Luis Antonio

twelve-minutes-preview:-a-time-loop-thriller-about-finding-empathy-–-even-with-your-killer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Twelve Minutes preview: a time loop thriller about finding empathy – even with your killer

Twelve Minutes – which you may remember as one of those games that came to your attention the best part of a decade ago, and whenever you see it pop up again with a new trailer you’re like “Oh yeah, that time-loop puzzle game, with the husband and wife and policeman!” – is still not finished. At this point, though, Twelve Minutes is the closest to not not being finished it’s ever been. Director Luis Antonio tells me it’s going to be out “really soon”, and that they’re just at QA and bug fixing right now. I got to play…

annapurna-delay-12-minutes,-last-stop-and-the-artful-escape-into-2021 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Annapurna delay 12 Minutes, Last Stop and The Artful Escape into 2021

With only a month and a bit to go ’til we ring in the new year, Annapurna Interactive this week announced that their remaining slate of 2020 releases will no longer launch this year. 12 Minutes, The Artful Escape and Last Stop have instead been pushed back to next year – and while the publishers haven’t given specifics over the trio of delays, they reckon the final stages of polishing all three can’t be wrapped before the turning of the calendar. (more…)