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mega-events-company-won’t-let-e3-die,-promises-‘return-to-form’-in-2023 E3

Mega Events Company Won’t Let E3 Die, Promises ‘Return To Form’ In 2023

Like the video game with three endings, or the final boss fight that never ends, E3 refuses to die. Now the video game events world is doubling-down on it. ReedPop—organizers of PAX, New York Comic Con, and Star Wars Celebration—announced Thursday it will take over planning the annual summer gaming showcase, and relaunch it with a “return to form” in 2023. That move raises the stakes of an impending showdown with rival event Summer Game Fest held by Game Awards host Geoff Keighley. E3’s new planners are pitching “exclusive access to the future of gaming” at the overhauled event, and…

the-problem-with-critical-role’s-latest-campaign Twitch

The Problem With Critical Role’s Latest Campaign

In early fall, the hugely successful Dungeons & Dragons “actual play” series Critical Role announced plans for their third campaign, set in the fictionalized world of Marquet. While the campaign would draw inspiration from real-life SWANA [Southwest Asian/North African] cultures, the group would work together with sensitivity consultants to craft a fantasy continent free of appropriation, Dungeon Master Matt Mercer said in a blog post. Mercer sounds earnest enough, and it’s nice to see them be proactive about hiring consultants right off the bat instead of waiting to be called out on a misstep. So why were some people so…

black-is-magic:-how-magic:-the-gathering-is-transforming-one-teacher’s-game-club Twitch

Black Is Magic: How Magic: The Gathering Is Transforming One Teacher’s Game Club

On the wall in Mike Lawton’s classroom rests a cardboard cut-out of a Black man. It’s not Martin Luther King Jr. or any other famous Black figure from history—it’s a mage—dark skinned and powerful-looking as a spell shoots from his fingertips. It’s Teferi, one of Magic: The Gathering’s most powerful main characters known as Planeswalkers, and he’s Lawton’s students’ favorite.