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crusader-kings-3’s-patch-1.1-culls-excessive-bastardisation-and-other-ai-quirks Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Crusader Kings 3’s patch 1.1 culls excessive bastardisation and other AI quirks

Medieval conquer ’em up Crusader Kings 3 will be pushing out a huge patch to fix all sorts of bugs and AI oddities. Really though, it almost feels like some of these bugs deserve to stay. They’re hard-working bugs, folks. The strategy simulation is adding fixes for overzealous spymasters, children with poor role models, and Popes with a taste for the flesh of the faithful. (more…)

crusader-kings-3-is-getting-a-huge-fantasy-mod-inspired-by-dragon-age-and-the-witcher Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Crusader Kings 3 is getting a huge fantasy mod inspired by Dragon Age and The Witcher

One of the main reasons I’m not super into games like Crusader Kings 3 is that they’re based on proper history. I know, I know, how uncultured of me. What can I say? Magic and dragons in medieval settings just fire me up a bit more. That excuse won’t fly much longer, though, because some CK3 fans are making a mod inspired by the likes of Dragon Age, The Witcher, and Forgotten Realms. The setting is called Anbennar, and it’s already become a popular Europa Universalis IV mod. (more…)

crusader-kings-3-hits-australian-steam-today-after-ratings-board-trouble Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Crusader Kings 3 hits Australian Steam today after ratings board trouble

Good news, Aussie pals. After some issues with the Australian ratings board, Crusader Kings 3 is now available to you on the Microsoft Store, and it’s coming to Steam later today. When Paradox Interactive’s medieval strategy game launched on September 2nd, it didn’t come out in Australia because the Classification Board outright refused it a rating, effectively banning it. While no one’s really sure what went wrong, fortunately it all seems to be resolved now. (more…)

crusader-kings-3-spymasters-plotting-to-murder-themselves-and-other-fantastic,-emergent-oddities Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Crusader Kings 3 spymasters plotting to murder themselves and other fantastic, emergent oddities

Crusader Kings 3  sounds absolutely lovely, but the harsh reality I’m currently facing is that I just won’t play it. I still need to finish Yakuza Kiwami 2, start Spiritfarer, and earn a crown in Fall Guys. I simply cannot fathom fitting medieval strategy onto my list of shame but I am riveted by the stories other folks are telling about their wayward conquering. I just want to funny bits of emergent storytelling without the centuries of campaign preceding them. Fortunate for me, then, that Crusader Kings 3 tales are almost best when stripped of surrounding context. Here, I’ll show…

how-fast-can-you-die-in-crusader-kings-3? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

How fast can you die in Crusader Kings 3?

Yesterday, I dived into the magical world of themed Crusader Kings III playthroughs, with this sobering exploration of what a man’s life might look like if he cared for nothing except banging giants. I may return to my nightmare re-imagining of C12th Estonia at some point, but not today. You see, today, there’s science to be done. CK3 is, emphatically, all about planning for the long game. The fact you play as the successive inheritors of a medieval throne means you’re always thinking centuries ahead. Even within the lives of your individual rulers, you’ll almost always want to ensure a…

have-you-met-the-party-baron-of-crusader-kings-3? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have you met the party baron of Crusader Kings 3?

Wait, you don’t know the Party Baron of Crusader Kings 3? Aw, mate, he’s only an absolute ledge. Best bants in all the kingdom, I tell ya, throws the best parties from here to the Holy Roman Empire. While it looks like he’s scarpered from the game’s final release, tales of the legendary host (and some fantastic placeholder art) appear to have helped shape the grand strategy’s tangle of plots, intrigue, and colourful characters. (more…)

i’ve-already-made-an-estonian-giant-farm-in-crusader-kings-3 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

I’ve already made an Estonian giant farm in Crusader Kings 3

High Chieftain Andyamo doesn’t ask for much in life. In fact, he wants only two things. To live forever, and to bang every giant in Christendom. Crusader Kings 3, which comes out today, is a game where you very much get out what you put in. You get something, anyway. The sheer density and interconnection of the medieval RPG’s many simulations mean that, pretty much whatever you do, some consequence will come back to surprise you many years down the line. A butterfly flaps its wings; moments later, it is the pope. (more…)