here’s-everything-announced-at-nintendo’s-indie-world-showcase VG247

Here’s everything announced at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase

Missed the showcase? Here’s a round-up of all the games that were shown off. Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase aired last night, showing off more than a dozen interesting, indie titles that’ll be coming to the Nintendo Switch during 2023. The clue is in the name when it comes to what was on display; indie titles. So, if you’re looking for a morsel of hope that Hollow Knight: Silksong is happening this summer, I have to sadly break it to you that no, it did not show up at the showcase. That said, plenty of other games shown off might tide…

netflix’s-mobile-gaming-service-could-expand-into-television VG247

Netflix’s mobile gaming service could expand into television

Right now, we can play games from the Netflix app on our phones, but what if we could play them from our TV? In a report from Bloomberg, it has been revealed that Netflix might be working on bringing its video-game service (currently exclusive to the mobile app) to our television screens. It’s an ambitious move for the streaming service. According to the report, code has been found hidden among the Netflix app which references video games being played on TV, with our mobile devices being used as the controller. Catch the trailer for Terra Nil here, which is one…

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Anyone with a Netflix account can play one of the most visionary games of the year – for free

Do you want to save the world with ecologically-viable tech? Want to reintroduce wildlife to once-toxic locales? Then do we have the game for you. I have written before about how good – and inexplicably quiet – Netflix is with its gaming offers. The streaming giant has been moving into the gaming space at quite a pace lately, making killer adaptations and spin-offs for The Witcher, Cyberpunk, League of Legends, Castlevania, Tekken, and many more besides. But it seems that most people (well, 1% of the company’s 200 million users) aren’t aware of the incredible games that you have access…

dune’s-oscar-nominated-screenwriter-is-penning-netflix’s-gears-of-war-film Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dune’s Oscar-nominated screenwriter is penning Netflix’s Gears Of War film

Netflix’s take on chonky soldiers vs. equally chonky underground aliens is, excuse me, gearing up. Last November, the streaming service announced plans to adapt Gears Of War’s chainsaw-swinging into an animated series and a live-action film. The latter has now tapped a writer. Jon Spaihts is the Oscar-nominated screenwriter behind Dune, Prometheus, and Doctor Strange, and he’s now writing the Gears Of War film, Netflix announced today. Read more

stranger-things-actor-says-she’s-streaming-on-twitch-more-due-to-industry-sexual-harassment Twitch

Stranger Things Actor Says She’s Streaming On Twitch More Due To Industry Sexual Harassment

Grace Van Dien is a streamer and an actress. You probably know her best as Chrissy Cunningham on Stranger Things, but she’s also starred in movies like What Comes Around and V For Vengeance. Two days ago, she told her Twitch viewers that she “turned down acting projects and decided to stream more” because she has experienced sexual harassment in the film industry.

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The Pokemon Concierge is a charming new stop-motion Netflix series

It comes from the equally charming studio behind Rilakkuma and Kaoru. The Pokemon Company and Netflix are coming together to develop a stop-motion series, as well as other unannounced projects. At today’s Pokemon Presents, a new series based on the world of Pokemon called The Pokemon Concierge was announced. Being produced by Dwarf Studios, best known for its other Netflix series Rilakkuma and Kaoru, the entire show will be animated in stop motion. A very short teaser was shown off during the presents, showing a little Psyduck waddling along a beach. Not much, but the little it did show looks…

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The 10 Biggest Kotaku Posts Of 2022

What did Kotaku readers click on this year? Once you see the list of 2022's top 10 posts below, the topics likely won’t be too surprising. Things like Pokémon, hentai, and fast food are practically internet catnip. You might read about them even as you curse your curiosity about these subjects. That’s how we get you! Oh, but don’t worry. There are plenty of video games in here too. Well, kind of.

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Sonic Prime’s latest trailer shows the bolt from the blue hopping across dimensions

Cyborg Tails was unexpected, but is appreciated. Sonic Prime’s latest trailer shows that the blue hog is going to be spin dashing his way across multiple universes, with plenty of redesigns of fan-favorites to boot. Depending on your perspective, it’s a pretty good time to be a Sonic fan. Sure, Sonic Frontiers is far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a real good time anyway. The next instalment in the film franchise is only a couple of years away too, and there’s that Knuckles spin-off series. And next month, Netflix is giving us a brand new show, Sonic…

dragon-age:-absolution-will-debut-on-netflix-december-9,-check-out-the-new-trailer VG247

Dragon Age: Absolution will debut on Netflix December 9, check out the new trailer

The Netflix series Dragon Age: Absolution will debut on the streaming series December 9. The series tells a new story set in Tevinter and features an ensemble of new characters inspired by Dragon Age lore. It includes elves, mages, knights, Qunari, Red Templars, demons, and other special surprises. Dragon Age: Absolution | Official Trailer | Netflix The latest trailer for the six-episode series focuses on Miriam, who must set aside her feelings to complete her mission; however, it could be in jeopardy should the trauma looming over her past catch up with her. Set in the world of BioWare’s video…

the-witcher:-blood-origin-teaser-features-lots-of-stabbing,-slashing,-and-magic VG247

The Witcher: Blood Origin teaser features lots of stabbing, slashing, and magic

Netflix has released a new teaser for The Witcher: Blood Origin, the four-part prequel to The Witcher series. Set in an elven world 1,200 years before the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, the prequel tells of the creation of the prototype Witcher and the events that led to the pivotal Conjunction of the Spheres when the worlds of monsters, men, and elves merged to become one. The Witcher: Blood Origin – Official Teaser This collision created rifts of different realms bringing with it a force known as chaos or magic. The event also displaced many native races, unable to fight…

netflix’s-dragon-age:-absolution-tv-series-starts-december-9th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Netflix’s Dragon Age: Absolution TV series starts December 9th

We’ve finally got a proper look at the upcoming fantasy animated series Dragon Age: Absolution, heading to Netflix on December 9th, thanks to a new trailer. The series is made up of six half-hour episodes following Miriam, an elven mercenary, and it’s set in Tevinter. That’s where the next Dragon Age game, Dreadwolf, will take place, too. Have a watch of the trailer below. Read more

gears-of-war-is-being-adapted-into-a-film-and-animated-series-at-netflix VG247

Gears of War is being adapted into a film and animated series at Netflix

There are currently no names attached to the project right now. Gears of War is undoubtedly one of the earlier titles that helped to shape Xbox, and in light of the original game’s sixteenth anniversary, it has been revealed that it’s being adapted into a feature film and animated series at Netflix. Catch the trailer for the latest mainline Gears of War game here, Gears 5, if you’re still yet to try the title. Reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has been able to acquire the media rights and partner up with developer, The Coalition, for the projects. Since 2007…

netflix’s-the-witcher-series-says-goodbye-to-henry-cavill,-with-geralt-recast-for-season-four VG247

Netflix’s The Witcher series says goodbye to Henry Cavill, with Geralt recast for season four

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Liam Hemsworth will be taking over the role in the just announced fourth season. To the befuddlement of many, Henry Cavill is no longer playing Geralt in Netflix’s Witcher series, with Liam Hemsworth taking over the role. The good news (depending on how strongly you feel about this recasting) is that the show will return for a fourth season, though Cavill won’t be coming back for it. Netflix announced yesterday (October 29) that the other Hemsworth would be taking over…

cyberpunk-2077-dev-on-the-million-player-revival:-‘it’s-f******-good-to-be-back’ Twitch

Cyberpunk 2077 Dev On The Million-Player Revival: ‘It’s F****** Good To Be Back’

Cyberpunk 2077’s launch has been one of the messiest in recent history. Praised in many initial reviews on PC, so broken on last-gen consoles it was pulled from the PlayStation Store, and then saddled with post-launch delays as players waited for promised fixes and new content. Now, nearly two years later, the ambitious open-world RPG’s fortunes have been transformed by the popular Netflix anime spin-off Edgerunners, and its lead quest designer couldn’t feel more vindicated.

time-travel-adventure-oxenfree-ii:-lost-signals-delayed-into-2023 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Time-travel adventure Oxenfree II: Lost Signals delayed into 2023

Supernatural adventure sequel Oxenfree II: Lost Signals has seen its release date pushed back again into next year, devs Night School Studio have announced. Oxenfree II’s delay was made public through a post on the company’s Twitter over the weekend. The game is being published by Night School’s owners Netflix, who acquired the company in September last year. Read more