here’s-an-overview-video-for-mario-strikers:-battle-league-showing-lots-of-gameplay VG247

Here’s an overview video for Mario Strikers: Battle League showing lots of gameplay

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Get an idea of what to expect in the latest video. Nintendo has released an overview trailer for Mario Strikers Battle League, and it gives you an idea of what to expect when the game releases next month. The video is in Japanese, but even if you don’t speak the language, you still get an idea of what’s going on thanks to loads of gameplay on display. Announced back in February, in this 5v5 soccer-like sport, you can tackle, use…

two-competitive-titles-top-list-of-uk’s-best-selling-video-game-franchises-since-1995 ESports News UK

Two competitive titles top list of UK’s best-selling video game franchises since 1995

Brand new analysis from data company GfK has revealed the UK’s top 30 best-selling video game franchises since 1995. And the top two have a presence on the esports stage worldwide. Ranked in order of revenue generated, the top-grossing game is FIFA, followed by Call of Duty, and then the Mario series. Grand Theft Auto and Lego round out the top five. In total, the top 30 titles have earned over £26bn in the last 27 years. Continue reading Two competitive titles top list of UK’s best-selling video game franchises since 1995

the-biggest-gaming-disappointments-of-2021 E3

The Biggest Gaming Disappointments Of 2021

Hell-year 2021 is almost over. It’s been a terrible year for more reasons than I can count. Pondering all the bad, disappointing, or just plain sad news that transpired within the video game industry alone is enough to make you want to jump into bed, hide under the covers, and binge on TikTok, candy, and/or Animal Crossing until you pass out. But instead of running and hiding, let’s take a moment to look back at just how awful 2021 really was, examining some of the biggest disappointments, worst trends, and just plain not-great news this monster of a year threw…

interview-with-biinny,-the-uk’s-fastest-mario-64-speedrunner-on-beating-records,-gamesdonequick-and-staying-motivated-after-playing-the-game-for-a-decade:-‘everyone-gets-sick-of-playing-the-same-game-from-time-to-time,-but-my-twitch-viewers-keep-me-going’ ESports News UK

Interview with Biinny, the UK’s fastest Mario 64 speedrunner on beating records, GamesDoneQuick and staying motivated after playing the game for a decade: ‘Everyone gets sick of playing the same game from time to time, but my Twitch viewers keep me going’

Speedrunning and esports might have their differences, but they share that core drive to compete, to improve, to break new ground. For the UK’s fastest 70-star Super Mario 64 speedrunner, Biinny (aka Lee Whelan), patience, passion and consistency are key. Unlike the latest esports games, many of which constantly evolve with new patches, gameplay tweaks and metas, Mario 64 is the same as it was when it first launched back in 1996 on the Nintendo 64. Continue reading Interview with Biinny, the UK’s fastest Mario 64 speedrunner on beating records, GamesDoneQuick and staying motivated after playing the game for a…

adding-luigi-and-multiplayer,-lego-mario-finally-feels-like-it’s-reaching-its-true-potential VG247

Adding Luigi and multiplayer, Lego Mario finally feels like it’s reaching its true potential

Lego Mario just keeps growing – and getting better. Watch on YouTubeThis time last year, the Lego Group teamed up with Nintendo to deliver Lego Super Mario, a unique twist on both Lego’s typical construction toy trappings and Mario’s video game roots. It was a construction toy, yes, but one that was gamified via Mario himself, rendered in a blocky form and packed with sensors that allowed him to interact with the worlds and characters that could be built from the various available sets.While the hardcore Lego nerds were always a little disappointed in Lego Mario because it didn’t provide…

ubisoft-at-e3:-everything-you-need-to-know,-in-3-minutes E3

Ubisoft at E3: Everything You Need To Know, In 3 Minutes

Ubisoft Forward, the E3 2021 showcase for the French video game company, unfolded on Saturday afternoon with plenty of reveals, gameplay footage, and teasers. But rather than sitting through an hour of news, why not enjoy a reel of the biggest and best announcements? In our video above, we’ve got a condensed version of the presser for your viewing pleasure. In it, you can see games like Rainbow Six Extraction, Rocksmith+, Riders Republic, Just Dance 2022, the next Assassin’s Creed expansion, Far Cry 6, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Looking at that list, it gives…

save-on-some-great-switch-games-at-amazon-us-today,-including-mario-and-xenoblade VG247

Save on some great Switch games at Amazon US today, including Mario and Xenoblade

By Elizabeth Henges 6 May 2021 19:27 GMT Who doesn’t love a good Switch game? Right now, at Amazon US, there’s a Switch game sale on various physical titles, so that you can save a few bucks on some great stuff.Granted, this isn’t a huge sale that Amazon is advertising or anything–several physical Switch titles happen to be discounted at the massive retailer, is all. But a Switch game sale doesn’t need an incredible fanfare to save yourself a few dollars, you know?First off, there are plenty of Mario titles That you can pick up for either $40 or $50….

nintendo-wants-to-focus-on-more-original-ip-in-the-future VG247

Nintendo wants to focus on more original IP in the future

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has said that the company will be focusing more on original games, as well as supporting existing IP.Despite the demonstrable success Nintendo has enjoyed by focusing on the likes of Mario, Splatoon, Zelda, Animal Crossing, and so on since the Switch launched back in 2017, it seems the company is eager to diversify its portfolio going forward.In an interview with Nikkei (thanks VGC), Furukawa has suggested that Nintendo needs to commit to creating new franchises and evolve its output in order to better challenge the growing competition in the home entertainment department from other companies like Sony and Microsoft.Watch…

you-only-have-a-few-weeks-left-to-buy-super-mario-3d-all-stars VG247

You only have a few weeks left to buy Super Mario 3D All-Stars

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 1 March 2021 18:54 GMT Nintendo is living up to its promise to remove a few of its titles from sale at the end of March and has issued a tweet warning players to pick up Super Mario 3D All-Stars before March 31.Nintendo’s official Twitter account has sent out a nice little reminder for fans that potentially want to pick up Super Mario 3D All-Stars before it gets delisted and is no longer digitally available via the eShop. You may still be able to purchase the title physically, but Nintendo will stop producing new copies of the…

the-week-in-games:-prepare-for-bowser’s-fury E3

The Week In Games: Prepare For Bowser’s Fury

People like Mario games, I’ve heard. So it’s good to see Nintendo releasing another one! Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury releases later this week for Switch. I’m very excited about this port. I never owned a WiiU, so I missed out on this Mario game. It always looked like a lot of fun and I was a big fan of Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS, so a bigger, console spin on that style of 3D Mario sounds good to me. And the new Bowser’s Fury bit seems cool too! Beyond Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury,…

amazon,-best-buy-and-gamestop-are-offering-big-black-friday-discounts-on-switch-games VG247

Amazon, Best Buy and Gamestop are offering big Black Friday discounts on Switch games

By Henry Stockdale, Tuesday, 24 November 2020 20:12 GMT As we get closer to Black Friday, many sites are continuing to post their hottest deals and if you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, you’ve got no end of choices to go on.From Nintendo’s star icon (We of course mean Luigi) searching haunted hotels to the JRPG powerhouse that is Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there’s something for everyone and Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop have been bringing us some outstanding offers. If you’re happy to go pre-owned, GameStop are also knocking an extra couple of dollars off too, though this varies from game…


You can play as Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 35

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 21 October 2020 14:30 GMT Luigi is actually a playable character in Super Mario Bros. 35.Super Mario Bros. 35, Nintendo’s take on the battle royale genre with Mario’s platforming fundamentals, has been popular with players since its release. When the game was announced, Nintendo only showed it off with Mario as the playable character.Now, however, players have discovered that Luigi is hidden within Super Mario Bros. 35, and you can even play as him. As reported by Eurogamer, the community came together to try and figure out Luigi’s unlock requirements.After some digging, players came to the…