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the-best-xbox-game-pass-game-costs-less-than-the-monthly-sub VG247

The best Xbox Game Pass game costs less than the monthly sub

It achieves more with a handful of sprites and some clever psychology than most AAAs do with infinite budgets. ^Stay tuned for Jim’s video essay on the genius of Vampire Survivors. Teasing around the edge of the mob, moving in concentric circles so as to maximise the surface area of your garlic aura’s damage zone. An instinctive, brushing motion. Methodically scrubbing arcane horrors from the world as you would coffee stains from tooth enamel. Since the mobile release, both rituals conducted at once, either side of bed time. The life of a Vampire Survivors Enjoyer is, in essence, spiritual. And…

today-is-a-great-day-to-be-a-game-pass-subscriber VG247

Today is a great day to be a Game Pass subscriber

Vampire Survivors, followed by Somerville and Pentiment? Amazing. November is a rather miserable month, if you ask me. For a start, it’s chucking it down right now, and my flat is freezing. There are no longer any Halloween vibes lingering around, and it’s a tad too far from Christmas to feel festive yet. That said, Xbox Game Pass is certainly coming in clutch this month and keeping plenty of us busy. Xbox Game Pass is typically throwing out stellar offerings left, right, and centre. We’re guaranteed at least one or two solid additions to the subscription each month, and November…