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time-travel-adventure-oxenfree-ii:-lost-signals-delayed-into-2023 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Time-travel adventure Oxenfree II: Lost Signals delayed into 2023

Supernatural adventure sequel Oxenfree II: Lost Signals has seen its release date pushed back again into next year, devs Night School Studio have announced. Oxenfree II’s delay was made public through a post on the company’s Twitter over the weekend. The game is being published by Night School’s owners Netflix, who acquired the company in September last year. Read more

the-weird-folk-horror-of-mundaun Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The weird folk horror of Mundaun

One of the first things that may strike you about Mundaun, a very unsettling horror game that released earlier this year, is just how comfortable with weirdness it is. There are hay people hunting you in the night, monstrous masks inspired by traditional Swiss carnival costumes, and the decapitated head of the goat Allegria, bleating and chattering from your backpack. Many horror games either try to establish a sense of mundane familiarity in a recognisable, contemporary world before shattering that familiarity, or else rely on the dusty, done-to-death setting of haunted manors. In most cases, neither approach does much to…

oxenfree-ii:-lost-signals-is-more-of-the-good-stuff-you-liked-in-the-first-game Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is more of the good stuff you liked in the first game

Oxenfree II: Oxen Free Or Die Hard (known to squares as Oxenfree II: Lost Signals) was announced earlier this year, a sequel to the much-loved spooky coming-of-age adventure Oxenfree. Did you like the naturalistic conversations and dialogue options you got in the first game? The story of self discovery? The spine-tingling creepiness that is inherent to half-tuned radios? Then I have some good news for you about Oxenfree II. Read more

oxenfree-ii:-lost-signals-will-bring-back-more-spooks-and-delightful-dialogue Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals will bring back more spooks and delightful dialogue

Walkin’ and talkin’ mystery game Oxenfree has just announced an upcoming sequel with a new cast of talkative spook hunters. Oxenfree II: Lost Signals will follow new characters, but include that natural dialogue system of Night School Studios’s original Oxenfree and their more recent Afterparty. You can catch the first spooky trailer right here for the newly-announced sequel that’s coming later in 2021. Read more

stonefly’s-story-world-of-bug-sized-mechs-explained Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Stonefly’s story world of bug-sized mechs explained

Stonefly is one of the game’s I’m most looking forward to. It’s about piloting a tiny bug mech between leaves, and puffing other creatures off branches, and its hand-drawn textures are sumptuous. Developers Flight School have just released a new video that explains a little more about the game’s story. Read more