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Marvel’s Avengers: Where to find all the Hulk Comic Books

Collecting comics is a key way to boost your Hero stats across the Marvel’s Avengers main campaign and multiplayer, but where do you find them?There are comic books for each of the featured Heroes, including Ms Marvel and the Hulk. As part of the opening mission, you’ll need to collect five Avengers comics that are very easy to find. From there on in, you’ll be able to find comics out in the world and in the likes of Stronghold chests, as well as other collectables and gear.Some comic books can be found out on desks or on top of boxes…

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Marvel’s Avengers: Where to find all the Ms Marvel Comic Books

Whether you enjoy the films or the comics in real life, there are a bunch of cool Marvel comics to hunt down in Marvel’s Avengers. Alongside the likes of Thor and Black Widow, Kamala Khan AKA Ms Marvel gets her own comic book line in Marvel’s Avengers. Collecting comic books is quite a time-consuming activity, but you’ll be boosting your stats along the way, so it’s a worthwhile endeavour.There are five Ms Marvel comic books to collect during the main campaign, so let’s take a look at where to find them. If you’re just getting started with Marvel’s Avengers, check…

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Marvel’s Avengers Gear guide: How to gather resources and improve your equipment

Every good superhero needs decent gear and in Marvel’s Avengers, there are a lot of items to choose from. As you progress through the main campaign, complete Harm Rooms and take part in the multiplayer, you’ll gather a bunch of Hero gear. Even when you unlock inventory space aboard the Chimera, you only have around 300 slots and each Hero can carry up to nine of each type, so choose wisely.Some items can be upgraded and given a power boost, but to do so, you’ll need to gather a bunch of different resources, so let’s take a look at how…