Mario Kart DS

it’s-mario-kart-ds’-17th-anniversary,-and-waluigi-pinball-is-still-one-of-the-best-tracks-in-the-series VG247

It’s Mario Kart DS’ 17th anniversary, and Waluigi Pinball is still one of the best tracks in the series

I simply won’t hear any different, unless it involves Coconut Mall. It might make you shiver when I tell you that Mario Kart DS is the first way I experienced Mario Kart. I later visited the N64 version and (of course) would go on to frequent the Wii version, too. But Mario Kart DS will always have the most special place in my heart among them all. Fancy a trip down memory lane? Here’s the trailer for Mario Kart DS. Growing up, I did a lot of travelling between parents. I still do, but not as nearly as often as…