the-nvidia-rtx-30-series,-one-year-on:-should-you-upgrade? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Nvidia RTX 30 series, one year on: should you upgrade?

Even if they don’t recall the exact date, plenty of gaming PC owners will remember what they were doing on September 17th 2020. They, and I, were staring at a black-and-green storefront, mashing F5 until a “Notify me” button changed to read “Out of stock”. This was the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 launch, and what initially looked like a one-off failure of Nvidia’s anti-bot measures ended up heralding the worst year in memory to upgrade a graphics card. Read more

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Nvidia DLSS now supported in over 100 games, thanks to indie push

Nvidia DLSS is usually worth turning on for an easy frame rate bump, but even after DLSS 2.0 made it easier for developers to implement, the list of games that actually support the AI-powered anti-aliasing tech has never exactly been running off the page. That said, Nvidia can now claimed to have reached the milestone of 100 DLSS-compatible games, thanks in large part to a recent adoption wave from indie games. Read more

alpha-beta-pc-interview-on-their-ambitions-in-esports,-nvidia-30-series-stock-and-answering-your-questions-on-getting-the-most-out-of-your-gaming-pc ESports News UK

Alpha Beta PC interview on their ambitions in esports, Nvidia 30 series stock and answering your questions on getting the most out of your gaming PC

Promoted article (contains affiliate links) Alpha Beta PC is a new UK-based gaming PC system builder offering a range of models for gamers, esports enthusiasts and small to medium size companies. It’s the brainchild of veteran gaming PC builder CK Kohli, who also founded the Yoyotech brand in 2002, which had its own retail shop and went on to supply systems to GAME/Belong, Queen Mary’s College’s esports facility and many more. Continue reading Alpha Beta PC interview on their ambitions in esports, Nvidia 30 series stock and answering your questions on getting the most out of your gaming PC

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Nvidia’s DLSS is now freely available to any developer who wants it

Until now, any game developer who wanted to access Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) performance booster had to apply for access. But Nvidia have chosen to be a benevolent graphics god and have released the latest SDK without any restrictions. AMD did the same thing last week, releasing their FidelityFX Super Resolution tech (or FSR to its friends) as a free download. That means the two biggest leaps in overall gaming performance are free for anyone to use (even me). I await the tweet from the first developer who implements both in their game at the same time, warning…

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Nvidia RTX 30-series graphics cards go on sale at Best Buy tomorrow

Nvidia’s RTX 30-series graphics cards offer a big performance uplift over their 10-series and 20-series competitors, but they’ve been nigh-impossible to find at a sensible price for months now. Best Buy has been one of the best bets to find a card in the US at a reasonable price, and tomorrow they’ll offer visitors to selected physical stores the chance to buy a single graphics card – without worrying about bots, scalpers and – hopefully! – price inflation. Here are all the details you need to know to get your hands on one of the best graphics cards. Read more

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Shiny demons! Doom Eternal finally gets its ray-tracing upgrade

For those of you lucky enough to own an RTX capable graphics card and a copy of Doom Eternal (I assume there’s a decent amount of crossover there), the ray-tracing update promised since the shooter’s launch has finally arrived. Nvidia’s tech has added a final level of polish to the game’s surfaces, and also brings DLSS support to balance out the power-hungry enhancements. Read more

what-to-expect-from-nintendo-at-e3-2021 E3

What To Expect From Nintendo At E3 2021

Got your crystal ball handy? Hope so, because Nintendo won’t be holding its traditional press event, Nintendo Direct, until Tuesday, June 15. Though that’s the final day of E3, this is probably going to be a last-but-not-least sort of scenario, because Nintendo’s widely expected to bring out some big guns for its post-covid return to the biggest video game expo in the world. If you’d like to watch live on Tuesday, you can find the details on Nintendo’s E3 2021 landing page. The Nintendo Direct livestream starts at noon ET and will last around 40 minutes, after which the company’s…

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti review

When Nvidia released their RTX 3070 at the end of last year, it was by far the most compelling GPU in their initial RTX 30 line-up. Offering RTX 2080 Ti levels of power for a (supposed) fraction of the cost, it remains my graphics card of choice for those after high frame rates at 1440p and playing games in ultrawide. Even though graphics card prices and stock levels are all over the shop at the moment, the RTX 3070 comfortably sees off competition from both of its nearest AMD neighbours, the Radeon RX 6700 XT and RX 6800 (at least…

nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-ti-review Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti review

It’s been almost nine months since Nvidia kicked off their RTX 30 series with the RTX 3080, and longer still since anyone has actually been able to buy a graphics card at its normal price. Indeed, as the great graphics card shortage of 2020 rumbles on, the solution doesn’t seem to be simply making more of what’s already available out in the wild, but introducing newer, more expensive ones to stretch that GPU pool even further. Indeed, despite the RTX 3080 being plenty powerful enough for 60fps 4K gaming on max settings in pretty much every game going (and well…

doom-eternal-is-finally-getting-its-ray-tracing-update Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Doom Eternal is finally getting its ray tracing update

Doom Eternal is finally getting its long-awaited ray tracing and DLSS update, Nvidia announced today, and they even released some lovely new ray traced footage of the game running in 4K. The shiny, realistic lighting tech has been teased and hinted at for absolutely ages, but in the run-up to the game’s launch last March, it quickly became apparent that its ray tracing support would arrive much later than planned. Happily, the new footage looks lovely, what with all those plasma beam reflections bouncing off the glass walls and polished metal floors, but honestly, when you’re ripping and tearing at…

nvidia’s-rtx-3080-ti-and-rtx-3070-ti-are-official Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Nvidia’s RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti are official

Nvidia have finally lifted the lid on their latest pair of RTX 30 graphics cards, the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti. Announced this morning as part of their Computex 2021 keynote (which is a bit like E3 for hardware nerds), the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti take their place as Nvidia’s new flagship gaming GPUs for 2021. Here’s everything you need to know, including their price, specs and release date. Read more

the-doom-eternal-rtx-3080-ti-4k-ray-tracing-gameplay-trailer-is-stunning VG247

The Doom Eternal RTX 3080 Ti 4K ray tracing gameplay trailer is stunning

By Dom Peppiatt 1 June 2021 10:17 GMT To help show off the RTX 3080 Ti, Nvidia teamed up with id Software to show off some Doom Eternal gameplay – and it’s stunning.The gameplay demo, which you can check out below, is powered by id’s proprietary idTech engine and the footage captured in the video is running on a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti at 4K with ray tracing enabled.This is the first time we’ve seen the game show off raytracing – and it’s gorgeous. The video description says the trailer lets you “experience the game’s stunning visual fidelity and frantic action…

nvidia’s-dlss-tech-is-now-available-in-vr,-including-no-man’s-sky Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Nvidia’s DLSS tech is now available in VR, including No Man’s Sky

VR fans with Nvidia RTX graphics cards can now enjoy the benefits of Nvidia’s performance-boosting DLSS tech in some of today’s best VR games, thanks to a swathe of new features included in today’s GeForce Game Ready driver update. No Man’s Sky, mechanic simulator Wrench and survival shooter Into The Radius are the first three VR games to support DLSS, with Nvidia claiming you’ll be able to get double the performance in No Man’s Sky on Ultra settings to help you maintain a smooth 90fps on an Oculus Quest 2 with an RTX 3080. Read more

dlss-is-coming-to-no-man’s-sky,-everspace-2,-scavengers-and-five-other-games VG247

DLSS is coming to No Man’s Sky, Everspace 2, Scavengers and five other games

By Sherif Saed 18 May 2021 14:08 GMT The list of games that support Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling tech grows this month.Nvidia has today announced that more games are adding support for DLSS sometime this month. The new titles join the recently released Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, for a total of nine arrivals in May, and 50 overall.Watch on YouTubeThese games are No Man’s Sky, Everspace 2, Amid Evil, Aron’s Adventure, Redout: Space Assault, Scavengers, and Wrench. Following Into the Radius in March, a number of VR games are now also starting to adopt DLSS. From today’s list, we have Wrench,…