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RPS@PAX 2022: Saturday daily round-up

Day Three of PAX East 2022 is done and dusted for another year, which means it’s time for another daily round-up video. We had another jam-packed schedule today, checking out Dome Keeper (formerly known as Ludum Dare darling Dome Romantik) over on the Raw Fury booth, before heading over to the PAX Rising Showcase to check out a specially curated selection of upcoming indie games. We also caught up with Larian to chat about Baldur’s Gate 3 (watch out for a dedicated video coming in the next day or two), and we capped off the day by attending Shirley “Skyrim…

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RPS@PAX 2022: McPixel 3 is back and just as daft as ever

The first McPixel was one of those point and click adventures that was just so wholesomely silly that it won you over with its mix of daft humour and bonkers, quickfire ‘save the day’ scenarios. Now, everyone’s favourite bomb disposal expert is back in McPixel 3 (solo developer Sos Sosowski prefers we never mention the likes of McPixel 2), which we got to see in action over at the Devolver booth at PAX East 2022. Sosowski took the reins for us in this demo, showing us exactly how not to save the world in this equally comedic sequel, proving that…

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RPS@PAX 2022: The evolution of PC hardware modding

PC hardare modding is never something I had the guts to try during my time in the RPS hardware mines, but after attending The Evolution Of PC Modding panel at PAX East this week, I wish I’d been a little bolder. Moderated by Overclocking.TV’s Isaïe “Trouffman” Simonnet with special guests Joe Gialanella from ModMyMods, Eric “hobbseltoff” Hobbs from PC Modding Enthusiast, and Justin “Robeytech” Robey, these four experts took us through the history of PC modding over the last 15 years, the highs and lows of some of their very own builds, and what lies in store for PC modding…

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RPS@PAX 2022: Friday daily round-up

We’re now halfway through PAX East 2022, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for our second daily round-up video. Instead of plonking ourselves in the middle of the empty show floor after hours, we snuck back into Devolver’s booth to film our Friday catch-up, where we started our day some 10 hours beforehand. We got the lowdown on McPixel 3 from solo dev Sos Sosowski, and marvelled once again at the lovely overgrown arcade cabinets of reverse citybuilder Terra Nil. We then moved over to the Focus stand to play supernatural cowboy slayer Evil West and the ultra…

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RPS@PAX 2022: All the news from Gearbox’s big PAX panel in 5 minutes

Pretend it’s Thursday for a second. We’ve just emerged from Gearbox’s 80-minute panel at PAX East 2022, and we’re wondering how they managed to spend so much time talking about so little. You know something’s gone wrong in a conference when you’ve got an entire segment dedicated to just merch, and Gearbox groupies are hollering for Tiny Tina G-Fuel cans like it was mana from heaven. Lucky for you, we suffered through all the merch plugs, the failed trailer loads, nothing announcements and yet another 20-minute magic set to bring you this condensed version of Gearbox’s panel news, all so…

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RPS@PAX 2022: Cursed To Golf dev tells us exactly what’s up with all the wacky golf games recently

Recently, we asked what’s the deal with all the wacky golf games coming out this year? Well, we thought we better answer that question by going straight to the source. While we were out at PAX East 2022, we tracked down the director of upcoming roguelike Cursed To Golf, Liam Edwards. As well as asking him about the enduring appeal of sunny green fairways, we also putted our way through its excellent PAX East demo, discovering this golflike is anything but cursed. Read more

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RPS@PAX East 2022: Tour of the show floor

PAX East 2022 is in full swing, and we’ve been marching round the show floor to capture all the sights and sounds going on inside the Boston convention centre. After all, why should attendees have all the fun? Join us for our giant tour of the PAX East show floor, where we go behind the scenes on all the biggest stands, games and arenas to give you a snapshot picture of all things PAX. Read more

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RPS@PAX 2022: The best (and most cursed) things we saw on the show floor

We’re still putting the finishing touches to our big PAX East show floor tour video, but while we wait, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at some of the best (and worst) things we saw on our travels round the Boston convention centre. In the latter category, first prize definitely goes to the trio of highly cursed doll babies scattered around the stand for Chernobylite, the post-apocalyptic survival horror roguelite that came out last year. They were also accompanied by two gas masks, casually strewn across the corners of TV screens, but nothing compared to the truly haunted…

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RPS@PAX 2022: Thursday daily round-up

PAX East 2022 opened its doors for the first time in two years today, welcoming the masked and vaccinated masses to the Boston convention centre. As mentioned earlier in the week, Liam and I are out there in person, and we’re making exclusive behind the scenes videos for RPS supporters. To kick things off, we’ve put together our first daily round-up video, where we tell what we got up to today, along with the biggest news from the show floor. Come and join us for our first daily rundown of PAX East. Read more

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RPS are going to PAX East 2022

After a couple of years away, PAX East returns to Boston this week, and a couple of us from RPS are going to be there making exclusive videos for RPS premium supporters. Myself and vid bud Liam will be jetting out in time for when doors open on Thursday April 21st, covering the entire event until it shuts up shop on Sunday April 24th. We’ll be sharing our thoughts on all the latest games, interviewing developers, and going behind the scenes on all the big panels, so if you fancy joining us on our PAX adventures, you can sign up…

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PAX East 2021 is cancelled but PAX Online is coming back in July

If you’re looking at the 2021 calendar and really starting to miss your usual gaming convention trips, PAX has some good and bad news. The bad news is that PAX East, which had been tentatively scheduled for June 2021, is officially cancelled. The good news is that PAX Online will make a comeback in July and the organizers are feeling “cautiously optimistic” about hosting PAX West in person this September. Read more