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OlliOlli World looks rad nasty in a new trailer, duuude

As much as Brendy shouted how great OlliOlli is and as much as I trust him on virtual skateboarding (not on real skateboarding, not after he broke his collarbone), I never really put time into it. The look just didn’t grab me. Yeah, I know, okay, but don’t pretend part of your interest in skating isn’t how cool it looks. So hooray that the upcoming third game in the series, OlliOlli World, looks totally wikkid sick, rad nasty, and other such terms skaters don’t actually say. Nice. It looks really nice. Check out the new trailer below. Read more

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Check out the new OlliOlli World gameplay trailer here

By Dom Peppiatt 11 June 2021 23:09 GMT If you’re into skateboarding, razor-sharp platforming, and charming cartoon worlds, you’re going to want to check out the new OlliOlli World gameplay trailer.Shown off today during the IGN Expo at IGN Summer of Gaming (where we also heard about Doki Doki Literature Club Plus), the new trailer is the closest look we’ve had at the game since it was announced in the April 2021 Nintendo Direct.Roll7’s curious action platformer asks you to “tear up the streets” of Radlandia and search for the skate gods as you master tricks, meet interesting characters and discover the…

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Oxenfree 2, Fez, OlliOlli World, more coming to Nintendo Switch

Plenty of games were announced today during Nintendo’s Indie Showcase.Durning the Indies Showcase, Nintendo announced some indie games coming to Switch in the near future.One of these is Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals from Night School Studio. The supernatural narrative adventure game tells the tale of a researcher who stumbles upon ghostly happenings. Taking place five years after Oxenfree, in it, Riley returns to her hometown of Camena to investigate mysterious radio frequency signals causing curious disturbances.Oxenfree 2 is coming to Switch sometime this year and presumably other platforms.Watch on YouTubeRoll7 announced OlliOlli World during the presentation. In it,  you will “tear up…