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foreclosed-review:-a-paper-thin-cyberpunk-stealth-shooter Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Foreclosed review: a paper-thin cyberpunk stealth shooter

Greetings Chooms! Cough. Splutter. Sorry, something in my throat. Greetings chums! Please engage your rose-tinted cyber visors, and marvel at a theoretical version of cyberpunk stealth-shooter Foreclosed that’s actually worth playing. It’s one that abandons weak shooting and focuses on its promising telekinetic powers. That leans into its lead’s latent Max Paynian vulnerability and noir humour instead of joyless, stony disaffect. That realises ‘cyber’ is only as interesting as the lives it affects, and that ‘punk’ can be burlesque eccentricity and burning hopefulness, not just sneering neon. Now, take them off, and let’s take a look at what we’ve actually…

thank-god,-buildings-have-feelings-too!-fixed-its-controls Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Thank god, Buildings Have Feelings Too! fixed its controls

Most humans will instantly grow attached to any inanimate object if you put a face on it (preferably a sad one, as if it needs your help). This is possibly so we won’t immediately hoof any unattended baby into the oven, because using cold logic they are a helpless and easy source of food, but emotions tell us that they are cute and we don’t want the baby to cry at the oven being all hot. Buildings Have Feelings Too!, a puzzle/city management game that’s heavy on the puzzle, is the reason I will never again enjoy a video of…

haunted-space-blends-sci-fi-dogfighting,-crafting-and-a-horror-story-about-humanity’s-future VG247

Haunted Space blends sci-fi dogfighting, crafting and a horror story about humanity’s future

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 26 March 2021 15:15 GMT Haunted Space is a promising sci-fi adventure from an Italian indie team.Haunted Space was unveiled overnight at the Future Games Show. Haunted Space is a game of many components: it’s mainly a space shooter, but one with a horror narrative about humanity’s future civilization clashing with ancient space aliens.It’s also a bit of an Everspace, a game where you build spaceships, trade, and scavenge for resources to upgrade your ship. Haunted Space is set in a fictional galaxy where humanity has found a new home after the discovery of Sonic Matter,…


Co-op RTS Dwarfheim tunnels its way into Early Access today

By Alex Calvin, Thursday, 22 October 2020 15:34 GMT Co-op real-time strategy game Dwarfheim is rolling into Steam Early Access today.This is a multiplayer-centric take on the classic RTS genre that features a number of asymmetric, co-op game modes. Dwarfheim is developed by Norwegian studio Pineleaf, while Merge is handling publishing duties, and was revealed at the PC Gaming Show in June.The title comes to Steam Early Access with a number of different modes. Conquest is a co-op multiplayer game type where players have to work together to destroy their enemies and their Town Hall. Skirmish, meanwhile, can be experienced…

co-op-rts-dwarfheim-will-launch-in-early-access-in-october,-and-gets-a-new-demo-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Co-op RTS DwarfHeim will launch in early access in October, and gets a new demo today

Pineleaf Studio today announced an early access launch date of October 22nd for DwarfHeim, the intriguing cooperative RTS where players take on different roles. You’ll need someone in charge of your army, naturally, though you’ll need a town to support that army, but how will you build a town without miners? Division of labour is the answer, splitting tasks across players who’ll need to work together if any of this plan is to work. You’ll be able to try this for yourself in a new multiplayer demo as part of PAX X EGX, the giant virtual games event starting today….

monster-harvest-looks-like-stardew-with-a-side-of-pokemon Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Monster Harvest looks like Stardew with a side of Pokemon

Ever wondered what it’d be like if Pokemon’s perpetually-childish heroes settled down to start a farm? Lucky for you, that’s exactly the premise of Monster Harvest. Sowing its first seeds this week, Maple Powered Games’ upcoming crop punctuates Stardew Valley‘s pastoral life sim with brutal fights between half-plant, half-animal hybrids called Planimals. Geddit? (more…)