could-benjyfishy-have-been-a-pro-lol-or-csgo-player?-benjyfishy-and-mrsavage-book-reviews-–-essential-reading-for-fortnite-fans,-aspiring-players-and-their-parents ESports News UK

Could Benjyfishy have been a pro LoL or CSGO player? Benjyfishy and MrSavage book reviews – essential reading for Fortnite fans, aspiring players and their parents

Benjyfishy and MrSavage are two of the most popular Fortnite pro players, with a ton of experience and success in the game. But the rise to pro gamer is not an easy one – as discovered by the player’s respective parents Anne Fish and Johnny Troset Andersen. The pair have just released a new Fortnite esports guide for players and parents, and Anne has also published a book all about Benjy’s journey in esports specifically. Dom Sacco drops from the battle bus into these two books and shares his opinion in this review. Continue reading Could Benjyfishy have been a…

parents-of-pro-fortnite-players-benjyfishy-and-mrsavage-to-launch-fortnite-esports-guide-book-and-biography ESports News UK

Parents of pro Fortnite players benjyfishy and MrSavage to launch Fortnite esports guide book and biography

For transparency: Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco was hired on a freelance PR basis to help promote the books One of the UK’s most well-known Fortnite players – benjyfishy – is launching a biography detailing his life as a pro gamer. Let’s Go! benjyfishy’s Fortnite Journey has been written by Benjy’s mother, Anne Fish (aka mamabenjyfishy), who recently joined Galaxy Racer to become the first pro gamer mum to join an esports team organisation. Continue reading Parents of pro Fortnite players benjyfishy and MrSavage to launch Fortnite esports guide book and biography

anne-‘mamabenjyfishy’-fish-joins-galaxy-racer,-becomes-first-pro-gamer-mum-to-join-an-esports-team-organisation ESports News UK

Anne ‘mamabenjyfishy’ Fish joins Galaxy Racer, becomes first pro gamer mum to join an esports team organisation

Dubai-based esports organisation Galaxy Racer has signed Anne Fish, aka ‘mamabenjyfishy’ or ‘mama fishy’, the British mother of pro Fortnite player benjyfishy. Mama Fishy has joined the org as a content creator. The signing comes after she competed at Galaxy Racer’s most recent Fortnite Tournament, the Aubameyang Cup, where it was agreed if Anne placed in the top 50, the esports organisation would offer her an official content creator contract. As an official Galaxy Racer content creator, mamabenjyfishy will be streaming Fortnite, producing educational and entertaining YouTube content as well as playing in competitive Fortnite tournaments. Continue reading Anne ‘mamabenjyfishy’…

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Parents in the UK are more positive about their children gaming now than they were pre-lockdown

(Image credit: James Lawson/iEventMedia) The pandemic has seen more people play games while stuck indoors, with parents taking on a more positive attitude towards their children gaming. A third of parents questioned said that they now better appreciate the skills that gaming requires, while a fifth now had a more positive attitude to gaming than when they did pre-lockdown, according to new UK research. A survey of 1,221 UK adults conducted by gaming retailer and publisher Green Man Gaming in April 2021 found that 80% of parents said that their children played more during lockdown, with 45% saying that their kids…