indie-bundle-for-palestinian-aid-on-itch-offers-over-1,000-games-for-un-relief Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid on Itch offers over 1,000 games for UN relief

Indie game developers on Itch are once again offering up their games in a massive bundle benefitting humanitarian aid. The Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid is offering up over 1,000 games for $5, with all profit benefitting the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. The bundle has so far raised $45,000 of its $500,000 goal for the week it will be available. Read more

developers-reveal-the-best-easter-eggs-they’ve-hidden-in-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Developers reveal the best Easter eggs they’ve hidden in games

Easter has come and gone now, and here in the RPS treehouse we lounge with bellies full of chocolate chatting about our favourite little surprises in games. Alice O has already asked you, dear reader, what’s your favourite video game Easter egg? It appears some game developers have been pondering a similar question on Twitter, and revealing the best Easter eggs they’ve hidden in their games – from hiding games within games, to live coding an RPG to rewriting an RPG’s script live to mess with streamers. Read more