celebrity-esports-enters-liquidation-–-uk-business-had-attracted-jimmy-carr,-primark-and-a-dragons’-den-investor-to-its-superstar-league-before-it-was-cut-short ESports News UK

Celebrity Esports enters liquidation – UK business had attracted Jimmy Carr, Primark and a Dragons’ Den investor to its Superstar League before it was cut short

Celebrity Esports, a UK-based business that organised gaming tournaments featuring celebrities, has entered liquidation. This means the company is closing down and its assets are being sold in order to pay those who it owes money to. Celebrity Esports was founded in March 2020 by Leo Skagerlind, an entrepreneur who was previously the PA for investor and former Dragon’s Den panellist Richard Farleigh. Leo, who has been involved in other businesses including home care firm Access Care and 2 Degrees of Separation, which connects businesses and investors, brought Richard Farleigh on board as chairman of Celebrity Esports. Continue reading Celebrity…