mechajammer-review:-a-broken,-brown-disaster Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mechajammer review: a broken, brown disaster

If I had to describe Mechajammer in a word, that word would be “brown”. A second would be the sounds Joe Pesci makes in Home Alone. When the first few dilemmas you face in an RPG aren’t ethical or character ones, but about whether it would be more tedious to continue with this character or to play through the introduction again, you know there’s a problem. By my third restart I’d abandoned all interest in playing any character I wanted, and started trying to estimate whatever would get this over with sooner. Mechajammer is a disaster. And not only because…

mechajammer-isn’t-quite-an-isometric-deus-ex-yet,-but-there’s-potential-here Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mechajammer isn’t quite an isometric Deus Ex yet, but there’s potential here

As far as we know, cyberpunk RPG Mechajammer has neither mechs or jam in it. It does, however, have goopy red lava pools in its dense, alien forest, and as you bust out of a military base lined with rows upon rows of chunky pixel brains floating in big, bubbling fluid jars, you stumble across the remains of a huge, metal Vykinaut. Mechajammer’s distinct, grungy art style makes it hard to tell exactly what the Vykinaut actually is, but my best guess would probably be a kind of tank with a big, black, fleshy head jutting out of it, accompanied…