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The Problem With Critical Role’s Latest Campaign

In early fall, the hugely successful Dungeons & Dragons “actual play” series Critical Role announced plans for their third campaign, set in the fictionalized world of Marquet. While the campaign would draw inspiration from real-life SWANA [Southwest Asian/North African] cultures, the group would work together with sensitivity consultants to craft a fantasy continent free of appropriation, Dungeon Master Matt Mercer said in a blog post. Mercer sounds earnest enough, and it’s nice to see them be proactive about hiring consultants right off the bat instead of waiting to be called out on a misstep. So why were some people so…

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Black Is Magic: How Magic: The Gathering Is Transforming One Teacher’s Game Club

On the wall in Mike Lawton’s classroom rests a cardboard cut-out of a Black man. It’s not Martin Luther King Jr. or any other famous Black figure from history—it’s a mage—dark skinned and powerful-looking as a spell shoots from his fingertips. It’s Teferi, one of Magic: The Gathering’s most powerful main characters known as Planeswalkers, and he’s Lawton’s students’ favorite.