Nioh 2

ps-plus-november-leaks-claim-nioh-2,-lego-harry-potter,-and-heavenly-bodies-are-next-month’s-featured-games VG247

PS Plus November leaks claim Nioh 2, LEGO Harry Potter, and Heavenly Bodies are next month’s featured games

A super hot line up heading into the colder months. The PS Plus November games for November have been leaked again on Dealabs, with the leaker claiming that Nioh 2, Heavenly Bodies, and the LEGO Harry Potter collection taking the stage as the month’s free games. Dealabs and leaker Billbil Kun have a history of accuracy on PS+ lineups, but changes and incorrect claims have been known to come up in the past, so take the following information with a grain of salt. If you’ve not heard of Nioh 2 before, check out the trailer! Nioh 2 is the clear…

best-of-2021:-returnal,-and-sherif’s-other-goty-picks VG247

Best of 2021: Returnal, and Sherif’s other GOTY picks

Sherif explains why these games were his favourite in 2021. 2021 obviously wasn’t a particularly great year for games. Usually, by the time we get to writing these, I have a few games vying for my own three spots of best of the year. This year, however, I pretty much knew what all three will be well before December. In a way, this is good; for something to make such a strong impression that you can’t imagine it being bumped by anything else. On the other hand, though, I would have loved to have that internal struggle, it’s a holiday…

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Have You Played… Nioh 2?

If you’re after a soulslike with incredibly deep combat, then Nioh 2 is the one. Yes, it’s brutally punishing and you need to be in a good mood to play it, but trust me, when you’ve found the weapon for you, it’s a nice feeling alright. Read more

red-dead-redemption-2,-judgment-and-nioh-2-come-to-playstation-now-in-july VG247

Red Dead Redemption 2, Judgment and Nioh 2 come to PlayStation Now in July

By Dom Peppiatt 5 July 2021 20:57 GMT God of War, Nioh 2, Moving Out, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Nioh 2 will join PlayStation Now in July, extending the service’s offerings even more.One name there stands out from the pack: Red Dead Redemption 2. As per a statement on the PlayStation blog, Red Dead Redemption 2 will join the service this month and then remain on PS Now until November 1. The game – as with everything on PS Now – is playable on PS4 and Ps5.If you’re interested in playing the game, though, that should be more than enough…

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Koei Tecmo Steam sale features discounts for Nioh 2 and Attack on Titan 2

By Stephany Nunneley 23 April 2021 17:10 GMT Koei Tecmo is having a Steam sale, and it features the first-ever discount for Nioh 2.During the sale, which is going on until April 26, you can grab Nioh 2 for 20% off at $39.99.Watch on YouTubeNioh: Complete Edition is also on sale for 70% off, so it will set you back $14.99.Attack on Titan 2 is 30% off, so it will run you $41.99 instead of $59.99. Attack on Titan / A.O.T. Wings of Freedom can be purchased for $35.99, which is 40% off.There’s also Dead or Alive 6, Atelier Ryza 2: Lost…

nioh-2-pc-patch-fixes-disappearing-text-bug,-crashes-caused-by-last-update VG247

Nioh 2 PC patch fixes disappearing text bug, crashes caused by last update

By Sherif Saed, Monday, 29 March 2021 13:07 GMT The anticipated Nioh 2 patch has arrived this morning on PC.Team Ninja has today released a new update for Nioh 2 on PC. Though update 1.27.1 doesn’t bring any big new features, it’s one PC players have been eagerly anticipating, simply because patch 1.27 broke the game for many.In particular, 1.27 introduced a weird bug that would sometimes cause text to disappear from the game’s menus, making it awkward to navigate. The update also brought on a number of random crashes, which caused Team Ninja to issue a statement saying that…

nioh-2-is-getting-negative-steam-reviews-thanks-to-performance-issues VG247

Nioh 2 is getting negative Steam reviews thanks to performance issues

Frame rate issues and some problems with on-screen inputs are prompting some Nioh 2 PC players to leave negative feedback on the Steam game.Nioh 2 more than tripled the original’s Steam numbers at launch, proving incredibly popular with PC players and beating even Dark Souls’ concurrent player count record when it hit the platform earlier this week.But now, as players become more au fait with the title, Koei Tecmo’s hardcore action-RPG is receiving more negative reviews and currently sits on a “mixed” review rating as players lambast frame rate issues and on-screen input problems.As noted by Eurogamer, whilst the majority…

nioh-2-more-than-triples-the-original’s-steam-numbers-at-launch VG247

Nioh 2 more than triples the original’s Steam numbers at launch

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 5 February 2021 14:42 GMT Nioh 2 has done much better than its predecessor on Steam from the off.The Complete Edition of Nioh 2 launched earlier today on Steam, and PS5. The Steam version was fairly highly-anticipated, even if publisher Koei Tecmo’s games tend not to get a lot of love on PC.This looks to be changing, though, as Nioh 2’s Steam debut is already bigger than the original game’s. Nioh 2 peaked at 31,343 players, which puts it just outside Steam’s top 30. Numbers continue to rise, too. Over the course of writing this tory,…