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one-piece-‘super-fan’-streamed-himself-reading-all-1,051-chapters-in-106-hours Twitch

One Piece ‘Super Fan’ Streamed Himself Reading All 1,051 Chapters In 106 Hours

It should come as no surprise at this point that Kotaku is a pro-One Piece website on account of the manga being a crazy good read for nearly 25 years and by virtue of it being the only series to have Nico Robin in it. While some folks have yet to finally raise their anchors and venture into the manga’s 1051 chapters (I’m looking at you, reader), one Twitch streamer proved the massive undertaking of reading the entirety of the manga can be done in one non-stop stream.

big-name-streamer-sykkuno-ditched-twitch-partly-because-it-misspelled-his-name Twitch

Big-Name Streamer Sykkuno Ditched Twitch Partly Because It Misspelled His Name

Sykkuno, one of Twitch’s top streamers known for his wholesome demeanor and for playing games like Among Us and GTA Online, left the Amazon-owned platform for the red pastures of YouTube Gaming this month. The move shocked the livestreaming space because Sykkuno was something of a household name on Twitch, boasting four million followers and 103 million total views since becoming a more consistent streamer in April 2019. However, the switch made sense for him because, as he revealed during his first-ever YouTube Gaming livestream, the Google-owned platform offered him a slightly better deal, and Twitch gave his name a…

amouranth-says-she’s-‘quitting’-onlyfans,-invests-in-twitch Twitch

Amouranth Says She’s ‘Quitting’ OnlyFans, Invests In Twitch

On April 12, top Twitch streamer and content creator Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa announced her intention to quit OnlyFans this June. She tweeted that she had made a $350,000-$400,000 investment in Twitch, and that she had plans for “moving “influencer” and “creator economy” into what is traditionally the domain and competency of legacy media.” She promised more details at the end of this week.

youtube-streamer-with-6.9m-followers-banned-after-valorant-tirade-clip-surfaces Twitch

YouTube Streamer With 6.9M Followers Banned After Valorant Tirade Clip Surfaces

In maybe the swiftest escalation of 2022, gaming YouTuber and experimental rapper IShowSpeed was banned from Valorant (and other Riot Games titles) and potentially YouTube for demeaning a female player in Riot’s tactical hero shooter. IShowSpeed has since apologized for his behavior, saying he was “not having a good day” in the clip that went viral and appears to have sparked the ban. While moderation was speedy, the entire debacle has sparked discussion around trash talk in games, and who gets a second chance when they’re young and reckless.

twitch-pauses-‘boost’-feature-after-porn-sneaks-onto-front-page Twitch

Twitch Pauses ‘Boost’ Feature After Porn Sneaks Onto Front Page

Twitch just can’t seem to scrub porn off its platform. Thanks to the “Boost This Stream” feature the Amazon-owned company introduced last October, viewers are paying to promote, or “boost,” sexually explicit content onto the platform’s front page. Unsurprisingly, Twitch has paused the boosting feature indefinitely.

world-of-warcraft-streamer-has-been-celebrating-her-80th-birthday-on-twitch-for-12-days-(and-counting) Twitch

World of Warcraft Streamer Has Been Celebrating Her 80th Birthday On Twitch For 12 Days (And Counting)

Twitch can often be a cesspit of awfulness. If it’s not one streamer getting swatted or another streamer getting accused of misogyny, then it’s potential litigation between big-name broadcasters (that ultimately fizzled into nothing). But there is some good on the platform, too. One such example is WowGrandma78, a grandma and Twitch streamer who celebrated her 80th birthday this month with a subathon. As of now, she’s been livestreaming for 12 days. And until the clock runs out–which gets extended by three minutes every time someone subscribes–she has no intention of stopping.

vtuber-ironmouse-is-breaking-all-kinds-of-twitch-records Twitch

VTuber Ironmouse Is Breaking All Kinds Of Twitch Records

Twitch has a new rising star, one that’s quickly surpassed the platform’s highest performers like Hasanabi and xQc in some respects. Her name is Ironmouse, and she’s a virtual pink-haired anime VTuber that’s been doing an uncapped subathon for going on 18 days now. She has also broken a bunch of livestreaming records to become Twitch’s top female broadcaster with over 100,000 active subscribers, which makes sense when you watch her lowkey streams.

hearthstone-streamer-swatted-live-on-twitch Twitch

Hearthstone Streamer Swatted Live On Twitch

Twitch streamer Alexandra “Alliestrasza” Macpherson, a prominent Hearthstone player and a member of esports organization Fade 2 Karma, was arrested on February 9. But it wasn’t her fault. She was swatted while playing the collectible card game live on stream, with police showing up fully strapped and ready to take down whatever threat was lurking in her home.

streamers-react-to-leaked-twitch-income-rankings-with-jokes,-criticism Twitch

Streamers React To Leaked Twitch Income Rankings With Jokes, Criticism

An anonymous hacker leaked payroll information for every streamer on Twitch yesterday, and predictably, the revealed incomes have become an inescapable topic of conversation for streamers in their Twitch chats and on social media. The range of reactions to the leak has been vast, with some streamers making light of the matter, and others seeing it as an opportunity to spotlight longstanding issues with the livestreaming platform.

rust-is-big-again-on-twitch,-now-with-beautiful-music-about-a-blood-god Twitch

Rust Is Big Again On Twitch, Now With Beautiful Music About A Blood God

Trends come and go on Twitch, but the Blood God is forever. Or at least, that’s the impression I get from a cult dedicated to this imaginary deity is one of the central throughlines between Rust role-playing’s first popularity explosion late last year and its latest, which is happening right now. This time, though, the cult has a living, breathing soundtrack, and it is sensational.

twitch-gives-trans,-black,-and-disabled-streamers-tags,-but-not-protection Twitch

Twitch Gives Trans, Black, And Disabled Streamers Tags, But Not Protection

It’s been a whirlwind month for Anne Atomic. The streamer saw her star suddenly begin to rocket into the stratosphere in late May when Twitch introduced both a hot tub section and hundreds of new tags, including a particularly long-requested option: “transgender.” For Anne Atomic, these proved a potent combo; in June, her regular audience went from single digits to hundreds of concurrent viewers. But increased attention meant that she also got brigaded by transphobes from 4chan, who bombarded her chat with ugly, invasive comments. And now, a few weeks later, Twitch has indefinitely suspended her channel.

e3-twitch-chat-has-been-miserable Twitch

E3 Twitch Chat Has Been Miserable

For what feels like eons now, the E3 Pangea has threatened to break apart and scatter gaming landmasses to all corners of the Earth. Now that’s finally happening, with this year’s E3 functioning as a loose umbrella for a plethora of publisher-specific shows. This has given companies a massive stage on which to show the world that they have no idea what to do with Twitch chat.