Obey Me

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Obey Me Answers | The Right Dialogue Choices to boost your Intimacy Level

Visual novels are all about choices. So when you’re developing your relationships with the seven handsome demon brothers, along with the other students and characters at the Royal Academy of Diavolo, you’re going to want the right answers to the many dialogue options in Obey Me. At periodic points throughout the story of Obey Me, you have to make a decision between different dialogue boxes. Here your answers affect your Intimacy level with different personalities, unlocking new stories in Devilgram and more content throughout the game as you raise your affinity with each character. While the best way to raise…

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Obey Me Cards | How to get Nightmare, Pop Quiz, and Devil’s Flower Cards

Obey Me is more than just a dating sim or visual novel, boasting a deep card-battling RPG system to explore. While you might be more interested in charming the seven demon brothers and the other students at the Royal Academy of Diavolo, it’s your deck of cards that propels you through Obey Me’s story.So despite being part of the Shall We Date series, Obey Me is as much a card game at its beating heart. Across your adventure in Obey Me, there are hundreds of cards to collect, and you add them to your contacts library in a variety of…