warhaven-is-a-for-honor-style,-32-player-melee-action-game-where-you-can-turn-into-a-god VG247

Warhaven is a For Honor-style, 32-player melee action game where you can turn into a god

Warhaven is the latest game from Nexon’s own development studio, and it’s one that blends together a few underused concepts. Korean giant Nexon appears to be on a spree of big game reveals. This week’s latest is Warhaven, a 16v16 multiplayer brawler with a some familiar, and not-so-familiar, twists to its gameplay. As Korean games tend to, Warhaven is graphically impressive, particularly compared to some of the games it’s inspired by. Warhaven looks to be mainly taking after For Honor, albeit with a larger number of players, more objectives, and some fantastical elements alongside the standard melee combat. For Honor…