NieR: Automata

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Celebrate Nier: Replicant’s release tomorrow with discounts on all sorts of Nier: Automata goodies

By Elizabeth Henges 22 April 2021 22:50 GMT Nier: Replicant is releasing tomorrow, and surprise, it’s a pretty great remaster of the 2010 game. Celebrate its release with some savings on merchandise relating to its sequel, Nier: Automata.I mean, who doesn’t love some artbooks, especially of a game as visually striking as Automata. Both Nier: Automata World Guides Volume 1 and 2 are on sale at Amazon US, and they both offering some great art and other content from the game’s universe. Volume 1 is down to $22.09, while Volume 2 is $24.84. It’s less than $50 for a whole…

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Nier: Automata is finally getting a patch on Steam

As much as I adore Nier: Automata (degree: a lot), I cannot deny the PC version is a bit bum and has been since it launched four years ago. It’s daft that we’ve had to use a fan-made fix to run it in the correct resolution or stop cutscenes stuttering. Square Enix did us dirty. But oh my giddy aunt, the stars have aligned and today they finally announced an “upgrade patch” for the post-apocalyptic RPG’s Steam version. Presumably with the fixes from the recent Microsoft Store edition? Read more

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Nier Automata players review-bomb it on Steam to demand a better port

Square Enix’s mistakes with the original PC release of Nier Automata are coming back to haunt it.Last week, Nier Automata – alongside an assortment of games – came to PC Game Pass. Shortly after the game went live, players discovered something very curious: this isn’t the same PC port on sale on Steam.Usually, that just means the Windows Store version is limited in some ways, but this is one of the rare occasions where the Game Pass version is actually superior to one on Steam. It turns out, this is a completely different port.Reports of improved performance, proper windowed full…