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the-revamped-ps-plus-lineup-is-stacked,-once-you-make-sense-of-it E3

The Revamped PS Plus Lineup Is Stacked, Once You Make Sense Of It

With the big PS Plus relaunch on the horizon (get your Zero Dawn jokes out of here), we finally have an idea of what exactly to expect. Today, in a blog post, Sony outlined everything—games, streaming offerings, a partnership with Ubisoft—coming to the service. It’s a lot. Let’s break it down. PS Plus 2.0, first officially announced in March, is a total revamp of the long-running PS Plus service, essentially folding all of PlayStation’s disparate subscriptions into one. It’s available in three tiers, which you can read more about right here, but the general breakdown is:Though the option to play…

stellaris:-overlord-is-out-now,-adding-vassals-and-new-megastructures Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Stellaris: Overlord is out now, adding vassals and new megastructures

Stellaris‘s Overlord expansion is out now, jamming the vast scifi grand strategy game even fuller with megastructures, story events and – as is Paradox’s wont – more vassals. Overlord aims to offer more control over your empires, both to let you shape them in more specific ways and also to generate more anecdotes when it all goes wrong. As always, the expansion also releasing alongside a new free patch with balance fixes and bux fixes for all. Read more

a-lot-of-you-are-petting-the-pets-in-crusader-kings-3 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A lot of you are petting the pets in Crusader Kings 3

1240 Pepsi Max cans quaffed. 30 Toffee Crisps swallowed. 600 sneezes sneezed. These are the stats of my past year. Crusader Kings 3‘s past year offers bigger numbers. To celebrate the kingdom sim’s first year of release, Paradox have put out a set of in-game stats, which includes: 18 million marriages, 334 million children, and “4 million pets petted.” Read more

europa-universalis-iv-is-free-to-keep-on-epic-right-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Europa Universalis IV is free to keep on Epic right now

Tick tock it’s free game o’clock, with Paradox’s Europa Universalis IV now becoming the latest freebie on the Epic Games Store for the next week. The historical grand strategy game puts you in charge of a nation from the middle ages through to early modernity, charting a course through countless economic, political, military, and religious crises. EU4 is eight years old but still a good’un, and Paradox are still updating it with expansions and patches. Read more

stellaris-3.1-is-out-and-adds-new-content-to-old-dlc Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Stellaris 3.1 is out and adds new content to old DLC

Scifi grand strategy Stellaris‘s free 3.1 update, titled “Lem”, is out now. This is the first update created by “The Custodians”, a new team formed within developers PDS Green focused on free, quarterly updates which tweak game balance, add new content to old DLC and fix bugs. The “Lem” update does all three, changing how tradition trees work, adding new features to old species packs such as 2016’s Planetoids, and rebalancing some Civics and Origins. Read more

paradox-ceo-quits-over-“differing-views-on-the-company’s-strategy” Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Paradox CEO quits over “differing views on the company’s strategy”

Former Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester has returned to the throne of the company behind games including Crusader Kings 3 and Stellaris. He stepped down in 2018, replaced as CEO by then-board member Ebba Ljungerud, but now he’s back. Paradox say that Ljungerud has quit “due to differing views on the company’s strategy going forward”, which certainly is mysterious. Read more

crusader-kings-3-has-been-rated-for-ps5,-xbox-one-and-xbox-series-x/s VG247

Crusader Kings 3 has been rated for PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

Paradox Interactive’s hit strategy game Crusader Kings 3 may be coming to consoles soon, according to a new rating from the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee. Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings 3 appears to be heading to consoles, at least if a new listing from the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee is to be believed. It looks like the game could be landing on PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, per the listing, approximately one year after the game launched on PC. Crusader Kings 3 was released last September on PC (playable via Steam, Paradox, Microsoft Store, and Xbox Game…

victoria-3-won’t-sugar-coat-colonialism,-but-it’ll-give-you-the-chance-to-resist-it Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Victoria 3 won’t sugar-coat colonialism, but it’ll give you the chance to resist it

There’s an inherent awkwardness in historical strategy games as entertainment, which is just how much of history is made up of stacked atrocities. Abstraction can do a lot to sidestep this, of course: many games feature real historical cultures, but pit them against each other in virtual petri dishes which might as well be fantasy worlds. Time, also, has a strange capacity to dilute grimness – whether rightly or wrongly, the more ancient a game’s setting, the more carefree we tend to be about burning farming settlements to the ground for the sake of expansion. But if developers want to…

prison-architect’s-second-chances-dlc-adds-new-routes-to-rehabilitation Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Prison Architect’s Second Chances DLC adds new routes to rehabilitation

I thought the original Prison Architect did a pretty job of letting you build different kinds of prisons, and letting you try to effect the rates of recidivism among your population. It seems the next expansion is going further down the rebah route, though. Prison Architect: Second Chances will introduce new ways to prepare your population for life after prison, from animal therapy to conflict resolution classes. There’s a trailer below. Read more

victoria-3-will-be-paradox’s-next-strategy-game,-and-it’s-not-mucking-about Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Victoria 3 will be Paradox’s next strategy game, and it’s not mucking about

There is a running joke, every time Paradox Development Studio says it will announce a new game, and it goes like this: “Vicky 3!” That’s the joke. You see, Paradox maintains a quartet of big, complex historical strategy series – Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Victoria, and Hearts Of Iron – which each abut each others’ time periods in an extremely satisfying fashion, so that players can experience a full millenium of human history in excruciating, day-by-day detail. But while Crusader, Europa and Hearts have all had new versions in the last few years, their poor idustrial age cousin has been…