…)

gta-5’s-next-heist-is-a-solo-able-caper-on-a-drug-lord’s-private-island Rock,Paper,Shotgun

GTA 5’s next heist is a solo-able caper on a drug lord’s private island

Rockstar have finally tipped their hand on the big, new heist they have planned for GTA Online, which they’ve previously said would take you crime lot to a whole new location. No, it’s not Vice City, but you will be leaving Los Santos. The Cayo Perico Heist will send you off to a drug lord’s private island and you can even fly solo if you like. (more…)

cyberpunk-2077-details-ray-tracing-pc-system-requirements Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Cyberpunk 2077 details ray-tracing PC system requirements

If you’re planning to visit Night City next month when Cyberpunk 2077 launches, take a gander at the updated PC system requirements so you know what you can expect it to look like when you arrive. This time around, CD Projekt Red have detailed what you’ll need to play with ray-tracing enabled as well. (more…)

i-am-both-excited-and-horrified-by-wobbledogs,-a-pet-simulation-about-mutating-dogs Rock,Paper,Shotgun

I am both excited and horrified by Wobbledogs, a pet simulation about mutating dogs

To call Wobbledogs simply a pet simulation game seems to do it a disservice. It’s an irresponsible dog scientist’s genetic playground and exactly the kind of ridiculous sandbox that I longed for as a kid playing other pet simulations. These boxy, mutating dogs will enter early access in January, but you can watch them stumble around in a new teaser trailer. (more…)

destiny-2-finally-reins-in-beyond-light’s-broken-warlocks Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Destiny 2 finally reins in Beyond Light’s broken Warlocks

Sure, Destiny 2: Beyond Light might dare guardians to take down a malevolent bug queen, but the expansion’s real villain is one of the players’ own making. But now, Bungie have brought the hammer down on the game’s troublesome Warlocks, slapping a hefty nerf on a stasis subclass that threatened to make the race for clearing this weekend’s new raid a very short one indeed. (more…)

vermintide-2’s-outcast-engineer-gives-the-dwarf-a-bloody-minigun Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Vermintide 2’s Outcast Engineer gives the Dwarf a bloody minigun

Listen. Thwacking rats with a giant rat all day is hard work, and sometimes you’ve just gotta give your pummelling arm a break. At least, that’s the thinking behind Warhammer: Vermintide 2‘s resident Dwarf, who’s ditching the melee weapons for a stonking great rotary minigun with today’s new Outcast Engineer premium career DLC. Good on ya, Bardin – the Heavy would be proud. (more…)