sony-patent-lets-viewers-vote-and-pay-to-boot-players-from-games Twitch

Sony Patent Lets Viewers Vote And Pay To Boot Players From Games

In 2020, Sony filed a patent for allowing livestream spectators and participants to remove players from a game. Yesterday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office approved the patent, which you can read in full here. Besides removing unskilled players, the system would allow spectators to pay for the privilege of removing players.

new-playstation-patent-suggests-a-future-where-viewers-could-mess-with-ps-vr-players VG247

New PlayStation patent suggests a future where viewers could mess with PS VR players

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 29 January 2021 17:34 GMT But whether this will see the light of day is another matter.A new patent filed by Sony shows tech that will let spectators participate in virtual reality content.As reported by IGN, the snappily-named “Integrating Audience Participation Content into Virtual Reality Content” was filed by the PlayStation giant last October, but was first published yesterday (Thursday, January 28) and details a method by which people not wearing virtual reality headsets will be able to change the game world for those in VR.This definitely sounds like the building blocks of some interesting multiplayer…

gta-6-could-feature-smarter-npcs-thanks-to-newly-uncovered-rockstar-patent VG247

GTA 6 could feature smarter NPCs thanks to newly uncovered Rockstar patent

A new Take-Two patent has been discovered that appears based on improving the intelligence and navigation capabilities of AI.The patent, which registers a “system and method for virtual navigation in a gaming environment” has been posted on Reddit in the last few days, though the actual document was originally filed by Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, back in October 2020.In the simplest terms possible, the patent is geared at making non-player characters’ (that’s NPCs, for short) artificial intelligence a little smarter and more organic, in an attempt to move away from current AI solutions that are starting to feel a little out-dated.The…

patent-suggests-playstation-might-be-working-on-a-user-created-tips-system VG247

Patent suggests PlayStation might be working on a user-created tips system

By Alex Calvin, Wednesday, 13 January 2021 14:42 GMT This could be the latest step the firm is taking to make games more accessible. PlayStation maker Sony Interactive Entertainment is seemingly looking into a system that would allow users to leave tips for other players.As spotted by Scrubwiki – and reported by VGC – this patent lays out a method of making and displaying tags that help other users in-game.“Such tags introduce an additional dimension of community participation to both single and multiplayer games,” the patent reads.“Through such tags, players are empowered to communicate through filtered text messages and images…