metal-gear-solid-Δ-looks-pretty-goofy-written-down,-but-which-games-have-worse-titles? VG247

Metal Gear Solid Δ looks pretty goofy written down, but which games have worse titles?

What’s in a name? Loads, actually. The Best Games Ever Show Episode 53 Welcome to the Best Games Ever show Episode 53: the best game with a terrible name. The video game industry has a long and legendary history of awful names. Several developers have spent literally millions of dollars on otherwise excellent games just to slap the most staggeringly awful title on the final product. Boring names are common enough, with tepid words like War, Quest or Royale thrown in there more as a tone setter than anything remotely interesting. Then there’s the wild stuff! Metal Gear Rising: Revengence…

gingers?-in-video-games?-who-allowed-this? VG247

Gingers? In video games? Who allowed this?

It’s a mutation. It’s a very groovy mutation. The Best Games Ever Show Episode 52 Welcome to the Best Games Ever show Episode 52: the best game with a ginger protagonist. Cal Kestis of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is just the latest in a long line of Gaming Redheads, an esteemed group that includes such celebrated characters as Official Femshep, Joanna Dark, and what’s-her-face out of Heavenly Sword. And it makes me swell with pride to see this proud tradition continuing. Listen. I’m not even a proper ginger, but my beard has the reddish hue of muddled European stock, and…

decarbonise-america-in-the-tiny-card-based-green-new-deal-simulator,-out-now-for-free Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Decarbonise America in the tiny card-based Green New Deal Simulator, out now for free

The Green New Deal Simulator begins with a talking owl. This owl can’t sleep at night, mainly because it’s nocturnal, but also because the planet’s impending environmental doom has affected their shoddy sleep schedule. That’s where the Green New Deal Simulator comes in, a micro deck-builder about transitioning the USA into a post-carbon economy, all while keeping employment rates stable. The results are simultaneously funny, educational, intense, and they help that damn owl get a good night’s rest. Read more

screenshot-saturday-tuesday:-hand-baked-art Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Screenshot Saturday Tuesday: Hand-baked art

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter’s #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday (or Tuesday, following yet another three-day weekend), I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This week, my eye has been caught by artwork made by baking cookies (yes, actual real cookies), some Moebius-inspired citybuilding, stylish getaways, and more. Come admire these games! Read more

what’s-the-best-game-that’s-uncomfortably-pro-monarchy?-the-best-games-ever-show-episode-50 VG247

What’s the best game that’s uncomfortably pro-monarchy? The Best Games Ever Show Episode 50

Hey fellas, is it royalist to build an entire artistic medium around individual power fantasies? Welcome to the Best Games Ever Show episode 50: The best game that is uncomfortably pro-monarchy. Video games are absurdly monarchist. Nintendo’s biggest franchises both have you running around after a princess. Final Fantasy is littered with royals showing up as quest givers, party members, and protagonists. Fable III is entirely about seizing your divine right to rule, and leads to an infamous sequence where you are tasked with deciding the fate of the kingdom through a series of binary decisions: the point of the…

indiescovery-episode-9:-our-steam-y-confessions Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Indiescovery Episode 9: Our Steam-y confessions

We’re one episode away from being in the double digits, folks! Whoop! But for now, let’s dive into episode nine of Indiescovery. This time we’re chatting about our biggest Steam sins. That’s right, we’re revealing it all: shamefully ignored indie gems, outrageous playtimes, and games that we promise we’ll return to one day, honest! We also get into what we’ve been recently playing and then end, as always, with our hyperfixations. Read more

what’s-the-best-game-set-on-a-horrible-island?-the-best-games-ever-show-episode-48 VG247

What’s the best game set on a horrible island? The Best Games Ever Show Episode 48

The clever subtext here is that the definitive horrible island is Great Britain, hope that helps. As most of us are residents of a horrible island, we at VG247 have raised a suspicious eyebrow at Dead Island 2 for being not set on an island or, frankly, horrible enough for our liking. Which has led us to ask the question: what is the best game set on a horrible island? There are so many to choose from, as islands are a popular setting in video games: their size is naturally limited, so it’s much easier to proportion them realistically without…

concerned-ape-is-taking-a-break-from-haunted-chocolatier-to-work-on-stardew-valley’s-next-update Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Concerned Ape is taking a break from Haunted Chocolatier to work on Stardew Valley’s next update

Fans have likely spent endless seasons in the comfort of Stardew Valley, and now the chill life sim is getting even bigger. Stardew Valley’s creator Eric Barone (otherwise known as ConcernedApe) is “taking a break” from working on his highly-anticipated Haunted Chocolatier. Barone will instead work on Stardew Valley’s upcoming 1.6 update, which focuses on improvements for modders, alongside some new content as well. Read more

rps@pax-2023:-tarn-and-zach-adams-chat-to-us-about-the-runaway-success-of-dwarf-fortress’-steam-release Rock,Paper,Shotgun

RPS@PAX 2023: Tarn and Zach Adams chat to us about the runaway success of Dwarf Fortress’ Steam release

There are few success stories more inspiring than that of Tarn and Zach Adams. After twenty years of development Dwarf Fortress finally made the jump to Steam in December 2021, complete with exciting new features such as “graphics” and “mouse support”. Although the game was already critically lauded, its availability on Steam made it a financial success, with thousands of long-term fans thrilled to provide the brothers with a long-overdue payday. Following their panel on the highs and lows of procedural generation, the pair had a chat with Rachel about the game’s recent Steam release, upcoming features, their favourite player…

retro-inspired-rts-tempest-rising-debuts-20-minutes-of-multiplayer-battling Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Retro-inspired RTS Tempest Rising debuts 20 minutes of multiplayer battling

Last August, THQ Nordic and Slipgate Ironworks – the devs behind Ghostrunner and Graven – announced their new retro-inspired real-time strategy game Tempest Rising. It’s an alternate history story about three factions who duke it out over a rare mineral, the titular Tempest, and we had previously seen two of them in a campaign walkthrough. The third faction is only available in the game’s multiplayer modes, which the team have released footage of today. Catch the 20-minute 1v1 match below: Read more

mr.-sun’s-hatbox-is-a-slapstick-roguelike-with-a-heavy-dose-of-metal-gear-solid-5 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Mr. Sun’s Hatbox is a slapstick roguelike with a heavy dose of Metal Gear Solid 5

Have you ever been waiting for a delivery, only to have it never arrive? Ever wondered where it went? How does the courier even begin to track a lost item? Mr. Sun’s Hatbox answers all of those questions (very seriously) in a genre-blending comedy. When I say genre-blending, I mean this is a platforming roguelike with extensive base-building, shooting, whacking, stealthing, and a heavy dose of Metal Gear Solid 5. Seriously. It launches on April 20th. Read more

vg247’s-the-best-games-ever-podcast-–-ep.46:-the-best-game-that-features-a-90s-star VG247

VG247’s The Best Games Ever Podcast – Ep.46: The best game that features a 90s star

It was the best decade between the 80s and the 2000s. For all of its faults, the one thing you can say about Crime Boss: Rockay City is that Vanilla Ice is in it. Which reminded us of a thing that happened a while back: it was called “the nineties”, and it had loads of good stuff, like the Amiga, Fido Dido, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. But the nineties were a great time for personalities. Snoop Dogg. Pamela Anderson. Tony Blair. Loads of them. Chyna from the wrestling. The Churchill insurance dog. Bob Mortimer. I could go on….

crusader-kings-3’s-next-expansion-adds-tours,-tournaments-and-grand-weddings Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Crusader Kings 3’s next expansion adds tours, tournaments and grand weddings

Crusader Kings 3‘s next expansion has been announced. Tours & Tournaments will introduce new events to the medieval grand strategy game including jousting events, grand weddings and the ability to send you ruler on a tour of their domain. All offer an opportunity to impress your subjects and rivals – or, I’d guess, to fall off your horse and die. Read more

foxhole’s-developers-are-bringing-their-massively-multiplayer-formula-to-medieval-warfare Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Foxhole’s developers are bringing their massively multiplayer formula to medieval warfare

Foxhole finished its early access journey last year as an expansive massively multiplayer World War 2 shooter that looks and functions like an RTS in which every soldier is an individual player. Now developers Siege Camp (formerly Clapfoot) have announced Anvil Empires, which seems similar in every way except its now thousands-strong armies are forging arrows and sieging castles in medieval warfare. Read more