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The Dead Space remake is due to launch in early 2023

The remake of 2008 limb-lopping horror game Dead Space should launch in early 2023, EA have now said. This comes off the back of a developer stream on Friday which showed off (sounded off? hearded off? noised off?) some of the fancy new noises and noise technologies they’re working on. It sounds pretty good. And sounds pretty good, too. Read more

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Dead Space remake slated for an early 2023 release

The news was dropped during a livestream today which focused on audio. Motive Studios announced today it is targeting an early 2023 release for the Dead Space remake. During today’s livestream, the team ran through an early look at the audio systems in the remake: the Occlusion System, A.L.I.V.E. System and the work being done with weapon audio. You can find out more on Audio Occlusion, the A.L.I.V.E System, and Sound Effects Comparison through videos provided via the links. Another stream will be held in May and will focus squarely on the Art Design for the game. Announced during EA…

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Here’s a look at all the Dead Space gameplay we’ve seen so far

EA and Motive are working an a remake of Dead Space, and from what we’ve seen so far, it’s certain to impress. Earlier in the week, we got a quick look at a very early version of EA’s upcoming Dead Space remake during a fairly unconventional livestream. Thanks to the way the presentation was conducted, we didn’t see an awful lot of gameplay in one go. But don’t worry. If you haven’t got the time to sit through a load of chat about the game and wait for those little flashes of gameplay to present themselves to you, there’s a…

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In Dead Space, dismemberment will be more gruesome and Isaac will talk this time out

Dismembering Necromorphs will be more grisly in the remake. During today’s Dead Space livestream, EA’s Motive Studio showed off really early footage of the game particularly the parts in which Isaac Clarke turns Necromorphs into limbless hunks of blood. It was also confirmed that Clarke will speak in Dead Space instead of being silent like in the original. Motive said he will only speak when he is spoken to, and also only in situations where it makes sense. His voice will be provided by Gunner Wright, who voiced Clarke in the later games, In the stream, changes to how you…

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Dead Space remake shooting for late 2022 release – report

By Sherif Saed 6 August 2021 11:12 GMT We may be playing the Dead Space remake sooner than we thought.Had it not leaked ahead of time, the Dead Space remake teaser shown at EA Play Live would have been a major surprise. Nevertheless, it’s one EA project many of us are excited about.Watch on YouTubeNow, according to a GamesBeat report, developer Motive Studios is actually aiming for a fall 2022 release for the game, which is a little earlier than most might have imagined given the very brief teaser.A fiscal 2023 release, according to the report, is EA’s plan. EA…

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The B-Wing and TIE Defender have landed in Star Wars: Squadrons

So what does the B stand for anyway? Bomber? Best? Blurst? Because I’m looking at the ship right now, and that doesn’t look like any B I’ve ever seen. Semantics aside, the topsy-turvy heavy bomber has finally arrived in a free update to Star Wars: Squadrons alongside the TIE Defender, an Imperial fighter that looks like someone glued an extra pair of wings onto the Interceptor and called it a night. Hey, even shipbuilders have slow days at the office. (more…)

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Star Wars: Squadrons fires up two new ships and custom matches in December

I admit that I don’t exactly know my A-Wings, B-Wings, or Z-Wings from one another. If you know which of those are real and which I accidentally made up, you may be interested to hear that Star Wars: Squadrons will be adding one of them in December. Oh, and a new Empire starship too. Before that, a November update will also bring a new map and components. (more…)

Puyo Bock holds the secret to naming Star Wars: Squadrons pilots

I’ve never understood Star Wars names. On one hand, you’ve got perfectly normal blokes with names like Luke or Ben, and then someone will stroll on up and deadpan introduce themselves as “Dash Rendar” or “Wedge Antilles”. It’s enough to have you wondering where they come up with these names. In the case of one Star Wars: Squadrons pilot, at least, there’s a good chance the name came from the mind of a comedy writer’s 20-month-old kid. (more…)

Star Wars: Squadrons has no plans for post-launch content

With most games that Electronic Arts publish these days, I tend to just assume that there will be some form of extra content or microtransaction lying in wait for me. I’m pleasantly surprised, however, to discover that’s not the case with Star Wars: Squadrons. The spacey flight sim came out last week, and what we got was the whole package, because EA says they have no plans to add post-launch DLC in the future. “Never say never, so to speak, but as far as our philosophy goes we’re not trying to treat the game as a live service,” creative director…

Star Wars: Squadrons Fleet Battles guide: how to destroy Capital Ships with ease

Fleet Battles is the main game mode in Star Wars: Squadrons, and it’s a pretty tricky mode to wrap your head around. There are Capital Ships, there are Flagships, there are AI ships and player ships, there’s Morale and you’re constantly switching between attacking and defending… Our Fleet Battles guide looks to straighten things out once and for all, explaining exactly how Fleet Battles work and also clearly illustrating how to take down Capital Ships with ease. (more…)

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Best TIE Fighter loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

The TIE Fighter is one of the most recognisable shapes in Star Wars, and we were all expecting to see a fair few TIE Fighters in every Star Wars Squadrons match before it came out. Instead, everyone’s playing as Interceptors and Bombers – and for good reason. But a TIE Fighter can still be viable with the right build, and our best TIE Fighter loadout in Star Wars Squadrons is not just viable: it’s the Interceptor-killer. (more…)

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Best TIE Reaper loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

Playing a support-class ship in Star Wars: Squadrons might be an uninviting prospect, when the alternative is to pilot a TIE Interceptor or an X-wing. But the TIE Reaper, when kitted out and piloted properly, is likely to be the MVP of any match when all’s said and done. Our best TIE Reaper loadout equips you with everything you need to keep your team alive and wreak havoc on the enemy fleet. (more…)

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Star Wars: Squadrons pays more homage to TIE Fighter than it had to

My first mission in Star Wars: Squadrons (which I shall now call Squadwarns for the sake of ease), saw me jumping into a TIE fighter to have a nose around a big asteroidy space dock thing, looking for refugees from the recently-burst planet of Alderaan. My space boss reckoned those refugees might be hiding in cargo transports, so he told me to scan some cargo transports. ‘That looks familiar’, I thought to myself, as I approached one of the big, blocky things. I’d seen that ship design before, you see. And when the scan started, and the transport’s model appeared…