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System Shock remake pre-orders go live on PC next month, final demo coming

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 23 January 2021 17:33 GMT Pre-orders for the System Shock remake on PC will open around the end of February.You will be able to pre-order System Shock remake through Steam, GOG, and the Epic Game Store.This will be accompanied by a final demo which will include the medical level, cyberspace level, full dismemberment, all newly recorded voice lines, and plenty of additional features and polish.Nightdive Studios said it will still be working to improve on the experience the game gets closer to launch. Console versions of the demo will come later.The team also announced that anyone…

a-toast-to-no-one-lives-forever-on-its-20th-birthday Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A toast to No One Lives Forever on its 20th birthday

FPS spy romp No One Lives Forever turns 20 today but alas Cate Archer is still confined to her room, unable to come out and play. The secret agent shooter has been tied up in legal gridlock for years. You’ll not find it for sale online aside from second-hand, but that hasn’t stopped RPS singing its praises all this time. A remaster still seems unlikely, but Nightdive Studios say they aren’t done trying to make it happen. (more…)