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Nier series creator Yoko Taro declares the franchise finished

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. That is, unless someone gives him a whole lot of money. PCGamesN reports that in a Christmas video to fans, Nier and Drakengard creator Yoko Taro declared the Nier series finished, pending being given a lot of money to continue it. Appearing with him is producer Yosuke Saito, who plays off Taro’s comments as if it was a bit of some kind. In response to Saito’s question on what Taro wants to do with the series in the future, Taro…

trees-make-for-good-quests-in-games-don’t-they? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Trees make for good quests in games don’t they?

We’re nearing the end of the year and my brain’s battery is flashing red. There’s some Christmassy-ness flowing in to tide me over, thanks to the mini-Christmas tree in my room. Every year it’s popped on the wardrobe alongside an honorary Lynx Africa. They share the same festive colours, after all. Having pondered my tree for a bit, I thought about trees in games and how they make for good side quests. Now join me by the bark, as I examine why this might be the case in a roundabout manner. Read more

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Best of 2021: Halo Infinite, and Alex’s other GOTY picks

With Metroid Dread, Deathloop, Hitman 3, and Nier Replicant as noteworthy runner-ups! If you’d asked me the status of my Halo fandom at the start of 2021, I’d have described myself as a ‘lapsed’ Halo fan. Ask me again now, at the end of the year, and I’m like that guy from that old viral video where he’s singing the Halo theme to some random woman in a parking lot. “You’re a monk!” she exclaims. And yes. I am a monk of killing, precise with a Battle Rifle. My love of Halo Infinite is split pretty evenly between its campaign…

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Our favourite games of 2021 so far

With 2021 marching on at a seemingly impossible pace, we thought it was high time we sat down in our virtual Treehouses to chat about the best games of the year we’ve played so far. 2021 has been an odd year for games. The first few months were front-loaded with some big meaty hitters after giving Cyberpunk 2077 a wide berth at the end of last year, while others have been pushed back even further into the depths of 2022. Indeed, a lot of the games we’re really looking forward to in 2021 are still hovering away on the horizon,…

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Modders are already fixing NieR Replicant’s PC issues

It hasn’t taken long for players to discover some frustrating technical issues with NieR Replicant Ver.1.22474487139. Namely, the game doesn’t work well with high refresh rate monitors and unlocked frame rates, not to mention a few other irritants too. But fans have released a couple of mods to fix these issues, so you can fully concentrate on hacking, slashing, and getting quite emotional. Read more

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The top 10 games on PC in April

”Don’t even bother: there are no games out this month. Maybe check in again in May. Honestly, you’d be much better off having a look at any one of the other wonderful articles available here at your favourite PC gaming website, Rock Paper Shotgun.” Read more