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Indiescovery Episode 11: Our favourite indie games of 2023 so far

Somehow it’s June already, which means it’s time for the Indiescovery crew to suppress our existential dread at the fleetingness of existence and take a look at our favourite indie games from the first (almost) half of 2023! Don’t worry, we very quickly realise that June has such a slammed line-up we can probably give it a best-games episode all of its own to make up for the fact that we tackled this topic a bit early. Listen and subscribe via your podcast provider of choice! Find us on RSS feed, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Amazon Music,…

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Indiescovery Episode 10: The Indievision Song Contest

Whoooo we’re officially in the double-digits gang! We’ve somehow managed to make it to episode 10 of Indiescovery without going completely feral and wrecking the joint. I say that, but this week’s episode is a little, shall we say, unhinged? Rebecca, Liam, and Rachel hadn’t really had a proper chat all week so there’s a lot of Friday energy and catching up, and the energy levels only increase when we start to talk about our main topic of this episode: Eurovision! And indie games, of course. Read more

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Bathhouse management sim Spirittea launching on Game Pass next year

Yesterday Wholesome Games hosted another showcase of fresh indies in collaboration with The Game Awards. Though the TGAs proper were full of big games, names, and announcements, the indie showcase was no slouch, highlighting over a dozen exciting indies. One of the most notable was Spirittea, a life-sim where you manage a bathhouse, build relationships with the local NPCs and help various spirits that only you can see. Sort of a Spirited Away meets Stardew Valley proposition. Read more

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Soccer Story’s football RPG adventure will kick off on November 29th

Football has been banned and only one person can save it. No, it’s not the self-important fantasy Cristiano Ronaldo dreams every night, it’s the setup for adventure RPG Soccer Story. You need to travel around its colourful, Nintendo-inspired world, cajole people into kicking balls once more, and then defeat them on the pitch. Soccer Story also now has a release date: November 29th. Read more

soccer-story-is-an-adventure-rpg-about-saving-football-with-a-“magical-soccer-ball” Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Soccer Story is an adventure RPG about saving football with a “magical soccer ball”

I grew up in a town where some people hated the colour green, because they supported Rangers FC and green was associated with their rivals, Celtic FC. They would smash green traffic lights, green street cabinets, green shop signs… I wonder what their reaction would be to Soccer Story, an “adventure RPG” about playing football-ish sports in a lush, green, almost Pokémon-like world. Read more

descenders-is-a-fun-mountain-biking-game-wrapped-in-a-bland-roguelike Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Descenders is a fun mountain biking game wrapped in a bland roguelike

I don’t think I like the game Descenders ostensibly is, but I enjoy playing. It’s a downhill mountain biking game with dangerous speeds and even more dangerous stunts, including leaping through a ring of fire over of a moving train. This is fun. The roguelikelike campaign structure this is all built into, eh, I don’t think it has added any enjoyment. But it is very fun to stack a double-backflip, slam into a rock, and watch your ragdoll corpse rocket downhill. It’s a good reminder to ride whichever way you enjoy, expectations and pressures be damned. Read more

hypnospace-spin-off-slayers-x:-terminal-aftermath:-vengance-is-my-kind-of-retro-throwback Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hypnospace spin-off Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance is my kind of retro throwback

If you played Hypnospace Outlaw, there’s a high chance you’ll remember Zane “Zane_Rocks_14” Lofton. He’s one of the more memorable characters you meet in Tendershoot’s alternate reality web simulator, an angsty teenage boy whose home page is slathered in camouflage textures and GIFS of exploding handguns. Since release, Zane has become one of Hypnospace’s de facto mascots, a beloved dweeb that is abrasive but also kind of painfully relatable? It’s hard to laugh at Zane’s baggy trousers and love for Linkin Park-esque rap-metal when you grew up in the mid-2000’s. I mean, we all bought a dog lead from Wilkinson’s…

slice-of-life-sim-spirittea-channels-stardew-valley-and-the-spirit-world Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Slice-of-life sim Spirittea channels Stardew Valley and the spirit world

No More Robots have announced they’ll be publishing Cheesemaster Games’ Spirittea, a supernatural bath-house management and life simulator based around magical tea that lets you see spirits. I’m sitting here right now slurping what must be my quintillionth cup of tea so far today, so I’m quite up for finding out more about this one. I just hope the water in the kettle doesn’t come from the bathhouse. Read more

hypnospace-outlaw-sequel-dreamsettler-announced Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hypnospace Outlaw sequel Dreamsettler announced

After jacking into a alt-reality 90s Internet in Hypnospace Outlaw, creators Tendershoot are now jumping forward a few years with a “spiritual sequel” named Dreamsettler. Announced today, Dreamsettler will once again send us into an unconscious alternet, this time set from 2003-2005. Watch the trailer below for a peek at the wonders awaiting. Read more

satirical-bouncer-sim-not-tonight-2-is-coming-to-america Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Satirical bouncer sim Not Tonight 2 is coming to America

There’s enough political friction in the world for Brexit-inspired bouncing sim Not Tonight to return for a second round. Not Tonight 2’s focus is on America this time, not post-Brexit Britain, and will see a trio of bouncers travel across the US as they race to stop their friend being deported. Read more

heist-simulator-lets-you-craft-your-own-capers-and-share-them-with-the-world Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Heist Simulator lets you craft your own capers and share them with the world

Heist Simulator has a plan. Look here. See that bit I’ve circled? That’s where your little team of reprobates break into a fancy mansion, or a bustling casino, and make off with the spoils. No fuss. Seems simple, yeah? Well, look over here. This is where the players will be able to set up the heists themselves. They create and publish their own missions, using complex tools to build the levels, hide the loot, and set traps. Not so simple after all. Things could get tougher than an overcooked steak that’s been marinated in diamonds. Read more

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Have You Played… Hypnospace Outlaw?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time… Ah, the internet. It might be a cesspool of fibre optic-fuelled hate and anxiety these days, but back in ye olde dial-up times of 1999 it felt like a new frontier of hot information. It was a place where people were just trying to share their art, thoughts, music and other assorted paraphernalia with like-minded folk half way across the globe, and where today’s trolls were but mere gnomes in a forest of cobbled together home pages and horrifically bad graphic…

have-you-played…-descenders? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have you played… Descenders?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. I dove into Descenders for the first time knowing absolutely nothing about it, assuming it was a racing game with bikes. Imagine my surprised glee when it turned out to be a roguelite. A very solid one. (more…)