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Tactical shooter Squad has finally launched out of early access

After five years in early access, multiplayer tactical shooter Squad finally launched this week. Up to 100 players can romp around big levels on foot and in vehicles, in action which sits somewhere between Battlefield and Arma on the simulated soldier seriousness scale. It was started by some of the folks behind Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality, y’see. Though just because the game’s now out of early access, doesn’t mean the devs are done with it. They’ve laid out plans for new modes, maps, and more that stretch into at least next year. (more…)

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Tactical shooter Squad leaves Early Access today after five years in active development

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 23 September 2020 14:16 GMT Squad, the tactical first-person shooter from Offworld Industries, is leaving Early Access.Releasing today, Squad 1.0 is a large-scale tactical shooter with up to 100 players in each engagement, and a spiritual successor to the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2.In to, you will experience a “true-to-life representation” of a high-pressure combat zone that requires coordinated teamwork.Each environment in the game is based on real-world locations in Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. As you work across the maps, you can build and fortify bases, establish leadership roles, and maintain logistics…