you-can-only-complete-gta-v-if-you-kill-at-least-96-people Twitch

You Can Only Complete GTA V If You Kill At Least 96 People

Matthew Judge, or Twitch streamer and YouTube creator DarkViperAU, has been working on his “pacifist run” of GTA V for three years. You might know “pacifism” as abhorring all violence, but pacifist video game runs have a more Machiavellian approach to world peace: It’s okay to kill, as long as the killing is a bare-bones necessity to completing the game.

faze-clan-fans-rally-around-member-disavowing-its-gay-pride-post Twitch

FaZe Clan Fans Rally Around Member Disavowing Its Gay Pride Post

FaZe Clan is one of the biggest names in gaming. The group of professional influencers counts Drake, Pitbull, Snoop Dogg, and many others among its investors. Its CEO has described it as “the Dallas Cowboys meets Supreme meets MTV.” And currently its social media mentions are a full-on culture war as fans defend a screenshot of one of its members disavowing the company’s recent Pride Month support for the LGBTQ+ community.

twitch-partners-with-music-licensing-company-merlin-to-boost-independent-artists-and-labels ESports News UK

Twitch partners with music licensing company Merlin to boost independent artists and labels

Twitch has announced a partnership with Merlin, a digital music licensing partner for independent artists and labels, which will aim to help them reach audiences on Twitch and access new revenue streams. The livestreaming platform says its new relationship with Merlin – which has offices in the UK, US, Japan and the Netherlands – will expand communications between Merlin members and Twitch, open up support for them to grow their audience bases, and unlock marketing opportunities. Continue reading Twitch partners with music licensing company Merlin to boost independent artists and labels

wildfire-2022-lec-music-video-starring-vedius,-drakos-and-rock-band-against-the-current-marks-first-collaboration-between-riot-casters-and-a-music-artist ESports News UK

Wildfire 2022 LEC music video starring Vedius, Drakos and rock band Against the Current marks first collaboration between Riot casters and a music artist

American pop rock band Against the Current have today released their latest single, “Wildfire”, in collaboration with the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) and two of its casters. Welshman Andrew ‘Vedius’ Day and North American Daniel ‘Drakos’ star in the new music video, launched to promote the start of the Spring 2022 LEC season. The track marks the first time that a music artist has collaborated with esports talent from Riot Games for a song. Continue reading Wildfire 2022 LEC music video starring Vedius, Drakos and rock band Against the Current marks first collaboration between Riot casters and a…

the-ten-biggest-kotaku-posts-of-2021 Twitch

The Ten Biggest Kotaku Posts Of 2021

A year ago, many of us had never even heard of NFTs, and Alex Trebek was the only Jeopardy! host most of us had ever known. Well, a lot has changed since then. Relive a time before we knew what a disaster the remastered GTA trilogy would be. Reminisce about how we all got that song from the Ankha porn video in our head for weeks. Shudder once again at the horror of the “Cosby Suite,” and delight anew in the beauty of Fantasian. Here, in order from #10 to #1, are Kotaku’s most-read posts of 2021.

an-extremely-goofy-performance-of-‘simple-and-clean’ Twitch

An Extremely Goofy Performance Of ‘Simple And Clean’

You don’t have to be a Kingdom Hearts fan to experience goosebumps running up your arm when you hear the first infectious notes of Hikaru Utada’s “Simple and Clean.” From its early appearance in commercials to its continued use in the series, “Simple and Clean” is a beloved anthem of Kingdom Hearts thanks to Utada’s beautifully angelic vocals. But what if Goofy, the captain of the Royal Knights of King Mickey’s court, sang the classic tune instead?

grand-theft-auto:-the-trilogy-radio-tracklist-leaks,-and-it’s-missing-some-classics Twitch

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Radio Tracklist Leaks, And It’s Missing Some Classics

Every Grand Theft Auto player knows you can’t catch priors and commit crimes against humanity without bumping your favorite songs on the radio. While Rockstar Games’ upcoming Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition promises high resolution textures and Grand Theft Auto V style controls, a finger on the monkey’s paw for the HD remaster closed on some classic songs that didn’t make the cut.

gta-trilogy-trailer-removes-confederate-flag Twitch

GTA Trilogy Trailer Removes Confederate Flag

The remastered Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy appears to be leaving the Confederate flag behind based on its recent trailer. Revealed last week, the footage offers a brief glimpse of arms dealer Phil Cassidy, but this time without the symbol of Southern slavery on his shirt.

grand-theft-auto-role-playing-is-big-on-twitch-again,-starring,-uh,-johnny-silverhand-from-cyberpunk Twitch

Grand Theft Auto Role-Playing Is Big On Twitch Again, Starring, Uh, Johnny Silverhand From Cyberpunk

The scene: Grand Theft Auto V’s iconic city of Los Santos. People mill about outside an apartment building, likely plotting crimes. Nothing seems out of the ordinary—except for a lone figure. Clad in suffocatingly tight leather pants and a bulletproof vest, he looks prepared for anything and nothing all at once. He also looks like Keanu Reeves. He approaches a nearby man and asks—practically begs—for a cigarette. “I need my fucking…I need my fix,” he says in a hazy rasp. Then he trails off as he repeatedly slides into a T-pose while repeating the same sentence over and over. “I…