atomic-heart-may-be-a-beautiful-fps,-but-i-wish-it-had-a-silent-protagonist Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Atomic Heart may be a beautiful FPS, but I wish it had a silent protagonist

I’ve played around four hours of soviet-punk FPS Atomic Heart, which took me from the story’s opening moments to plenty of the game’s earliest bits. The final hour or so was split into two parts, thanks to a lovely dev who time-skipped me forwards and into the game’s open world, before warping me through a gate and into an early boss’s lair. There was a lot to take in, from robo-gloves, to sex-dom vending machines, to grannies with bazookas. I went in with expectations that it might be a little like BioShock, all steely and serious in its delivery of…

soviet-super-science-fps-atomic-heart-gets-a-february-2023-release-date Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Soviet super-science FPS Atomic Heart gets a February 2023 release date

Developers Munfish have finally announced that its bonkers Soviet shooter Atomic Heart will release on February 21st, 2023. The new trailer for shooty alternate universe action RPG Atomic Heart is a bit of a trip, frankly. Barrelling along at the speed of Sonic The Hedgehog, you can just about make out some weird looking Soviet robots, head-splitting mutants, and what seemed to be a truck plummeting towards towering futuristic architecture. Watch the eye-meltingly speedy trailer below, you’ll probably need some bugeye goggles afterwards to recuperate your peepers. Read more