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These are your 25 favourite space games of all time

Earlier this month, we asked you to vote for your favourite space games of all time, and man alive did you lot come out swinging for this. Hundreds and hundreds of votes have been beamed in over the last few weeks, resulting in an overwhelming favourite that was (no word of a lie) several thousand points ahead of its nearest rival. Not hundreds. Thousands. When you see it, you’ll probably go, ‘Of course, of course that’s number one!’ but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Come and find out what other games made the cut as we count down your…

crusader-kings-3-expansion-adds-jousting-tournaments,-kingdom-tours,-and-grand-weddings VG247

Crusader Kings 3 expansion adds jousting tournaments, kingdom tours, and grand weddings

More ways to plan and scheme. A new expansion is coming in May to a Crusader Kings 3 game near you. In this expansion, called Tours & Tournaments, you can participate in mock combat inside the jousting area, tour the dangerous wilds of your kingdom, host falconry hunts, or plan a grand wedding. Plan, scheme, joust, tour, and meet your vassals in the next update to Crusader Kings 3. When ready to adventure into the lands beyond, you should bring an entourage as danger can lurk, so customize your route carefully. On the road, you will meet colorful characters, encounter…

crusader-kings-3’s-next-expansion-adds-tours,-tournaments-and-grand-weddings Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Crusader Kings 3’s next expansion adds tours, tournaments and grand weddings

Crusader Kings 3‘s next expansion has been announced. Tours & Tournaments will introduce new events to the medieval grand strategy game including jousting events, grand weddings and the ability to send you ruler on a tour of their domain. All offer an opportunity to impress your subjects and rivals – or, I’d guess, to fall off your horse and die. Read more

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The sets aren’t ready, and the actors have no eyes: making game trailers

“Imagine someone saying ‘We need you to make a trailer for our movie, but we’ve only got half of the sets and props ready…” says Tim Bevan de Lange, Creative Director at Realtime Nordic, a studio that makes, specifically, video game trailers. “…and we haven’t actually shot anything, so you’ll need to do that yourself. Some of the actors won’t come out of their trailers. One of them will but if you shoot him from the front you realise he’s got no eyes, but don’t show the audience that. It’s not intentional, he’s getting them fixed. Also can you film…

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Have You Played… Stellaris?

I’ve never actually finished a game of Stellaris. I doubt I’m the only ardent fan of the game that hasn’t done so. The best thing about it, as is so often the case with 4X and grand strategy games, is the very beginning. That opening half-hour of limitless potential and giddy curiosity is utterly spellbinding. I don’t know if any strategy game does it better. Read more

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Victoria 3 review: chaotic grand strategy in the age of steam

Folks, I’ve got some bad news. Victoria 3 is not a game where you play the clone of the clone of Posh Spice. I was all geared up for some science fiction-tinged Spice Girls shenanigans, but I was left bitterly disappointed. However, I’d already installed it, so I decided to check it out and see what kind of game it actually is. Turns out that Victoria 3 is a grand strategy game, just like its Paradox stablemates Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron. Trying to classify Victoria 3 is pretty damn important. Unlike, say, the Total War series, Paradox’s grand…

crusader-kings-3:-friends-and-foes-brings-even-more-drama-to-the-medieval-soap-opera-next-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Crusader Kings 3: Friends And Foes brings even more drama to the medieval soap opera next week

If you thought things could get awkward and tense in Crusader Kings 3 then just wait for the arrival of its Friends And Foes pack on September 8th. There’s also the upcoming free Bastion update, which introduces memory maps for characters, the loyal and disloyal traits, and revamps childhood events. Have a watch of the trailer for Friends And Foes below, old buddy, old pal. Read more

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How Stellaris has taken on new life over its six-year strategy journey

Galactic alliances aren’t built in a day, a month or even a year, to warp a comfortingly familiar phrase from 90s telly. Interplanetary 4X Stellaris has been evolving for more than six years now, having first released on May 9th 2016. Unusually, I remember exactly when I bought the game, because it was in the days just before my partner and I welcomed our first child. Being a ginormous sci-fi nerd, I enthusiastically downloaded it thinking I’d have all the space-time in the universe to invest in building my own interstellar superpower. I did dip my toes in back then,…

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Hearts Of Iron IV’s new expansion lets you design your own planes

Grand strategy global war game Hearts Of Iron IV will be engaged by new expansion By Blood Alone later this year, Paradox Interactive have announced. The new pack will let you design your very own warplanes, while also indulging alternate history fans with its focus trees for Italy, Ethiopia and, interestingly, neutral Switzerland. Check out the announcement trailer below. Read more

stellaris:-overlord-is-out-now,-adding-vassals-and-new-megastructures Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Stellaris: Overlord is out now, adding vassals and new megastructures

Stellaris‘s Overlord expansion is out now, jamming the vast scifi grand strategy game even fuller with megastructures, story events and – as is Paradox’s wont – more vassals. Overlord aims to offer more control over your empires, both to let you shape them in more specific ways and also to generate more anecdotes when it all goes wrong. As always, the expansion also releasing alongside a new free patch with balance fixes and bux fixes for all. Read more

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Paradox launch DLC subscription service for Hearts Of Iron IV today

Paradox Interactive are notoriously enthusiastic about DLC, often releasing years of expansions and add-ons for their big strategy games rather than leaping straight into sequels. So as an alternative to spending £100-odd for all a game’s DLC, Paradox have started dabbling in letting players pay monthly fees to play them. The next game to start such a DLC subscription service is Hearts Of Iron IV, launching today. Like the others, it’ll charge £4 per month. Or alternatively, you can still just buy DLC for keepsies. Read more

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Europa Universalis IV is free to keep on Epic right now

Tick tock it’s free game o’clock, with Paradox’s Europa Universalis IV now becoming the latest freebie on the Epic Games Store for the next week. The historical grand strategy game puts you in charge of a nation from the middle ages through to early modernity, charting a course through countless economic, political, military, and religious crises. EU4 is eight years old but still a good’un, and Paradox are still updating it with expansions and patches. Read more

stellaris-3.1-is-out-and-adds-new-content-to-old-dlc Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Stellaris 3.1 is out and adds new content to old DLC

Scifi grand strategy Stellaris‘s free 3.1 update, titled “Lem”, is out now. This is the first update created by “The Custodians”, a new team formed within developers PDS Green focused on free, quarterly updates which tweak game balance, add new content to old DLC and fix bugs. The “Lem” update does all three, changing how tradition trees work, adding new features to old species packs such as 2016’s Planetoids, and rebalancing some Civics and Origins. Read more