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gotham-knights-trailer-shows-off-red-hood-and-his-definitely-non-lethal-fighting-style VG247

Gotham Knights trailer shows off Red Hood and his definitely non-lethal fighting style

We promise, he’s not killing anyone with those guns. Gotham Knights has steadily been showing us different members of the Bat family, with the latest trailer giving us a look at the rowdy Red Hood. Batman’s whole deal, typically anyway, is that he doesn’t kill anybody. That obviously has something to do with his own parents being killed, which he didn’t exactly respond to in the most healthy way, but you still, it’s a pretty hard rule. That rule doesn’t apply so much to Red Hood, aka Jason Todd, a former Robin, as you can see in the most recent…

saints-row-gameplay-overview-shows-off-all-the-factions-out-to-get-you VG247

Saints Row gameplay overview shows off all the factions out to get you

Plus a look at some of the friends joining you on your journey. Saints Row is out in less than two weeks, so Volition and Deep Silver have dropped a new gameplay overview trailer diving into what you can expect from the game. For a gameplay overview trailer, there isn’t much in the way of actual in-game gameplay, but it did dive into the various factions you’ll meet in the game. First up is Los Panteros, who’s run by certified beefcake Sergio. They’re all about smuggling, and “have no hesitations about getting up on your business,” making them one to…

ps-plus-premium’s-august-update-is-good,-bad,-and-ugly VG247

PS Plus Premium’s August update is good, bad, and ugly

Yes, we’ve got Yakuza. And one of the more recent open world Ubisoft shooters. But we’re also – once again – missing out on the classics. Earlier this week, we heard about the next batch of games coming to bulk out the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers on Sony’s newly dressed-up subscription service. At first glance, it’s not a bad offering – for owners of PS Plus Extra, you’ll be able to pick up three different Yakuza titles (including the best one, Yakuza 0) – but beyond that, there are some glaring issues with this month’s rollout. Sure, these…

dragon-quest-builders-2-showed-us-the-potential-of-minecraft-clones-–-so-where’s-dragon-quest-builders-3? VG247

Dragon Quest Builders 2 showed us the potential of Minecraft clones – so where’s Dragon Quest Builders 3?

It’s been four years since the best Minecraft clone hit the market, and the genre still goes largely unloved. What gives? It’s not uncommon for those who would consider themselves ex-Minecraft players to feel the game’s siren call float to the back of their mind every once in a while, launching that nostalgia-driven urge to start over in a new world. Whether it’s returning to survival mode to aimlessly punch trees, or finally committing to recreating Hobbiton using creative mode and a rich suite of mods, there’s no denying that Minecraft has an enduring appeal and a malleable blend of…

elden-ring-patch-1.06-brings-gifts-for-heavy-weapon-users,-and-white-mask-varre-fans-who-don’t-care-for-pvp VG247

Elden Ring patch 1.06 brings gifts for heavy weapon users, and White Mask Varre fans who don’t care for PvP

It’s been a while since Elden Ring has been updated, and this new one is good. FromSoftware rolled out a new patch for Elden Ring earlier this morning. Patch 1.06 is not among the game’s largest so far, but it does bring a fair few tweaks to the game’s mechanics. Alongside that, and the usual set of bug fixes, the patch also adjusts White Mask Varre’s questline, making it possible to finish it without having to invade other players. Update 1.06’s first new feature is expanding the reach of summon signs. Players can now send their signs to multiple summoning…

pre-ordered-marvel’s-spider-man-on-steam?-valve-say-you-might-want-to-get-a-refund Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Pre-ordered Marvel’s Spider-Man on Steam? Valve say you might want to get a refund

With cancelled pre-order comes small discount. Isn’t that the motto of Spider-Man? Well, it’s close enough under the circumstances. Steam have recommended scrapping your pre-order of upcoming webslingathon Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered because the game was priced too high in some territories. The price drop only applies in a few regions, but means that anyone who pre-ordered the game there might want to cancel theirs and buy it again. Or, you know, just wait until the game’s out. Read more

steam-survival-fest-starts-stockpiling-demos-and-discounts-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam Survival Fest starts stockpiling demos and discounts today

It’s August! How did humanity manage to get ourselves to this point in the year? Well, Valve are celebrating with Steam Survival Fest from today through until August 8th, so good job for stocking up on all those cans of beans and endless loo roll. Although they do increasingly seem to be making trailers for these things, there isn’t one yet, so here’s vid bud Liam trying to claw back his three quid for survival horror Refund Me If You Can instead. Read more

former-witcher-3-and-cyberpunk-devs-are-working-on-a-first-person,-online-game-set-in-japan VG247

Former Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk devs are working on a first-person, online game set in Japan

The game doesn’t have a name or a release date, but platforms have been confirmed. A group of former Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 developers have formed a new studio, and are working on an online ninja game set in feudal Japan. Dark Passenger, the name of the new studio, is led by Jakub Ben and Marcin Michalski, the former having worked as a cinematic artist on The Witcher 3, the latter an animator on Cyberpunk. As reported by PCGamesN, the studio’s website describes it as being made up of “gamedev veterans and fresh blood specialists.” While the name of…

world-of-warcraft:-wrath-of-the-lich-king-classic-is-out-september-26th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King Classic is out September 26th

It’s not just Stranger Things that gets to star undead wizards this year. World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King Classic releases on September 26th, Blizzard have revealed. Take a nostalgic trip back to Northrend to tackle the evil Lich King, Arthas Menethil, and check out what’s changed since the original. Watch the trailer below to refresh your memory from all the way back in 2008. Read more

black-panther-game-reportedly-in-development,-with-ea-as-its-publisher VG247

Black Panther game reportedly in development, with EA as its publisher

The title will supposedly be a single-player, open-world game. It sounds like EA is publishing a video game all about Black Panther, one that sees the player becoming a new version of the character. The report comes from Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb during his Game Mess Mornings podcast, claiming that the Black Panther game is currently in early development. The internal name for the title is Project Rainier, and is being developed by a new studio led by former Monolith Productions studio head Kevin Stephens. The “big open world Black Panther Game,” as described by Grubb will see the player…

explore-hyrule-with-a-friend-thanks-to-this-breath-of-the-wild-splitscreen-mod VG247

Explore Hyrule with a friend thanks to this Breath of the Wild splitscreen mod

The mod enters a beta phase later this week. Breath of the Wild is a pretty lonely game, but an upcoming splitscreen multiplayer mod makes it a little bit less so. The sequel to Breath of the Wild, whatever it might be called, is coming out in spring 2023 (hopefully). That’s still about a year away, so all we have is the original game to keep us busy. But playing games by yourself can be a bit solitary in these modern times. Which is where modder Kirbymimi steps in to provide a splitscreen multiplayer mod that is entering into beta…

gotham-knights-is-getting-a-six-issue-prequel-comic,-and-reading-it-will-unlock-in-game-skins VG247

Gotham Knights is getting a six issue prequel comic, and reading it will unlock in-game skins

Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and the Red Hood star in Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City from October 25. If you want to know a little bit more about the state of a world where Bruce Wayne is (supposedly) dead, and its up to his wards to protect Gotham from the seedy underbelly of the crime world, you may want to make a note of Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City – a prequel comic coming from Evan Narcisse (Gen: LOCK, Rise of the Black Panther), and ABEL (Harley Quinn). The comic series lays the foundations for the events of the…

gta-online’s-criminal-enterprises-update-will-make-you-an-offer-you-can’t-refuse-on-july-26th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises update will make you an offer you can’t refuse on July 26th

It’s a good time to be bad. At least, that’s what GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises update coming July 26th would have us think. Not only does the update offer some fresh opportunities to make money for all kinds of criminals, but there’s also some changes requested by the GTA Online community inbound too. Check out your options by watching the trailer below. Read more

our-first-look-at-the-next-yakuza-game-comes-from-an-unlikely-source Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Our first look at the next Yakuza game comes from an unlikely source

In a vaguely Yakuza sort of way, we’ve been treated to our first glimpse of what’s likely to be Yakuza 8. First spotted by Japanese video game magazine Famitsu, MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura and his team posted a video of them touring Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s offices before he gets his face scanned by a wall of cameras. But before the face-scanning, they record snippets of the Yakuza: Like A Dragon lads having a heated discussion in a small apartment. Ichiban has a ponytail! Apparently, there’s a new town? And I got my mum to translate some bits. Sorry mum….