a-short-history-of-how-mario,-gaming’s-most-famous-italian,-almost-wasn’t-italian VG247

A short history of how Mario, gaming’s most famous Italian, almost wasn’t Italian

The list of celebrities that Italy has gifted to the world is definitely quite long: Dante, Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci. But, obviously, the most famous of all remains a short and stocky mustachioed plumber by the name of Mario. But how Italian is he, really, and what exactly is his story? I talked about it with a few Italian developers and found out that, in the end, almost everyone loves “doing the Mario”. If this doesn’t do something to you, you have no soul. In the early 80s, video game characters did not really have a well-defined backstory or,…

masahiro-sakurai-gives-us-a-look-at-one-of-the-earliest-super-smash-bros.-prototypes VG247

Masahiro Sakurai gives us a look at one of the earliest Super Smash Bros. prototypes

We’ve not seen footage of Dragon King: The Fighting Game prior to this point in time. Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai has recently shared a rare look at one of the earlier incarnations of the series on his YouTube channel. If you hadn’t heard, Sakurai has a YouTube channel now, and it’s really good! He talks about all things game design, and even goes into the history of some of his games like the Kirby series. Most recently, though, Sakurai has shared a look at Dragon King: The Fighting Game that we’ve never seen before. Haven’t heard of it?…

have-a-million-bucks-to-spare?-you-could-buy-around-2400-different-consoles-on-ebay-right-now VG247

Have a million bucks to spare? You could buy around 2400 different consoles on eBay right now

The listing in question likely won’t be snapped up any time soon. If you have a spare cool mill laying around somewhere, and fancy upping your console collection, there’s an eBay listing you might want to check out. With the world of video games offering a fair number of rare collectibles due to limited prints of cartridges, or certain consoles and peripherals not doing well enough to warrant much production of them, there’s a lot of collectors in turn who like to build personal libraries. And recently, an eBay listing (spotted by Consolevariations.com) shows a pretty impressive collection of roughly…

wave-race-64-is-a-true-classic,-and-an-essential-play-on-nintendo-switch VG247

Wave Race 64 is a true classic, and an essential play on Nintendo Switch

Originally released way back in 1996 for the Nintendo 64, Wave Race 64 jets onto Nintendo Switch Online today for anyone with the Expansion Pack. Nintendo’s Switch Online N64 service adds one of the best – but perhaps somewhat underappreciated – racing games on the system this week. Released in the N64’s launch window, Wave Race 64 was as much of a tech demo for Nintendo’s new 64-bit system as Super Mario 64, with the beautiful transparent ocean and realistic waves wowing any gamer who saw it, much like F-Zero’s Mode 7 tour-de-force did a generation before it. Shigeru Miyamoto…

steam-now-has-support-for-nintendo-online-classic-controllers Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam now has support for Nintendo Online classic controllers

Last year, Nintendo announced an N64 controller for use with the Nintendo Switch, and I announced my intention to use it on PC. Narrator’s voice: he didn’t. I’ve less of an excuse not to do it now however, because a Steam client update released yesterday added Steam Input support for “Nintendo Online classic controllers.” Read more

reminiscing-about-mission:-impossible-n64,-i-yearn-for-a-big-budget-spy-game VG247

Reminiscing about Mission: Impossible N64, I yearn for a big-budget spy game

We get plenty of games about stealthy soldiers and assassins, sneaky killing machines – but I yearn for a good new, big game about a spy. This week marks the 24th birthday of Mission: Impossible. Not the film series, or the 60s and 70s action tv series upon which the film franchise is based – but rather, it’s the anniversary of a little Nintendo 64 classic, a game that, for my money, is one of the greatest examples of spying in video games. Will Mission: Impossible 64 ever make it onto the podcast? At the time (and indeed still now),…

pokemon-puzzle-league-arrives-on-nintendo-switch-online-for-expansion-pack-owners-next-week VG247

Pokemon Puzzle League arrives on Nintendo Switch Online for Expansion Pack owners next week

You can soon join Ash, Brock, and Misty in Puzzle Village from your Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Puzzle League, the 2000 title for the N64, will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack subscribers as of next week, July 15. This follows the recent release of Pokemon Snap to the NSO library for expansion pack owners. Refresh your memory of Pokemon Puzzle League with this trailer. If you aren’t already familiar with the Pokemon puzzler, it plays out in a similar manner to Panel de Pon. In this instance, however, everything is Pokemon themed, obviously. If you’re a fan of…

n64-classic-pokemon-snap-is-coming-to-nintendo-switch-online-+-expansion-pack VG247

N64 classic Pokemon Snap is coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The original Snap comes to Switch. The original Pokemon Snap is coming to Nintendo Switch next week on Friday. It is just the latest in a round of Nintendo 64 games to be released for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers. In Snap, you travel to Pokemon Island to meet Professor Oak. You will then go on safari using a motorized buggy and take the best possible photographs of over 60 different Pokemon. You start with only a camera,…

a-fan-is-making-the-metroid-64-game-that-never-was VG247

A fan is making the Metroid 64 game that never was

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Nintendo might not have ever made one, but that doesn’t mean it can’t exist. A fan has shared his take on what a Metroid game might have looked like if it came out on the N64. The Metroid series did have some 3D entries on the GameCube and Wii, but Nintendo did skip a generation in the transition from the SNES to the N64. But ultimately one never actually released on the N64, so one fan and indie dev has…

check-out-africa-by-toto-being-played-on-instruments-in-majora’s-mask VG247

Check out Africa by Toto being played on instruments in Majora’s Mask

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. I hear the drums echoing tonight. Here’s something fun for your weekend listening pleasure: Toto’s Africa being played in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Created by YouTuber Bigfatfrown, the video features him playing various instruments in the game to create his own cover of the hit song. The harmonies are outstanding, honestly. Creating music using in-game instruments is nothing new (hello Starbound players!), heck, I even have my own band in Lord of the Rings Online along with tons…

the-first-paper-mario-adventure-is-coming-to-nintendo-switch-online-+-expansion-pack VG247

The first Paper Mario adventure is coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Experience the N64 classic that launched the entire series. Nintendo 64 game Paper Mario is being added to the Switch library next week, and it will be playable with a Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership. Coming December 10, this classic game takes you through the tropical jungles of Lavalava Island and to the frosty heights of Shiver Mountain in your quest to thwart Bowser. In the game, he has stolen the magical Star Rod and lifted Peach’s Castle into…

playthrough-of-canceled-goldeneye-hd-remaster-for-xbla-pops-up-online VG247

Playthrough of canceled GoldenEye HD remaster for XBLA pops up online

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 30 January 2021 21:03 GMT A port of GoldenEye 007 was in development for Xbox Live Arcade at one point before it was canned.Footage of the XBLA version of GoldenEye 007 has been posted online by Graslu00, and you can see for yourself what might have been in the video below (thanks, GoldenEye Dossier).The Xbox 360 port was in development at Rare many years ago for XBLA and was meant to feature higher resolution and better character and weapon models among other improvements. Due to licensing issues, the game was never released. The footage you see…