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Naughty Dog co-president says the studio is “moving on” from Uncharted

Was A Thief’s End a farewell for the series, or just Drake? Looks like Naughty Dog might be finished with the Uncharted series. Speaking with Buzzfeed, studio co-president Neil Druckmann said the team is “moving on” from it. “Uncharted was insanely successful,” said Druckmann. “Uncharted 4 was one of our best-selling games, and we’re able to put our final brushstroke on that story and say that we’re done. We’re moving on.” Does this mean the studio is finished with the series for good, or just Nathan Drake’s story? Only Naughty Dog knows for sure. But, that’s not to say another…

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What To Expect From Steam And Valve In 2022

It’s shaping up to be another record-breaking year for Valve-owned digital storefront Steam thanks to massive games like Elden Ring and Starfield, and new hardware like the Steam Deck. Last year was a sleepier one when it came to PC blockbusters due to covid-19-driven game delays, but 2021’s loss is this year’s gain. From ports and early access launches to massive expansions and a new console, here’s what’s coming to Steam in 2022.Read More: Valve Says It Hasn’t Found A Game That The Steam Deck Can’t HandleCapcom’s multiplayer loot RPG was a hit on Nintendo Switch last year and will…