age-of-empires-4-out-this-fall,-first-in-engine-gameplay-shows-the-delhi-sultanate,-more VG247

Age of Empires 4 out this fall, first in-engine gameplay shows the Delhi Sultanate, more

A look at Age of Empires 4 gameplay was shown off today by Relic during a presentation.Age of Empires 4 is coming later this year in the fall to PC and Xbox Game Pass for PC and through Steam. A closed beta is also on the way. Watch on YouTubeA virtual village is also available to view through the Age of Empires website.During the presentation, one of the four historical campaigns available was shown, and it was the Norman Campaign.After that, the new unit Delhi Sultanate was shown going up against the English. Lots of elephant units were shown, and…

age-of-empires-4-looks-like-it’s-got-the-right-balance-between-old-and-new-and-elephants. Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Age Of Empires 4 looks like it’s got the right balance between old and new. And Elephants.

Despite being the fifth main game in its series, the only way of looking at Age Of Empires 4 is as a sequel to Age Of Empires 2. The first and third Age titles were both fine games, of course, as was their stoner cousin Age Of Mythology. But it was AoE2 that would be enshrined as one of the all-time RTS greats, and it’s the inevitable benchmark against which AoE4 will be measured, when it launches later this year. Just the twenty-year fug of strategy dad nostalgia surrounding the series would have been a significant enough headwind for AoE4…

age-of-empires-2-and-3-definitive-editions-are-getting-updates VG247

Age of Empires 2 and 3 Definitive Editions are getting updates

By Stephany Nunneley 10 April 2021 17:24 GMT During the Age of Empires update today, Microsoft and Relic announced new content for Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition and Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition.According to Relic, a second expansion called Dawn of the Dukes is coming to Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition this summer. It takes players to Eastern Europe with new campaigns and much more. Later this year the game will also get co-op historical battles with hand-picked and specific missions to play with friends.Watch on YouTubeAge of Empires 3: Definitive Edition will receive a free update on…

where-to-watch-the-age-of-empires-4-fan-preview-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Where to watch the Age Of Empires 4 fan preview today

Age Of Empires 4 was announced a few years ago, but we’ve only seen a little of the Relic-developed sequel to the classic RTS series. That’s about to change with the Age Of Empires Fan Preview event, which is taking place about an hour from now at 5pm BST/9am PST/12pm EST. You can stream it before. Read more

best-outriders-mods-|-all-equipment-mods-and-how-to-get-them VG247

Best Outriders Mods | All Equipment Mods and how to get them

One of the outstanding features of Outriders is its mod system, which allows you to break down any weapon or armour piece for its mods and reapply them to other items.Watch on YouTubeThere are hundreds of mods in this game, spanning approximately fourteen different categories when broken down by item type, quality tiers, and the character classes that can equip them. This amount of variety can be overwhelming; so in this guide we’ll be outlining all the different mods by group, as well as recommending some of our favourites. Best Outriders Mods — Our favourites Tier 1 Armour Mods Tier…

sea-of-thieves-season-2-is-coming-to-xbox-and-pc-next-week VG247

Sea of Thieves Season 2 is coming to Xbox and PC next week

By Dom Peppiatt, Wednesday, 7 April 2021 11:20 GMT Rare is about to roll out a big new update for Sea of Thieves Season 2, but what can eager sea-faring players expect from the stubbornly popular pirate simulator in the coming weeks?According to the trailer, Sea of Thieves Season 2 launches on April 15, but some of the specifics about what we can expect from Rare’s next big update are somewhat shrouded in mystery.Luckily, the developer is edging out some information about the new Season in waves (no pun intended) and the most recent trailer actually gives us some insight…

forza-8-closed-playtest-registration-is-now-open VG247

Forza 8 closed playtest registration is now open

By Dom Peppiatt, Wednesday, 7 April 2021 10:11 GMT Turn 10 has revealed that it’ll be bringing the community in to help it test Forza 8, and that the developer will be using the feedback to help shape its next racing game.If you’re interested in trying out Forza Motorsport 8 before it officially hits the shelves, look sharp. Keen to court the community and listen to feedback from players, Turn 10 plans to host a special Forza panel designed to collect information from its players.Better yet, anyone that takes part in the panel will be given access to a closed…

while-xbox-game-pass-gets-better,-ps-now-gets…avengers E3

While Xbox Game Pass Gets Better, PS Now Gets…Avengers

Outriders came out last week on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It also immediately came to Microsoft’s Game Pass, adding yet another big new game to the subscription service’s already-impressive library. Meanwhile, PS Now users can get excited to play last year’s mediocre Avengers game, and just for a few months. It’s yet another data point that shows Sony needs to do more to make PS Now better. In Sony’s defense, the company has improved PS Now since launching it back in 2014 as a streaming-only platform similar to the more recent Google Stadia. At the…

the-elder-scrolls-online,-hunt:-showdown,-and-steel-rats-are-free-to-play-with-gold-this-weekend VG247

The Elder Scrolls Online, Hunt: Showdown, and Steel Rats are free to play with Gold this weekend

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 1 April 2021 19:51 GMT Microsoft has announced three games are free to play this weekend with Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate.As part of this week’s Xbox Free Play Days, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, Hunt: Showdown, and Steel Rats are all available for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.You have until late Sunday, April 4, or very early April 5 depending on your timezone, to play Steel Rats and Hunt: Showdown.The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will remain free to play until early Tuesday morning, April 13.Each game will…

outriders-world-tiers-|-what-the-difficulty-levels-mean VG247

Outriders World Tiers | What the difficulty levels mean

In lieu of traditional difficulty levels, Outriders has World Tiers.As you wade through the barrens and battlefields of Enoch, underneath your experience bar is the World Tier meter. Defeating enemies without dying fills this meter, which increases the difficulty of the game every time it reaches the top. “Increasing the difficulty” in this context means that every enemy’s base level is raised or lowered in relation to the player’s, giving them more health and making them deal more damage. Once you’ve unlocked a World Tier, it’s yours for good, but if it’s proving too much of a challenge, then you…

outriders-guide-|-how-to-master-the-power-of-the-anomaly VG247

Outriders Guide | How to master the power of the Anomaly

By James Billcliffe, Thursday, 1 April 2021 16:26 GMT As the Outriders left behind a ruined Earth, Enoch became the last hope for humanity. But when the peaceful expedition goes wrong thanks to the corrupting effects of the alien Anomaly, years of fighting turn the once golden world into a war-ravaged no man’s land. This intense third-person shooter is packed with deep mechanics and interesting features, and we’re here to turn you from a green recruit into a seasoned Outriders veteran, with break downs of how to get the most out of nearly every aspect of the game. We’ve broken…

modders-immortalise-suez-canal-boat-in-microsoft-flight-simulator VG247

Modders immortalise Suez Canal boat in Microsoft Flight Simulator

By Alex Calvin, Tuesday, 30 March 2021 17:57 GMT We’re sure some people would rather forget this ever happened.The Ever Given might no longer be blocking the Suez Canal, but the super-sized cargo ship’s disastrous week lives on in Microsoft Fight Simulator.As spotted by Eurogamer, modder FlyBoyRez1 – inspired by Zepingouin35 – has created the Suez Traffic Jam mod for the sim title, which unsurprisingly recreates the aforementioned incident by blocking up the Suez Canal with a massive boat. Other ships will show up, either attempting to get passed or to help try and move the cargo ship. To download…

a-history-of-shareware,-demos-and-covertapes Twitch

A History Of Shareware, Demos And Covertapes

Back before YouTube and Twitch and always online DRM, developers needed more effective ways of marketing than just relying on word of mouth. This resulted in shareware, demos and demo discs, free slices of playable content that spawned one of the most interesting phases in the gaming.

microsoft-testing-feature-which-would-no-longer-require-xbox-live-gold-for-multiplayer-in-free-to-play-games VG247

Microsoft testing feature which would no longer require Xbox Live Gold for multiplayer in free-to-play games

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 24 March 2021 19:14 GMT Microsoft is testing new features which wouldn’t require an Xbox Live Gold subscription.Currently available to Xbox Insiders in Alpha Skip Ahead and Alpha, the feature being tested is one that would no longer require an Xbox Live Gold account in order to play multiplayer in free-to-play games.Microsoft said it is aware that titles do not currently support the Free-to-Play multiplayer testing currently available in Preview. It is currently working with studios as the titles require an update to support this service change.Titles currently not supported include Destiny 2 and Call of…