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vg247’s-the-best-games-ever-podcast-–-ep.33:-the-best-game-that-could-have-been-made-by-an-ai VG247

VG247’s The Best Games Ever Podcast – Ep.33: The best game that could have been made by an AI

Humans have wondered for decades if artificial intelligence will lead to their doom, but could it have invented DOOM? Welcome to VG247’s Best Games Ever Podcast: Episode 33 – the best game that could have been made by an AI Join our panel of gaming experts as they discuss and debate the greatest video games of all time. Each week, we’ll tackle a new theme and share our picks for the best games in that category. This week on VG247’s Best Games Ever Podcast, we have a special treat for you! In the spirit of the holiday season, our host…

my-time-at-sandrock’s-multiplayer-beta-next-week-will-be-set-in-a-simulation Rock,Paper,Shotgun

My Time At Sandrock’s multiplayer beta next week will be set in a simulation

Snazzy Stardew Valley-like town simulator My Time At Sandrock is running its first open beta for multiplayer next week, allowing owners of the game to hop into a separate multiplayer area set in a “semi-fictional” version of Sandrock’s past that includes “compressed stories happening 50 years before single-player events”. A pseudo prequel is an interesting form for a multiplayer mode to take, especially considering this is the pseudo sequel to My Time At Portia. The beta will run from January 12th – January 20th, after which any progress you’ve made will be wiped. Read more

bathhouse-management-sim-spirittea-launching-on-game-pass-next-year Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Bathhouse management sim Spirittea launching on Game Pass next year

Yesterday Wholesome Games hosted another showcase of fresh indies in collaboration with The Game Awards. Though the TGAs proper were full of big games, names, and announcements, the indie showcase was no slouch, highlighting over a dozen exciting indies. One of the most notable was Spirittea, a life-sim where you manage a bathhouse, build relationships with the local NPCs and help various spirits that only you can see. Sort of a Spirited Away meets Stardew Valley proposition. Read more