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noita’s-final-major-update-has-whimsical-and-[redacted]-surprises Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Noita’s final major update has whimsical and [REDACTED] surprises

Perhaps we’ll come to see these years as a golden age of destruction. Between the roguelikelike witchery of Noita and the heists of Teardown, it’s a great time for games where simulated materials and physics come together for destruction that’s so much more than decorative. Now, after leaving early access in October, Noita has released its final major update, and it’s another big’un with more ways to destroy and be destroyed. Read more

Noita review

Noita review A roguelike in which every pixel is simulated, causing the world to explode, collapse, burn, melt and so on in dynamic ways when touched by your wands and magic spells. Developer: Nolla Games Publisher: Nolla Games Release: Out now On: Windows From: Steam, Humble, GOG Price: £15.50/€15.19/$16 Fast and loose, or tight and controlled? That’s the question I ask myself at the start of any run in a game with permadeath – that is, a game that sends me back to the beginning upon death. On this particular life, am I going to try my hardest, and aim…

Noita blasts its way out of early access today

Come, one and all, to mess with every last lovely little pixel in the excellent action roguelite, Noita, which leaves early access today. Nolla Games’ witchy adventure will take you through procedurally-generated levels in which every pixel is part of a simulation. It really is a wonder watching all your spells alter and, let’s be honest, destroy the landscape. The full release comes with a big update, adding even more spells with which to demolish levels. Excellent. (more…)