skywind-shines-in-this-stunning-gameplay-video-showcasing-the-morrowind-mod-project VG247

Skywind shines in this stunning gameplay video showcasing the Morrowind mod project

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind recently celebrated its 21st anniversary, and the folks behind the Skywind have released a new gameplay video for the total conversion mod. The 20-minute video shows off the Necromancer in Mawia quest, where you act as an agent of the Tribunal Temple over in Molag Amur. The Morrowind mission showcases re-imagined assets, level design ideas, and more immersive dialogue and scripted sequences. Because the project is still in the works, you may notice gaps, missing dialogue, floating objects, or placeholders from Skyrim included in the video. The total conversion mod is a fan-made remake of…

here-are-the-witcher-3-mods-supported-by-the-next-gen-update Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Here are the Witcher 3 mods supported by the next gen update

The Witcher 3‘s hotly anticipated next gen update arrives in just over a week, like an early Christmas present from a man who has a white beard and is often covered in red, but you definitely wouldn’t describe as jolly. As part of the lead-up to the PC version’s update, CD Projekt Red has issued a breakdown of how the update will affect the game’s most popular mods. Read more

cyberpunk-2077-cyberpsychosis-mod-takes-inspiration-from-edgerunners VG247

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsychosis mod takes inspiration from Edgerunners

The mod adds a Humanity Cost system for cyberware implants. A new mod has been made available for Cyberpunk 2077, and it adds Cyberpsychosis to the mix. Over on Nexus, modder DJ_Kovrik has created an Edgerunners-inspired addition that adds a Humanity Cost system for cyberware implants and low Humanity side-effects including cyberpsychosis (thanks, Games Radar). Cyberpunk: Edgerunners — Official Trailer Wannabe Edgerunner – A Simple Cyberpsychosis Mod basically adds Humanity as a stat. This stat depends on installed cyberware, Berserk/Sandevistan usages, and committed kills. With each implant, your Humanity will permanently decrease while installed. On the other hand, cyberware usage…

this-god-of-war-mod-brings-homer-and-bart-to-midgard VG247

This God of War mod brings Homer and Bart to Midgard

An impressive Simpsons-themed God of War mod comes complete with voice acting. With 2018’s God of War having been released on PC earlier this year, mods of course were expected to come, and now a mod will let you play as Homer and Bart Simpson. God of War tells a tale of a broken man, with a long, painful history, trying to figure out how to once again be a father. And this Simpsons themed mod takes all of that, and undercuts it by replacing Kratos and Atreus’ character models with Home and Bart. The mod comes from Omega Fantasy,…

fallout-4-mod-set-in-london-features-the-voices-of-two-classic-doctor-whos VG247

Fallout 4 mod set in London features the voices of two classic Doctor Whos

An incredibly impressive-looking “DLC-sized mod.” An incredibly impressive mod for Fallout 4 called Fallout London, first revealed last year, has shown off around 20 minutes of gameplay. All mods are equal, but some mods are more equal than others. That happens to be the case with this particular mod, Fallout London, which essentially looks like an entire game in its own right. A new gameplay trailer shows off what looks to be the first roughly 20 minutes of gameplay for the “DLC-sized mod,” with a pretty classic style opening. There’s a slideshow explaining what happens when the bombs dropped in…

skyrim-mod-brings-shadow-of-mordor’s-brilliant-nemesis-system-to-tamriel VG247

Skyrim mod brings Shadow of Mordor’s brilliant Nemesis system to Tamriel

The mod is currently a work-in-progress, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s best feature was easily the nemesis system, and an upcoming mod seeks to add it to Skyrim. If you’re unfamiliar with Nemesis system, it works like this: enemies will remember the players actions, such as whether you had previously killed them or been killed by them, allowing them to move up and down the hierarchy. Get beat by a grunt often enough and it could work their way up the ladder, and they will bully you for constantly dying too. And now modder Syclonix seeks to add a similar system…

skyrim-gets-an-elden-ring-style-mod-that-lets-players-write-‘try-finger-but-hole’-to-other-players VG247

Skyrim gets an Elden Ring-style mod that lets players write ‘try finger but hole’ to other players

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The mod adds a small dose of multiplayer to a mostly solo game. If you ever find yourself playing Skyrim and think that you wish you could talk to other players through obscure messages like in Elden Ring, you’re in luck; there’s a mod for that now. Players messages across the Dark Souls series, and now Elden Ring, are definitely an odd way to go about multiplayer. But they also provide a sense of community in a way that a…

west-suffolk-college-to-host-series-of-esports-industry-talks,-with-guests-including-speakers-from-guild,-g2,-hitmarker,-nuel-and-more ESports News UK

West Suffolk College to host series of esports industry talks, with guests including speakers from Guild, G2, Hitmarker, NUEL and more

West Suffolk College is hosting a series of esports days featuring a range of guest speakers from the industry. Speakers will give talks on esports careers, the skills needed in the space and their own backgrounds and experiences to help inspire students at the college’s Bury St Edmunds campus. Esports News UK has teamed up with West Suffolk College to help arrange the talks and run a few articles on their gaming activities and plans. Continue reading West Suffolk College to host series of esports industry talks, with guests including speakers from Guild, G2, Hitmarker, NUEL and more

modder-adds-a-metro-system-to-cyberpunk-2077-for-those-who-want-to-take-it-slow VG247

Modder adds a metro system to Cyberpunk 2077 for those who want to take it slow

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Because a city isn’t complete without public transit. In a medium full of games that fully embraced the concept of fast travel, it’s easy to forget what’s lost in the exchange. All those miles you saved in Skyrim when you instantly travelled between towns are convenient, but you miss out on taking things in, really absorbing the landscape. That’s what modder keanuWheeze aimed to bring to Cyberpunk 2077 when they added a metro system to the game (thanks Destructoid). With…

bloodborne-first-person-mod-shows-you-yharnam-from-a-whole-new-perspective VG247

Bloodborne first-person mod shows you Yharnam from a whole new perspective

By Dom Peppiatt 16 August 2021 14:16 GMT Ever wanted to experience the world of Yharnam from a more intimate and terrifying perspective? Well, thanks to this Bloodborne first-person mod, soon you will be able to.Modder and creator of the interesting experiment in FromSoftware’s acclaimed action game, Garden of Eyes, has teamed up with a name people familiar with other SoulsBorne mods will recognize – Zullie the Witch – to create a first-person mod for Bloodborne that makes boss fights and exploration in the intense gothic world all the more compelling.“Special thanks to Zullie the Witch, who generously walked me through…

play-as-final-fantasy-7’s-tifa-in-tekken-7-thanks-to-a-new-mod VG247

Play as Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa in Tekken 7 thanks to a new mod

Ever wanted to enter Tekken 7’s King of Iron Fist Tournament as a Final Fantasy character that isn’t Noctis from FFXV? Then you’re in luck.Tekken 7 modder Wolfe has finally released a Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tifa mod for PC that brings the punchy, Shinra-hating environmentalist rebel to the on-going dystopia of Tekken 7 (thanks, TheGamer).If you download the mod, you will be able to play as the iconic Tifa Lockhart instead of Tekken 7’s own Filipino kickboxer, Josie Rizal. It makes sense when you think about it; the two female brawlers both use hard-hitting close range moves, and of the…

super-nintendo-world-is-coming-to-minecraft VG247

Super Nintendo World is coming to Minecraft

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 31 January 2021 12:23 GMT Super Nintendo World will be available for Universal Studios visitors soon, but if you’re unable to attend there’s an alternative in Minecraft.Earlier this year, we got a virtual tour of Super Nintendo World that showed prospective visitors what they could expect to see if they got tickets to the new attraction, and now creator Dippy22 has taken it one step further.The enterprising Minecraft player has begun work on making Nintendo’s section of the Universal Studios resorts in Japan and California available in Mojang’s iconic platform.Dippy22 is aiming to have the map based on…

skyblivion,-the-oblivion-remake-made-in-skyrim’s-engine,-shows-off-some-early-gameplay VG247

Skyblivion, the Oblivion remake made in Skyrim’s engine, shows off some early gameplay

If you’re eager to get your hands on a remake of Bethesda Game Studios’ iconic RPG, Oblivion, an unofficial fan remake may be your best bet.As the world holds its breath in anticipation of the admittedly far-from-release next entry in the Edler Scrolls series, The Elder Scrolls VI, another big Elder Scrolls project has been gaining momentum in the background.Skyblivion – a fan-made mod project that’s in the works for almost a decade – is the effort of an ever-growing development team that’s eager to give The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion a bit of spit and polish, remastering the game…

bloodborne-psx-is-an-impressive-fan-made-ps1-‘demake’-of-bloodborne VG247

Bloodborne PSX is an impressive fan-made PS1 ‘demake’ of Bloodborne

Ever wanted to see what hit hardcore action-RPG Bloodborne would look like as a PlayStation title? Well, you’re in luck.Bloodborne PSX is a project that’s being developed by Lilith Walther, and is effectively a demake of the massively popular From Software title that many gamers fell in love with at launch back in 2015.You can see some snapshots of the Unreal Engine project over on Twitter (thanks, The Gamer). In various tweets on the developer’s @b0tster account, you can see elements of the game in action and read up on the development history of the project so far. For todays…

someone-has-modded-gilmore-girls-into-fire-emblem:-the-sacred-stones VG247

Someone has modded Gilmore Girls into Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 10 January 2021 16:02 GMT If your next run through a Fire Emblem game needs more drama and emotional nuance, someone has modded Gilmore Girls into Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.Developer Marlowe Dobbe (the artist behind Dicey Dungeons) has created the inspired mod, called – unsurprisingly – Fire Emblem: Gilmore Girls and made it free to download, too.The mod does a great job in turning the 2004 GBA title into a peculiar re-telling of the early 2000s teen drama, complete with all the mechanics you’d expect from an Intelligent Systems RPG. Mods are asleep time to…