fall-guys-season-3.5-update-will-introduce-a-new-level,-40+-level-variations-and-more VG247

Fall Guys Season 3.5 update will introduce a new level, 40+ level variations and more

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 25 January 2021 20:31 GMT Fall Guys Season 3.5 is bringing some pretty big changes to the quiz show-inspired battle royale game for the game’s mid-Season update.Though developer Mediatonic has not given us an exact date for the new patch we’ve been given more information about specifically what will be added into the game in the next big update (which, by the way, is called “stop with the yeets name it anything else just don’t include the word yeet please im begging you”).The multiplayer PS4 and PC hit launched back in August 2020 and has since gone on…

fall-guys-leaves-a-santa-costume-in-your-stocking-this-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fall Guys leaves a Santa costume in your stocking this week

Fall Guys is in the midst of its snowy third season, meaning there are all sorts of costumes and other dress up goodies to earn by playing enough. Here’s one reward you can earn just by logging in though, so long as you do it by Christmas. Mediatonic have left a full on Santa costume in your inventory for you, announced with no less than a silly, live-action commercial. (more…)

troy-baker-and-fall-guys-devs-raising-money-for-uk-mental-health-charities VG247

Troy Baker and Fall Guys devs raising money for UK mental health charities

By Alex Calvin, Wednesday, 16 December 2020 16:18 GMT Variety of organisations are benefitting from this stream.Voice actor Troy Baker and Mediatonic – the studio behind smash-hit Fall Guys – are raising money for UK mental health charities via a livestream later this week.This is a collaboration with UK video games trade body Ukie, with the stream taking place on Friday, December 18 to raise money for Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), Head to Toe, and Safe in Our World between 4pm and 6pm UK. You can watch it right here.One of the names appearing on the stream is Baker,…

fall-guys-season-3-will-add-over-30-skins,-7-new-levels-and-“more-surprises” VG247

Fall Guys Season 3 will add over 30 skins, 7 new levels and “more surprises”

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 13 December 2020 11:26 GMT More Fall Guys Season 3 information has been revealed by Mediatonic, including details on new levels and hints about incoming features.Thanks to a new preview from IGN, we know a little bit more about what to expect from Fall Guys Season 3 when it launches later this month.Level designer J.J. Juson has spoken to the site and revealed a bit more information about the new levels that’ll be added as part of the Winter Wonderland-inspired season.Apparently, one of the incoming levels, Tundra Run, will offer “just the right level of chaos”…

take-a-look-at-four-fall-guys-season-3-costumes-here VG247

Take a look at four Fall Guys Season 3 costumes here

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 6 December 2020 16:43 GMT Mediatonic has shown off four more new costumes for Fall Guys that will arrive in the game’s third Season.Fall Guys Season 3 is set to land on PS4 and PC soon, and it’ll introduce a whole new Winter Knockout theme to the multiplayer title.The next Season of Fall Guys content is due to land in the popular game show-themed battle royale title soon, and to drum up some hype, Mediatonic has shown off some of the costumes we can expect to see in the game. Woo woo! Here’s the 4 costumes of…

fall-guys-players-are-getting-a-doom-slayer-skin VG247

Fall Guys players are getting a Doom Slayer skin

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 2 December 2020 20:17 GMT The Doom Slayer is coming to Fall Guys.A new skin is on its way to Fall Guys, and it’s fashioned after the Doom Slayer in Doom Eternal.You can have a look at a teasing silhouette of the skin below posted to Twitter. D O O M — DOOM (@DOOM) December 2, 2020A date has not been provided, but we expect it to be made available soon. We expect the suit to cost you the usual 10 Crowns.Fall Guys Season 3 is set to kick off soon with a Winter Knockout…

fall-guys-devs-opening-another-studio Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fall Guys devs opening another studio

The Fall Guys stooges at Mediatonic this week announced they’ve found a spot for new studio in Leamington Spa, which I suppose means they can go ahead and open one. They initially announced plans for a studio in the English spa town back in February, but they hadn’t created a gaming sensation at that point so, y’know, fewer people were interested in the news. What are Mediatonic working on? While they say they have a few projects on the go, they only name one: Fall Guys, obvs. (more…)

fall-guys-season-3-arrives-in-december-with-winter-knockout-theme VG247

Fall Guys Season 3 arrives in December with Winter Knockout theme

By Dom Peppiatt, Thursday, 26 November 2020 16:07 GMT Fall Guys Season 3 is set to land on PS4 and PC soon with a whole new Winter Knockout theme, complete with new cosmetics and new stages.The next season of Fall Guys content is due to land in the popular game show-themed battle royale title in the second week of December and ahead of its arrival, developer Mediatonic has given us some more info about the incoming season.The official Fall Guys Twitter account, which has quickly become infamous for its creative use of social media, sent 300 pieces of a teaser…

fall-guys-is-getting-a-level-with-only-fans VG247

Fall Guys is getting a level with only fans

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 6 November 2020 20:06 GMT Fans and tiny hammers.An upcoming Fall Guys update will include a level with nothing but big fans. Called Fan Big Yeet Little update, the Big Fans level will find you running across spinning blades and comes out next week as part of Season 2. It also features the spinning hammer Lil Yeety. The hammer will be hidden in levels. B I G F A N S A new level that features ONLY FANS It drops into the game next week as part of the FAN BIG YEET LITTLE update Also contains…

next-week’s-fall-guys-update-adds-big-fans,-tiny-hammers Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Next week’s Fall Guys update adds big fans, tiny hammers

How do you enjoy Fall Guys? Like it? Love it? Reckon you’re the game’s biggest fan? Well tough luck, mate, because that honour goes to the bean stumbler’s upcoming new stage, a whirly-twirly fan-packed gauntlet arriving in next week’s midseason update. Oh, and it also looks like there’s another mystery obstacle on the way, in the form of… Oh, they called it Little Yeety? Sure. Why not. Fine. (more…)


Fall Guys update adds a new playlist called Slime Survivors

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 17 October 2020 17:32 GMT A new Fall Guys update is available alongside a new playlist.The new Fall Guys update had added a new playlist called Slime Survivors and provides a few tweaks to Season 2 items such as nameplates.According to Mediatonic, the new Slime Survivors playlist isn’t just another back-to-back Slime Climb, as it is a mixture of Survival rounds.Those that survive will go on to Hex-A-Gone and Jump Showdown as finals.Along with the new playlist comes an increased chance to see Medieval rounds, and it decreases the chance to get nicknames and nameplates in…


Fall Guys is getting a Sonic skin tomorrow

By Sherif Saed, Tuesday, 13 October 2020 11:39 GMT Fall Guys’ least surprising addition is a Sonic the Hedgehog skin.Mediatonic has revealed in a Fall Guys developer live stream that the game is getting an official Sonic the Hedgehog-themed outfit. The two-piece skin will be available starting tomorrow, October 14.The full suit will cost you 10 Crowns, but you can opt for just the top for 5 Crowns. The skin looks about as silly as you’d expect, especially since you can have a different colour/skin on the bottom. Given the original design of Sonic, it fits really well on Fall…

Fall Guys is getting a Sonic skin so I am requesting a Kiryu costume

As it was foretold by the dataminers, now it shall come to pass. Bouncy bean competition game Fall Guys is getting a Sonic The Hedgehog costume later this week. It’s the latest of several game series crossovers that have made it into the game as unlockable skins. Now that Sega is at the table, I have a humble suggestion for a couple other characters that are great at silly fisticuffs. (more…)

yup,-this-new-fall-guys-level-sure-looks-like-some-fresh-hell Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Yup, this new Fall Guys level sure looks like some fresh hell

It wouldn’t be a medieval season without a proper gauntlet, would it? Mediatonic have been offering bits of information about Fall Guys season two over the last few weeks and have now dropped this preview for one of the new levels. Knight Fever is a new obstacle course level with all sorts of fresh new contraptions to torture your little beans in shining armor when season two starts later this week. (more…)