iwilldominate-to-make-pro-casting-debut-in-the-lpl-with-the-likes-of-uk-caster-munchables ESports News UK

IWillDominate to make pro casting debut in the LPL with the likes of UK caster Munchables

US League of Legends streamer and personality Christian ‘IWillDominate’ Rivera (aka Dom) is about to make his professional casting debut on a Riot broadcast. He will be joining the LPL English broadcast stream on July 11th, covering the top-tier of Chinese League of Legends. Specifically, matches between Suning and Top Esports, and Team WE and JD Gaming. He will be joining the likes of Joe ‘Munchables’ Fenny, an experienced UK play-by-play caster who has worked with ESL UK on Premiership broadcasts, on the UKLC, EU Masters and more, and now works on the LPL English broadcast. Continue reading IWillDominate to…

msi-2021-preview-with-lck-caster-chronicler-and-lpl-caster-munchables ESports News UK

MSI 2021 preview with LCK caster Chronicler and LPL caster Munchables

The League of Legends Mid-Seasonal Invitational (MSI) kicks off in Iceland on May 6th 2021, after a two-year break due to the pandemic, bringing together championship-winning teams from Riot’s different regional leagues. While MSI is often dominated by the Chinese LPL and Korean LCK teams, in 2019 G2 Esports and Team Liquid bucked that trend by making the finals in Taiwan. With the help of Megalodontus, ENUK editor Dom Sacco speaks to Dutch caster Chronicler (pictured left, from the LCK) and Brit Munchables (right, from the LPL) to get their insights before MSI begins. Continue reading MSI 2021 preview with…

eu-masters-spring-2021-talent-line-up-announced-with-mostly-uk-&-ireland-casters:-medic,-caedrel,-foxdrop,-munchables,-jamada-and-many-more-join-the-broadcast-team ESports News UK

EU Masters Spring 2021 talent line-up announced with mostly UK & Ireland casters: Medic, Caedrel, Foxdrop, Munchables, Jamada and many more join the broadcast team

The UK and Ireland have been blessed with a range of top esports broadcast talent over the years – and the EU Masters will be featuring some of League of Legends’ best. 10 of the 13 people in the Spring 2021 EU Masters talent line-up are from the UK and Ireland, in what is an eclectic mix of experienced LEC casters and hosts, and those from the European Regional Leagues. From the LEC, there’s Medic, Foxdrop, Caedrel (all UK) and Laure (France), then from the NLC and UKLC there’s Excoundrel, Hiprain, Jamada and Aux (all UK), plus Guldborg (Denmark) and…