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mass-effect-writer-explains-why-the-movie-adaptation-never-got-off-the-ground VG247

Mass Effect writer explains why the movie adaptation never got off the ground

As you know, there was a Mass Effect movie in the works at one point, but apparently, things didn’t pan out, according to Bioware.Speaking with Business Insider, Mass Effect writer Marc Walters said during the scriptwriting process, the team felt it was “always fighting the IP.”Watch on YouTube“What story are we going to tell in 90 to 120 minutes? Are we going to do it justice?” stated Walters. When the film version seemed scrapped, it was suggested a TV adaptation would work best, but it too never materialized, but not for “lack of trying.” Walters believes an episodic series is…

mass-effect:-legendary-edition-has-reminded-me-of-the-pain-of-glitched-achievements VG247

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has reminded me of the pain of glitched achievements

Is there anything worse than a glitched achievement? As I replay the trilogy in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, I’m doing something I haven’t really done in earnest for a long time: achievement hunting. Watch on YouTubeBack in the Xbox 360 era, I was more serious about this whole activity. I would regularly pick up 1000 Gamerscore in games I only liked a little bit – I was an achievement completionist. Sometimes, I’d seek out totally crap games with the sole aim of picking up their achievements. I’m pretty sure I even have that infamous Avatar game that shamefully lets you…

you-can-use-console-commands-in-the-mass-effect-remaster-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

You can use console commands in the Mass Effect remaster now

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been out for nearly two weeks now, and modders are already making some handy changes to the remastered version of BioWare’s space RPG trilogy. Someone has made a mod that lets players bring up the in-game console in the ME1 and ME2 remaster, allowing them to give themselves a cheeky XP or Paragon/Renegade points boost, clip out of bounds, and even add in items and powers. Read more

why-do-you-all-want-to-hump-garrus-so-much? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Why do you all want to hump Garrus so much?

For those unaware, Garrus Vakarian is a kind of space-cop who joins your squad in the Mass Effect series. He’s a Turian, a race of aliens who look like spindly mummified cats made of pummice. The recent Mass Effect Legendary Edition means you can play the first Mass Effect and look at the mandibles on his face in higher definition. He’s also a potential love interest for a girl protagonist from Mass Effect 2 onwards. And Garrus appears to be a popular choice vis. alien smooching, much like how everyone just knows who is objectively the best Hollywood Chris. But…

shout-out-to-whoever-put-together-all-the-computer-noises-in-mass-effect Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Shout out to whoever put together all the computer noises in Mass Effect

I wish there was a directory to look up developers that did specific things in games that I love. I know LinkedIn will list people’s jobs like Storyboard Artist or Narrative Designer, but one thing I’ve actually learned in this job is that these titles can mean wildly different things at different companies. And they’re not specific enough for my needs: I want one that goes “person who did the animation for the opening credits on Episode 4 of Tales From The Borderlands” or “absolute hero who wrote the character barks for Warcraft III“. I have been playing the Mass…

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The Weekspot podcast #038: Mako and play the whole thing

Do you like Mass Effect?… If you answered, “I, SPACEMAN,” then you probably already own the Legendary Edition and may find the conversation that happens in this week’s Weekspot redundant. If you checked the box that said, “the only renegade I know of is one-time WCW Television Champion, The Renegade, but I’d love to hear some chat on a remaster of a celebrated RPG trilogy,” then I’ve got just the podcast for you. Read more

mass-effect-actors-and-writers-partied-up-for-a-super-sweet-reunion-chat Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mass Effect actors and writers partied up for a super sweet reunion chat

In celebration of the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition release, a big group of the trilogy’s voice actors, writers, and producers got together to answer questions from fans and tell old stories over the weekend. Spearheaded by femshep voice Jennifer Hale herself, you can also hear the voices of dudeshep, Tali, Liara, Joker, Samantha and more all together in the same nostalgia-ridden video call. There’s talk of the developers’ kids now playing the games for the first time, actors hugging lots of fans, and getting a little emotional in the recording booth. It was honestly just swell to hear the team…

mass-effect:-legendary-edition-already-has-some-handy-fov-and-utility-mods Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition already has some handy FOV and utility mods

The snazzy new packaged up and fancied up version of the original Mass Effect trilogy is now out, so I imagine there are plenty of you who clocked double digit hours into it over the weekend. As they do, modders spent the weekend remastering the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition even further. There are a good handful of mods available for the new edition already, utilities and reshade presets and all. Read more

mass-effect-3-remaster-swaps-out-tali’s-stock-photo-face Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mass Effect 3 remaster swaps out Tali’s stock photo face

Striking up a romantic relationship with a character in Mass Effect 3 will earn you a lovely picture of their face that sits on the desk in Commander Shepard’s quarters. It’s a nice touch, but for Tali romancers it’s particularly special, because it means you actually get to see her face without her helmet on. Unfortunately, in the old ME3, that picture of Tali was a stock photo of a model edited to look a bit alien. But now in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare have swapped it out for a much more “realistic” pic. Read more

mass-effect-&-dragon-age’s-cast-members-on-how-bioware-builds-dynamics VG247

Mass Effect & Dragon Age’s cast members on how BioWare builds dynamics

“Dragon Age was basically one of my favourite video games, even before I got cast,” Allegra Clark, the voice of Josephine in Dragon Age: Inquisition tells me. “It was a big, very fun deal for me. I’ve played the games to death. I still am replaying Inquisition to this day. And I am so stoked to actually get to revisit the Mass Effect trilogy, because I knew the rumours have been floating around, but I didn’t know for sure that they were making it. I’m gonna stream the hell out of it. I’m so excited.”Watch on YouTubeClark’s enthusiasm for BioWare…

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Look, we all already know if we’re getting the Mass Effect Legendary Edition

I love Mass Effect. I am the BioWare liker. Give me an RPG with a weird setting and some non-humans to be friends with and possibly smooch, and I’ll have a hell of a time. When people ask “what is your favourite game?” (which used to genuinely be on the interview set questions for Gamestation when I worked there) I usually say “Mass Effect 2, but with the context of having first played Mass Effect.” As such, I am the consumer who is targeted by the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. All three spaceventure ME games in one remastered package? Sign…

mass-effect-legendary-edition’s-mako-has-been-improved,-but-you-can-disable-the-new-handling VG247

Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s Mako has been improved, but you can disable the new handling

Even though upgrades have been made to the Mako in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you can revert back to the old handling if you wish.This is according to BioWare which recently spoke with PC Gamer about the Mako in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.Watch on YouTubeAs you know, the M-35 Mako has been updated to handle better than before, and it will feel less light and bouncy. With the update, the vehicle feels weightier and slides around less.But, if you prefer the way the old Mako handled, you can turn the improvements off, according to project director Mac Walters and environment…

xbox-series-x-is-the-only-console-that-will-run-mass-effect-legendary-edition-at-120fps VG247

Xbox Series X is the only console that will run Mass Effect Legendary Edition at 120fps

By Sherif Saed 6 May 2021 11:03 GMT Mass Effect Legendary Edition seems like it’s going to scale well across all consoles.BioWare has detailed the framerate and resolution targets for Mass Effect Legendary Edition across all consoles. For starters, the game will offer two modes: one priorities visual quality and the other framerate.Watch on YouTubeThe two modes will be available on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X/S – though with varying targets. One thing worth highlighting is that Xbox Series X is currently the only console with support for up…

mass-effect’s-graphical-remaster-is-more-than-lens-flare-–-but-does-it-look-better? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mass Effect’s graphical remaster is more than lens flare – but does it look better?

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has the tough job of upgrading the visual appearance of games originally built to run at 720 or 1080p on an Xbox 360. That’s a mammoth task even if it was just one game and not the entire Mass Effect trilogy. A new trailer and blog post on the remaster’s official site breaks down how BioWare went about upscaling 30,000 textures, and shows exactly how the results look. Read more

mass-effect-legendary-edition-–-check-out-the-official-remastered-comparison-trailer VG247

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – check out the official remastered comparison trailer

By Stephany Nunneley 13 April 2021 20:22 GMT BioWare has released a comparison video showing off the differences between the original Mass Effect trilogy and the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.In the comparison video, you get an in-depth look at the visual upgrades you’ll see when Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases next month.Watch on YouTubeLooking at the side-by-side comparison, you can plainly see some of the improvements made to the environment, characters, and visual effects.You can expect improved material and particle effects, better skin rendering, and more realistic surface response. All textures have been enhanced or remade, 3D models are more…