pentakill-3-lost-chapter-album-and-live-concert-review:-kayle-vocalist-noora louhimo-steals-the-show ESports News UK

Pentakill 3 Lost Chapter album and live concert review: Kayle vocalist Noora Louhimo steals the show

League of Legends’ virtual rock band Pentakill return with a third album, Lost Chapter, and an ambitious live concert. Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco reviews the highs and lows of both, with Kayle and her IRL vocalist Noora Louhimo arguably the star of the show When Kayle’s original Pentakill skin was launched a few years ago, it earned the nickname Pentakayle by some in the community. The top-lane late-game monster joined the Pentakill virtual band line-up as a vocalist, joining the likes of bassist Yorick, lead vocalist Karthas, synth player Sona, drummer Olaf and guitarist Mordekaiser. Continue reading Pentakill 3…

esl-announces-pro-tour-csgo-changes,-2022-live-events-and-new-names-for-dreamhack-open-and-esea-premier-tournaments ESports News UK

ESL announces Pro Tour CSGO changes, 2022 live events and new names for DreamHack Open and ESEA Premier tournaments

CSGO fans in the UK may be interested to learn that ESL Gaming has made a bunch of big structural changes for the ESL Pro Tour in 2022. The ESL Pro Tour CSGO 2022 will feature more than 25 competitions, including some live events with fans planned to return in person. These include flagship tournaments Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice and IEM Cologne. “ESL are preparing to welcome back the community to in-person competitions in line with the very latest health guidance and safety precautions,” read a press release. Continue reading ESL announces Pro Tour CSGO changes, 2022 live events…

british-esports-championships-student-finals-to-take-place-at-a-live-venue-in-july ESports News UK

British Esports Championships student finals to take place at a live venue in July

For transparency: Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco used to work full-time for British Esports and currently does some freelance work for them The British Esports Association has partnered with Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies to host its 2021 student finals. The British Esports Championships consist of League of Legends, Overwatch and Rocket League tournaments for students aged 12+ in schools and colleges across the UK. Confetti’s 400-seat live events venue in Nottingham, known as Metronome, will host the grand finals on July 3rd 2021. Continue reading British Esports Championships student finals to take place at a live venue in July

watch-us-play-minecraft-dungeons Twitch

Watch Us Play Minecraft Dungeons

I took Minecraft Dungeons for a spin earlier on our Twitch channel and was joined by my good friend Chase Carter! We broke down how the game works and fought our way through hordes of enemies in various levels. Check out the video to see us play some online co-op.