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The best gaming microphones for PC: our picks of the best USB mics

Mercifully, voice comms in PC games aren’t all about being lambasted by strangers. Whether giving a quick thanks to a helpful teammate or settling into an hours-long Discord session, some games are just better with a bit of a chinwag going on – and adding one of the best gaming microphones to your setup will make sure you always come through loud and clear. Read more

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Save nearly £70 on Blue’s excellent Blackout Spark microphone

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. This capable, feature-rich microphone is great for podcasters and streamers. One thing almost everyone immediately needs with their computer is a decent microphone. Very few laptops have passable built-in mics and desktops don’t ship with any extras. Whether it’s for recording a podcast with a friend, streaming your latest Halo Infinite antics, or even video calls with loved ones and colleagues, you’re going to need a high quality mic. Blue have been in this business for years, making great microphones…

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Focusrite Scarlett Studio Bundle Review – Do you need the Scarlett 2i2 or Solo for streaming?

Do you need an XLR mic and audio interface for streaming? They might not be the flashiest piece of tech you can add to your desktop setup, but an audio interface unlocks so many interesting audio opportunities, that it might just be one of the most exciting – if you’re a total nerd, that is. Despite being a little bit more expensive than the real bargain basement options, the Solo and 2i2 in the Focusrite Scarlett series are easily some of the best audio interfaces you can pick up as an enthusiast. Focusrite Scarlett Studio Bundle Review With a relatively…