massive-madden-23-patch-tries-addressing-backlash,-still-leaves-fans-fuming Twitch

Massive Madden 23 Patch Tries Addressing Backlash, Still Leaves Fans Fuming

EA’s “most polished” Madden in years continues to walk a rough road. Madden 23 received its massive October title update on Thursday, and with it a lot of welcome tweaks to underlying gameplay. But despite a bevy of bug fixes, many fans still feel like EA isn’t been honest about the current underwhelming state of the game and what they see as the prioritization of microtransaction gambling over making sure regular modes are glitch-free.

madden-23-is-so-bad,-even-nfl-pros-are-dragging-it Twitch

Madden 23 Is So Bad, Even NFL Pros Are Dragging It

Another year, another Madden. This time around, however, EA devs promised the “most polished version” in years. The reality appears to be much different as negative reviews pour in on Steam and Metacritic. In fact, even some NFL pros featured in the game are trashing it. “First game out on Madden 23 hung 50 on a kid…don’t get it twisted tho game is still hot garbage smh,” tweeted NY Giants receiver Darius Slayton a day after its Early Access launch.

nfl-blitz-returns-in-a-thrilling-new-package-via-arcade1up-–-but-the-league-really-needs-to-get-over-itself VG247

NFL Blitz returns in a thrilling new package via Arcade1Up – but the league really needs to get over itself

One of the best sports games of all time is making a comeback… but there’s a couple of catches. NFL Blitz, one of the best sporting video games ever created, is finally making a comeback in a remastered form thanks to the home arcade company Arcade1Up – marking the first new entry in the wider Blitz franchise since 2012, and the first re-release of the 90s classics since 2001. Blitz really is something special. I suspect some of the readers of VG247 may not have even been alive when these games first released, but they’re basically the ultimate in arcade…

snoop-dogg,-bad-play,-and-broken-chairs:-madden-nfl-21’s-debut-as-the-home-of-the-pro-bowl-was-brilliantly-stupid VG247

Snoop Dogg, bad play, and broken chairs: Madden NFL 21’s debut as the home of the Pro Bowl was brilliantly stupid

Last weekend, the NFL took a surprising virus-inspired twist: a game usually played in the real world was played inside Madden 21 on Xbox. To be clear, this wasn’t exactly an important game. In fact, it’s not even technically part of the proper league year. But, nevertheless, a yearly NFL staple match-up was played inside a video game – and the results were a whole lot of dumb fun.For those uninitiated, the game in question was the Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl takes place after the conclusion of the regular season and championship games, but before the Super Bowl. It’s…

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Madden NFL 21 Deluxe and MVP Edition get up to 25% discount on PC

By James Pickard, Thursday, 10 September 2020 15:52 GMT Madden NFL 21 Deluxe and MVP Editions on PC have been given discounts of up to 25 per cent over at Amazon US.It’s a fitting and timely discount on the sports sim given this year’s NFL season kicks off later tonight with the Texans vs Chiefs. Let’s go Mahomes, I need you to justify my late third-round pick in fantasy!Anyway, back to the deal. On the Amazon store page, you can choose between the Origin or the Steam version as both have been dropped to the same price. Be sure to…