cyberpunk-2077-multiplayer-will-have-microtransactions,-but-not-singleplayer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer will have microtransactions, but not singleplayer

CD Projekt Red have been clear about their ‘no microtransactions’ policy for Cyberpunk 2077 the singleplayer RPG for ages, but their vagueness on Cyberpunk multiplayer has caused trouble and confusion. This week they clarified yes, the Cyberpunk online doodad due after launch will have microtransactions, but no, they’re not liars because this is a separate project. I’m not surprised that some fans have been confused, because the exact nature of Cyberpunk’s multiplayer side has often been hazy – whether it’s a separate game or just a mode – and spoken of in business language on business calls. Time to be…

australian-government-rules-that-games-with-microtransactions-must-address-them-in-box-art VG247

Australian government rules that games with microtransactions must address them in box art

The Australian ratings board has ruled that all games featuring microtransactions must highlight them on the front cover of the game packaging from here on out. The news comes from Reddit, where a user has collected a wide range of rating listings for upcoming games from the official Australian classification board. You can check out the Reddit post below, which includes several relevant links if you’re interested in viewing the new format for yourself. No news sites have reported this, so let’s discuss: Australia now requires in-game purchases to be disclosed on the front covers of physical video games starting…