card-games-are-boring,-so-how-did-two-of-them-become-my-favourites-of-2022? VG247

Card games are boring, so how did two of them become my favourites of 2022?

I’ve been banging the ‘card games are boring’ drum for years, so I didn’t expect to be spending so much of my game time this year with two of them. My problem with card video games is the same one I have with digital recreations of board games: the appeal of executing a mechanic is a large part of why I engage with video games, and that’s precisely why games with cards don’t do it for me. See, most games with cards in them have already decided the specifics of the move. The intricacies of every action are predetermined. Your…

marvel-snap-is-working-on-letting-you-play-with-friends VG247

Marvel Snap is working on letting you play with friends

Plus an unranked mode and more are on the way too. Marvel Snap will soon let you play against your friends, so that way you’ll have a companion you can say ‘just one more’ with. It seems like you can’t go five seconds without Marvel Snap appearing somewhere on the timeline at the minute. Only problem is, you can’t play with your friends, other than through a happy accident. But as revealed in a new roadmap, Battle Mode vs Friends is being introduced some time in the future. Though an exact launch date hasn’t been provided just yet. The new…

i-hate-marvel-snap-and-so-does-my-toilet-seat VG247

I hate Marvel Snap and so does my toilet seat

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. ^Stay tuned for our Marvel Snap review video! Marvel Snap is better than it has any right to be. It certainly is too good for the likes of me: a strictly single-player person who much prefers a cosy PlayStation exclusive with exploration and narrative and not a single other human being getting involved to ruin everything. But I couldn’t stay away, could I? Because you lot wouldn’t stop going on about it. And now I have a permanent imprint of…

ea-and-marvel-strikes-a-three-game-deal,-including-the-untitled-iron-man-game VG247

EA and Marvel strikes a three-game deal, including the untitled Iron Man game

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. What properties these other two games are based on haven’t been confirmed. EA has struck a deal with Marvel that will see the developer and publisher making three games based on the latter’s IP, one of which is the already announced Iron Man game. The two companies announced today (October 31) that they have come together for a long-term deal to “develop at least three new action games that will be available for consoles and PC.” Each of the games…

amy-hennig’s-marvel-game-said-to-star-captain-america-and-black-panther VG247

Amy Hennig’s Marvel game said to star Captain America and Black Panther

It’s said the game’s setting is World War 2. A sneak peek at Skydance New Media’s upcoming Marvel game will be shown at the D23 Expo today, and it’s rumored the Amy Hennig-lead game stars Captain America and Black Panther. Said to be set during World War 2, the game will see the duo taking on Hydra according to MCU Status. Eurogamer said it understands this rumor to be true. Announced back in October the project is helmed by Hennig and EA vet Julian Beak. Theo two formed a new studio within Sky Media to work on the new Marvel…

nope,-ubisoft-are-not-making-a-blade-game Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Nope, Ubisoft are not making a Blade game

I love it when a bit of internet rumour mongering gets instantly squashed by the powers that be, don’t you? This time, it’s in relation to a Blade game that Ubisoft are definitely not making. Rumours started circulating online yesterday when a YouTuber posted a video speculating about what possible games will be shown at the Disney and Marvel games showcase taking place next month. Ubisoft making a game based on Marvel’s sword-wielding vampire Blade was one of them, and because the internet is the internet, everyone went wild. Today, though, Ubisoft have already killed the rumour dead in a…

marvel’s-midnight-suns-new-trailer-explains-how-to-make-spider-man-from-a-deck-of-cards Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Marvel’s Midnight Suns new trailer explains how to make Spider-Man from a deck of cards

I’ve been experiencing Marvel fatigue for, oh, around seven years now. To compensate, I decided to watch Marvel’s Midnight Suns latest trailer while pretending it wasn’t about Marvel superheroes, but just a Firaxis-made tactics game with character classes who have wildly divergent skillsets. The video focuses on the spider-powered class – and heck, it does look pretty cool. Read more

how-marvel’s-midnight-suns-lost-the-race-with-the-mcu,-but-came-out-all-the-better-for-it Rock,Paper,Shotgun

How Marvel’s Midnight Suns lost the race with the MCU, but came out all the better for it

Chance has always been an integral part of Firaxis’ turn-based tactics games. Just ask the many thousands of players who missed a shot with a 90% success chance in one of their XCOM reboots. Marvel’s Midnight Suns, however, could be the Civilization studio’s biggest gamble yet. Not only is it their first game to mix substantial RPG elements into its tactical combat, but there’s nary a hit percentage in sight. In the four hours I spent playing the opening of Midnight Suns last week, I saw precisely one scenario that had any kind of per cent number attached to it…

morbius-memes-are-taking-over-the-internet Twitch

Morbius Memes Are Taking Over The Internet

Morbius can’t be contained. The Jared Leto-led vampire flick has been infecting various pockets of the internet all this week, spreading from Discord to Twitch to Twitter. Now, with a rabid new audience who call themselves “Morbheads,” excited by 24/7 broadcasts of the Marvel film from rogue Twitch streamers, the fandom has reached its logical conclusion: memes. So many Morbius memes, everywhere. You can’t escape them.

enjoyable-disaster-morbius-finds-thousands-of-new-fans-on-twitch,-and-i’m-one-of-them Twitch

Enjoyable Disaster Morbius Finds Thousands Of New Fans On Twitch, And I’m One Of Them

You can find lots of things being broadcast on Twitch. Video games, political commentary, podcasts and e-speeddating events, even erotic ASMR. And sometimes, just sometimes, when you’re on the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform, you’ll find a 24/7 loop of an entire film for your viewing pleasure, complete with closed captions. That’s what’s been happening with Marvel and Sony’s Jared Leto-led vampire flick Morbius, which has been streaming nonstop to thousands of viewers since yesterday.

devs-behind-dc-universe-online-are-working-on-a-marvel-mmo Twitch

Devs Behind DC Universe Online Are Working On A Marvel MMO

Revealed yesterday via an investor presentation, Daybreak Game’s Austin-based Dimensional Ink game studio is developing a new Marvel MMO. However, according to the same presentation, it will likely be a few years before we see a trailer or screenshot of the upcoming online superhero game.

xcom-studio’s-marvel-superhero-game-midnight-suns-is-delayed Rock,Paper,Shotgun

XCOM studio’s Marvel superhero game Midnight Suns is delayed

XCOM studio Firaxis have announced a delay for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, their turn-based tactics game in the BAM! BIF! POW! world of Marvel superheroes. Previously due in March 2022, it’s now pushed back into the second half of 2022. I say “previously”; the game was only announced two months ago. Sounds like someone had a serious rethink about the state of the project. But if it needs the time, it’s good that it’s getting the time. Read more

marvel’s-avengers-will-no-longer-sell-xp-boosts VG247

Marvel’s Avengers will no longer sell XP boosts

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors will no longer be available for purchase. Marvel’s Avengers players will no longer be able to purchase boosts with real money after today, it has been announced. The news came via a tweet from the game’s official Twitter account, which notes that Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors will no longer be purchasable, and will remain earnable in-game only. When Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix offered the option to purchase Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors with…

uncharted-director’s-new-studio-are-making-a-marvel-game Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Uncharted director’s new studio are making a Marvel game

Skydance New Media, the studio led by former Uncharted director Amy Hennig, have announced they’re making a game set in the wizarding world of Marvel. They describe the yet-unnamed game as “a narrative-driven, blockbuster action-adventure game, featuring a completely original story and take on the Marvel Universe”. Fingers crossed for a happier outcome than with Hennig’s licensed action-adventure game in the Star Wars universe, which EA seemingly binned after closing developers Visceral Games. Read more

marvel’s-guardians-of-the-galaxy-review:-a-blast-from-the-past Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy review: a blast from the past

In a video game landscape that’s pocked with millions of map markers and vast open worlds, Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy is a linear action adventure game with a clear beginning, middle and an end. It’s an approach that feels refreshingly old-school, in the way it guides you smoothly from one story bit to another. But this doesn’t mean it’s one big flatline without any peaks, troughs, or surprises. If anything, the game as a whole is a wonderful surprise. Planet-hopping as Star Lord is great fun, made even better by his colourful compatriots and the genuinely funny craic they…