new-the-devil-in-me-trailer-introduces-all-the-characters-who’ll-die-horribly Rock,Paper,Shotgun

New The Devil In Me trailer introduces all the characters who’ll die horribly

Horror series The Dark Pictures Anthology is drawing its first season to a close with the arrival of supernaturally bereft slasher The Devil In Me on November 18th, and a new trailer lets us meet all the cheerful faces we’ll undoubtedly see brutally murdered at some point. Handily, it’s made me realise that Paul Kaye – known for his Game Of Thrones role as resurrectionist Thoros of Myr, and for being mortally annoying as Dennis Pennis in the Nineties – is playing shock doc director Charlie. Kaye’s nonchalant accent seems like a great fit, as you’ll see in the trailer…

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Have You Played… Gartic Phone?

A while back I wrote about Codenames, an excellent board game with a free browser-based version that made for some great long-distance family time during lockdown. Now, dear reader, I return once again with a free browser-based game that’s perfect for long-distance fun. But this time, it’s just about the funniest game I can remember playing. It’s called Gartic Phone. Read more

dead-by-daylight-developer’s-new-party-game,-flippin-misfits,-is-now-available-for-less-than-five-dollars VG247

Dead by Daylight developer’s new party game, Flippin Misfits, is now available for less than five dollars

It flips the melee brawler formula on it’s head, literally. First revealed at the Behaviour Beyond showcase, the developer behind Dead by Daylight has now launched its colourful party game, Flippin Misfits, on Steam. Catch the launch trailer for Flippin Misfits here. Behaviour Interactive’s party title takes the traditional melee-brawler formula and transforms it, making you and your pals use physics and control gravity in the bid to secure a win. The game also takes place on a spaceship known as the Arkade, which the gang has turned into their own set of arenas for gravity-based brawling. You must attempt…

we’re-finally-getting-the-kirby-co-op-game-for-switch-that-we-deserve VG247

We’re finally getting the Kirby co-op game for Switch that we deserve

After the disappointment of Kirby’s Dream Buffet, we’ve all been hankering for something like ​​Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe. A short while ago, I played Kirby’s Dream Buffet. Following the announcement of the game, I was completely ecstatic. You’re telling me they’re putting my favourite pink puff ball into what, essentially, looks like a tasty version of Fall Guys? And it’s going to be co-op? And it’s on the Switch!? I was ready to make Kirby’s Dream Buffet one of my games of choice at gatherings, placing it on the same pedestal as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. However, when…

nintendo-direct:-here’s-what-you-may-have-missed VG247

Nintendo Direct: here’s what you may have missed

Nintendo made all sorts of announcements during its hour-long Nintendo Direct presentation today. There were so many announcements you may have missed a few, but we have put together a list of the games that may have slipped past you. One of the games announced was It Takes Two, which will finally arrive on Switch on November 4. Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse was announced by Koei Tecmo, and not only is it coming to Switch in early 2023 but it will also be released for PC along with PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The original game, released exclusively…

kirby’s-dream-buffet-is-all-about-inhaling-sweet-treats,-and-releases-next-week VG247

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is all about inhaling sweet treats, and releases next week

Which Kirby will take the cake? After Kirby made their grand 3D debut with Kirby and The Forgotten Land, Kirby fans just can’t get enough of the positively pink puff ball. So, Nintendo have given keen fans like me exactly what they want in the form of Kirby’s Dream Buffet, which has finally had its release date revealed. Catch the trailer for Kirby’s Dream Buffet right here. In a tweet from Nintendo of America, a three-minute gameplay trailer for the title has been shown off, and the release date has been announced for 17 August, 2022. That’s just next week!…

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The MultiVersus open beta kicks off today

Free-to-play Warner Bros. brawler MultiVersus slams into open beta today at 5pm BST/6pm CEST/9am PST. We’ll be bringing you some thoughts later this week on whether MultiVersus is any good now it’s out of alpha but, for now, here’s a rundown of when and how you can play today. Check out the trailer below for a quick heads-up on how progression and rewards feature in the game. Read more

warner-bros.-brawler-multiversus-targets-its-open-beta-for-july-26th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Warner Bros. brawler MultiVersus targets its open beta for July 26th

Multiplayer free-to-play brawler MultiVersus is barrelling into open beta on July 26th, with an early access period beginning July 15th for those who played the closed alpha. Warner Bros. Interactive confirmed that progression and unlocks earned in the beta will carry forward when the game launches, so that’s nice. Marvel, not DC, at Norville ‘Shaggy’ Rogers implausibly battling the Man Of Steel in the trailer below. Read more

nintendo-switch-sports-reviews-tout-a-fun-and-nostalgic-game-with-a-few-misses VG247

Nintendo Switch Sports reviews tout a fun and nostalgic game with a few misses

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Have a look at our reviews round-up. Reviews are in for Nintendo Switch Sports, and you can look over all of the scores below. Most critics feel it is a fun game full of Wii Sports notstalgia, yet, some feel it lacks variety and consists of “a few duds.” That said, it seems like it will be a multiplayer party game worth picking up despite the fact servers weren’t live in time for reviews to land. Similar to Wii Sports,…

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RiffTrax: The Game has you and your pals crack jokes over bad movies

After making What The Dub?!, a game which is basically about cracking jokes over bad movies like you’re on Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Wide Right Interactive are now getting even Mistier. Today they announced RiffTrax: The Game, teaming up with the post-MST3K jokefest for an official new party game about making your pals laugh by cracking jokes over bad movies. Read more

ship-of-fools-is-a-co-op-voyage-brawling-with-sea-beasties Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Ship Of Fools is a co-op voyage brawling with sea beasties

Team17 today announced they’re publishing Ship Of Fools, a two-player cooperative “action roguelite” about sailing and fighting through extremely hostile waters filled with all sorts of monsters. Made by Quebec studio Fika Productions, it’s due to launch later this year. For now, check out the trailer below. Read more

midnight-ghost-hunt-is-a-beautifully-silly-prop-hunt-revival Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a beautifully silly Prop Hunt revival

Panic. Panic at the museum reception desk, as the astronaut suit I have belatedly possessed is set upon by a four-strong team of ghost busters. We’re in the opening seconds of the round and only 20 minutes into my Midnight Ghost Hunt hands-on preview, which means I’ve yet to figure out important concepts like ‘where the hunters spawn in’, or nuances like ‘this button lets me hide in props’ as opposed to ‘this button telekinetically waggles props about like ectoplasmic dinner bells’. As ghosts we’re supposed to mostly stay schtum for the five minutes it takes to reach midnight, at…

which-uk-venues-are-hosting-league-of-legends-worlds-final-viewing-parties-this-saturday?-we-list-the-bars-and-cinemas-showing-the-edg-vs-dwg-match ESports News UK

Which UK venues are hosting League of Legends Worlds final viewing parties this Saturday? We list the bars and cinemas showing the EDG vs DWG match

Another year, another Worlds music video, another group and playoffs stage over, and another grand final approaches. This time, for 2021, the two of the best League of Legends teams facing off are South Korea’s Damwon Gaming (DWG KIA) and China’s Edward Gaming (EDG). The League of Legends World Championship 2021 grand final takes place this Saturday November 6th from 12pm midday GMT. The match will as usual be streamed live from the official LoLEsports website and Riot Games Twitch channel, but for a more atmospheric in-person experience, venues across the UK are hosting viewing parties, so you can meet…

warioware:-get-it-together!-review:-fantastic-mini-game-mayhem-with-a-multiplayer-twist VG247

WarioWare: Get It Together! review: fantastic mini-game mayhem with a multiplayer twist

Let me get the important bit out of the way right at the start. If you, like me, were concerned when you saw that this new WarioWare title involves controlling characters rather than just abstract concepts – don’t worry. The manner of control may have slightly changed, but the series’ abstrawackiness is completely intact – and it’s still brilliant. In fact, the Switch’s first WarioWare title is closer to its beloved predecessors than I ever expected. The concept remains simple: you’re presented with a suite of ultra-short mini-games (micro-games, if you will) that last a couple of seconds each. The…

fall-guys-season-5-brings-squad-modes-and-jungle-themed-levels-tomorrow Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fall Guys season 5 brings squad modes and jungle themed levels tomorrow

I imagine it would have been tougher for sir Indy Jones to have made it through the Temple Of Doom if he’d been a stumbly, bouncy little guy. That’s the fate that Fall Guys season 5 is dooming you to as of tomorrow. The new season theme is a jungle adventure with slippery and bouncy new jungle obstacles. As ever, it will bring a new reward track of costumes and cosmetics to unlock, one of which is that Spelunky fella. Oh, and Mediatonic are adding duos and trios squad modes. Read more